One Reason to Love the Stomach Flu…

…is the fact that it assists you in losing four pounds.

“Four pounds, you say? Why, Sondra, doesn’t that sorta pale in comparison to all the weight you’ve already lost?”, some might ask.

Well sure. But the thing is, I have a GOAL to reach. I want to weigh 175. And it’s been torture to see the scale taunt me everytime I realize I still can’t get under 197. But this lady hopped on the scale on Friday, and weighed a grand total of 193 lbs…with clothes on!! So, I will take whatever victory I can get, thank you very much!

Sean and I are venturing into the world of Paleo Diet, thanks to an amazing nifty book I stumbled across in Barnes and Noble, called “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo. You can check out recipes and more resources at the website,

The book itself has awesome tear-out guides in the back that I carried with me to Sprouts on my last few shopping trips to make sure that I got all the essentials for my Paleo meal plans…and there are also more than 120 recipes in the book, as well! We are really excited to try the Turkey 5-Spice Lettuce wraps, and I’m going to make my own bone broth, too!

I am hoping that between Paleo, and getting back in the gym hardcore, I can shake these last 20 pounds and hit that 175 dream weight goal! It would truly make my journey all the more gratifying, and be the first giant goal I have ever achieved. I look forward to that moment!

As a means of helping others, and continuing my motivation, I just spent the last 90 minutes researching ideas for Workplace Weight-Loss Program ideas. I am going to put together a comprehensive, incentive-based, interactive program for people in my office who want to participate in a challenge to lose weight and promote wellness. I am thinking about having people in grouops of 2-5 participants, and a 12-week program to start. The team and individual with the highest percentage of weight lost will be the winners. I am also considering weekly weigh-in’s to establish accountability.

If I can get my boss and the owners of the practice on board to sponsor the essentials I need, and the incentives? I think I’ll have a HUGELY successful and fun program on my hands!

In other news? While suffering from the stomach flu, I was sure to get my Christmas shopping done with all the online Black Friday deals. My boyfriend will be absolutely spoiled, and probably really mad about it. Everyone else is cleaning up, too!

I am currently planning the last minute details for our Big Bear weekend trip coming up in a couple weeks. I am putting together a Hot Chocolate bar, and can’t wait for it all to come together! Heck, I can’t wait for a mini-getaway period! Especially one with snow involved! Wheeeee!

Ashley and I are back in the gym at lunch tomorrow starting our more hardcore training for the San Diego Half Marathon. While on Pinterest (aka, my crack), I came across this pretty awesome (read: TERRIFYING) Half Marathon training plan.

I know we can do it. Our main objective is to run the first 8 miles steadily…after which there is a giant hill that might pose a problem. And from there we will do what we can, and get to the finish line. That is in March, and we also have The Electric Run 5K in February. So it’s time to get our butts (and legs, and thighs, and everything else) in gear. I am weirdly excited. And I made my hearty yet healthy Italian Veggie and Chicken Meatball soup tonight, so I have that ready for lunch after workout tomorrow, as well as some chicken and veggies marinating in the fridge to be roasted for dinner after yoga tomorrow night! CHEEEEOOOWWWW!

I think that is all for now. I am seriously slipping on 30-Day Challenge photos. But I will get on that soon. I just hate taking mirror photos! 🙂

I shall leave you with this:


Make these a part of your week, and I’ll have more for you all soon!

‘Til Next Time!