#YWM2013 Day Two!

Ok. So, yesterday?

Yup. Totally amazing (or as my cousin Kirsten would say, “totes amaze!” Unfortunately,  I don’t sound sound as chic as her when I try that)!!!!

Sean and I attended some amazing educational sessions, from ones about Self Perception with the AMAZING Merrill Littleberry (Google her. Now.), to Advocacy and what we a can to to help stop ignorance towards Obesity!

I met fellow blogger, “The Waning Woman!” She came up to Sean and I between sessions to say hi, which I thought was pretty awesome!

It’s about 114 degrees here in Phoenix. Loosely translated,  that means that as Sean said “it’s like having a man’s hot breath all over your body!”…every time you walk out the door. You’re welcome for that charming simile!

Despite the heat, I am freezing everytime I enter the conference room, and as a result I am all congested and have a sore throat. Thank goodness for the coffee and tea station set up outside the educational session rooms all day. More tea and honey with breakfast!!

Today, we are thinking about heading to the resort water park during one of the breaks. It is super close to our suite, and we get free access to it all weekend as part of the special convention rate we got staying here at The Arizona Grand Resort and Spa. Golf course, 4 or 5 restaurants, huge conference amenities,  golf cart pickup and drop off around the grounds…all that they DON’T have is a casino, which is likely for the best. 😉

He evening ended last night at the Welcoming Ceremonies beach-themed, buffet-dinner party (3 words: frozen yogurt bar. Yummy!), where the OAC announced next year’s convention location!!


How exciting is THAT??!! Sean and I are already talking about the possibilities and committing to working out our finances to make sure we can go (we should have our own place by then, so we will have to be even MORE responsible) to make our fun trips and experiences a priority.

I am so, so, so excited to be in attendance at this amazing convention.
Today’s agenda? Introductions with the OAC President and CEO (SUCH an inspring individual), learning more about Advocacy Trip scholarships, getting more materials for my healthcare providers from the OAC to distribute back home in Cali, and not dying of Heat Stroke!

Sean and I were fortunate enough to meet some nice people at dinner laat night who were here representing the conventions Platinum Sponsor, Eisai Pharmaceuticals. We are excited to stop by their booth in the vendor area today and get health screenings! They are providing a copy to each participant to take back to their Doctor, to catalyst a discussion about their weight. I am in serious awe of the products/programs they create, and can’t wait to learn more!

I guess it would be way easier to get the say started if I get up and do my hair, huh?

That’s all for now,  but keep a lookout for more fun and exciting #YWM2013 updates! Follow @SeeSondraSlim on Twitter,  and “Like” the official SeeSondraSlim page on facebook for photos,  and tidbits of todays educational sessions and speakers!!  

#YWM2013: Day One!!!


Well, we made it to Phoenix before noon (after a stop at the infamous Waffle House restaurant raves about whenever he goes to the South, and 3 gas station potty breaks)! The convention started yesterday, but obviously I couldnt make it because I had a date with Alex at the Taylor Swift concert!


Yes, yes it was amazing. AHHHHH-MAZING!!!!

It is 110 degrees right now, but I was super excited to make it to the breakout session I was most interested in about changing the public perception(s) of Obesity.

Its not a label.  It doesn’t define you. It’s a seriously impeding disease, and by treating it like a personal choice, we are hindering people from seeking and obtaining health!

I am eager for the next grouo of breakout sessions starting back up at 2pm today. Dont forget to check out last nights post to get links for the live sessions that the OAC is streaming live on YouTube! Use hashtag #YWM2013 on Twitter to sumbit questions for the panel!

Also, don’t forget to follow @SeeSondraSlim on Twitter for exclusive updates, quotes, photos, and more from here in Phoenix!

The fun is just beginning! Now, time to nap and head out to get some last minute accessories for tonight’s “Hollywood Beach Party” themed welcoming ceremonies bash!! Woot Woot!

More soon!

’til next time!!


Join Me at the OAC Your Weight Matters Convention!

Hey, Cyberspace!

While I was home recovering from “Phase I” of Excess Skin Removal Surgery, I was able to take care of a lot of things! One of the most exciting?

Image Credit: Obesityaction.org

Image Credit: Obesityaction.org


I booked our trip to Phoenix, Arizona this August for the Obesity Action Coalition “Your Weight Matters 2013 Convention!” Not only did I make sure Sean and I were both registered for the event, but I booked our suite at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa, too! As convention attendees, we were able to book rooms for $105/night! And they are luxurious suites, right on site. There is even a waterpark on the property….how convenient for a girl who just had a panniculectomy/tummy tuck, eh? 🙂

On top of the gorgeous location and swanky digs? There is an abundance of knowledge and activities on the agenda! I am really looking forward to topics like “Weight Bias-Changing Public Perception Starts with Me,” and “Who’s Staring Back at You in the Mirror? Improving Self-Perception.” Plus? There’s an awards ceremony, a kick-off party with a beach theme, and the Walk from Obesity to round things out on Sunday! There will even be different exercise options each day….weekend workouts, anyone?! 🙂

I am proud to be a member of this organization. It is SO important to make sure that we make sure people are truly aware of the issues and consequences at hand when we talk about obesity. Too many of us know that obesity doesn’t always hold its roots in eating too much sugar. It puts us, and the people we love at risk, each and every day! I strive to help people see that through my personal journey, but I am so glad the OAC is there to help with resources and education for all of us, even those of us not tied to the cause professionally.

You can get all the details about the YWM 2013 Convention here. It takes place August 15-18 of this year, and if you happen to register, be sure to let them know SeeSondraSlim sent you! Also, be sure to check out the OAC for yourself, and learn about all the benefits becoming a member has to offer. $20/year…for access to information and resources that can help you become an informed advocate! One of my personal goals is to become an involved OAC Advocate, and maybe even make it to Capitol Hill to represent the Coalition!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back before you know it!

‘Til Next Time!