#19 The Hot Chocolate 15K [#27ThingsforMY27thYear]

If you’ve been following SeeSondraSlim, you know my big mission these days is knocking 27 tasks off a list I created to commemorate my 27th year on Planet Earth.

In order to achieve this, obviously I have to do at least two things a month (sometimes 3) from this most auspicious list!

March 7th, the list kicked off with my Sunrise Hike up Cowles Mountain, and this today, I’ve officially completed #19: The Hot Chocolate 15K. I’m a little terrified admittedly. I have completed a few 5K’s so far, but never anything longer. However, if you’re familiar with this particular race, you know there is historically always an adorable hoodie and a pot of melted chocolate for you at the finish line. Bonus: 15K racers got an awesome medal that looks like a partially wrapped chocolate bar!

Photo Credit: Hot Chocolate Run San Diego

Photo Credit: Hot Chocolate Run San Diego

I was really fortunate to have two amazing ladies with me to cross the finish line! I love you, Ashley and Kalyca!

I set out knowing that this would be tougher for me, being that I’m more of a “stretch yourself into awkward positions for exercise” type of girl, but I am proud to say that we killed that course, even if we weren’t the fastest or most athletic group out there!

Turns out, I finished in 2:31:13….not bad for walking a LOT of it, and all those Downtown SD hills!

I got to the finish line, and learned they were OUT of medals.

Yeah, you read that right. One of the major reasons I went from doing comfy 5K runs was to get a damn medal! And nooooo. I get there, and there are like 4 conflicting stories as to why there isn’t one for me.

Fortunately, one competent event facilitator was able to tell me that there was a list we could add our names to, and they’ll be mailed to us. So, that’s why there is no blackboard photo this time. But, I still have some good ones:

Day before the race, sharing my swag and outfit plans on Instagram @SeeSondraSlimmer

Day before the race, sharing my swag and outfit plans on Instagram @SeeSondraSlimmer

Past the finish line with Kalyca! WE DID IT!

Past the finish line with Kalyca! WE DID IT!

A surprise GIANT card and roses from the best boyfriend ever when I got home!

A surprise GIANT card and roses from the best boyfriend ever when I got home!

My finishing stats! Because that, friends, is what it's all about: FINISHING.

My finishing stats! Because that, friends, is what it’s all about: FINISHING.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a photo of myself on my stats page, which is what held up this post so long. However, you can watch this awesome video of me crossing the finish line!

Moral of the story? You can accomplish anything. If I can do a 15K, and still walk the entire week after, it’s not hard. LOL.

Set some goals that you never thought you could achieve before. Go ahead and surprise yourself….it’s worth every bit of effort, I promise!


#1 Sunrise Hike Up Cowles Mountain #27ThingsforMy27thYear

Hello, everyone!

So, as we discussed in my last post, I will be completing 27 things that I have a) always wanted to do or b) wasn’t sure I wanted to do, but figured I ought to be able to. Number one is officially complete!

We are 9 days into my 27th year on this earth, and I was really excited to complete my sunrise hike with Ashley on Saturday, March 7th!

It started off a little rough. I worked 5 pm to 5 am, got off work and headed straight for the mountain.  My allergies were kicking my butt….so we are climbing a mountain at 5:30 in the cold morning, and my lungs were expanding as if they were outside my body, and I had to stop THREE times on the way up. We’ve done this hike twice before, and I never had this issue!

Nonetheless, when we did stop, we admired the moon behind us, and the little bit of sun peeking out in front of us.

The goal? Get to the top of this mountain before the sun does. And we did! As a matter of fact, I’d venture to say the sun only rose about halfway by the time we got up there.


We admired it, took photos with our boards (Ashley is doing 29 Things for her 29th Year), and then we enjoyed croissants and mimosas (with pink champagne!) at the top! Also, I could breathe up there, too!



This experience made me feel strong, it made me feel accomplished….and it made me appreciate the beautiful things around me everyday! I sometimes forget I live in one of the most beautiful states, and cities, in America! You can you see the beach from the mountains! It’s insane!


Also, fun fact: I wore my new Healthy is the New Skinny tank on the hike, and @HealthyistheNewSkinny shared it on their Instagram! It made my day, and made the experience even more meaningful!

Take the time to appreciate your surroundings!

Take that walk around a beautiful neighborhood, run on the beach, climb a mountain and nearly have an asthma attack (hahaha)! You won’t regret it! I’m up early everyday (I went straight from a 12 hour shift to do this, after all), and never did this before. And now? I cannot WAIT to do it again!

Wishing you love and light, and the creativity to make a list of your own!


The Lust List: October aka My Grown Up Christmas List

Ah….it’s Fall! Granted, in San Diego, that doesn’t really count for anything just yet. I mean, I’m going to the beach tomorrow, and we still struggle trying to sleep without the AC.

Once daylight savings kicks in, we will go through a few days of depression, knowing our extended Summer nights are actually over until Spring rolls around;but on the other hand #YayScarves! Also, this means we have a reason to drive all the way to Julian for a slice of pie with cinnamon ice cream. If it’s not super sunny outside, I wear rain boots and cross my fingers…which would probably make a super cute Instagram photo with the super cute ensemble planned around my super cute scarf. Lol.

As new seasons kick in, I get really focused on improving my wardrobe and adding things to my various collections. Like more scarves (notice a theme, here?)!

I was BEYOND excited the other day when Sean’s parents totally spoiled me with new Uggs and new Nikes (my old black Nikes have died, RIP)!

My gorgeous new Nikes!

My gorgeous new Nikes!

Meet my new besties for the "cold" weather!

Meet my new besties for the “cold” weather!

I have already been planning my outfits for our Christmas Disneyland trip, as well as our Mammoth trip, all involving super cute scarves I own (thanks to awesome sales in the Spring and Subscription Boxes, duh), and beanies I have been lusting after on Etsy.

Also, with a new season comes the desire for things like a new fragrance, a new lipstick shade, etc.

As a matter of fact, I went to MAC the other day and got the matte wine colored shade I’ve been searching for. It’s called “Sin,” and while I’m not thrilled about the name, the shade is gorgeous, and I have a $125 scarf I got in my Pop Sugar Must Have box that is beautiful shades of grey and maroon that it will look awesome with!


And so, here are a few things I am lusting after this month/season:

Maison Martin Margiela :REPLICA Eau de Toilette in Flower Market


I am HUGE on floral scents. Spicy, musky….not so much. This scent is impeccable: it incorporates beautiful floral notes with a depth that feels so grown up and sexy! I MUST HAVE IT!

Maison Martin Margiela REPLICA Eau de Toilette in Beach Day

maison martin beach

This scent is heavenly. I sprayed this on my other arm at Sephora, and it also lasted over 8 hours! And on top of that it’s subtle enough to not be too summery, and yet has all of the nostalgia of Summer days mixed with the sophistication of a light scent that can be really universally applied and used.

Canon D3200 Bundle


I was researching the best DSLR cameras for beginners/bloggers, and this camera is a model below the recommended D3300, with barely noticeable differences, and a lower price point. I am aiming to get it after the holidays, so I can learn to use it (Hello, photography classes I always see on Groupon) and be well versed in it’s features before we head to Europe next year! This bundle is EXACTLY the same price on Amazon as the newer model, but comes with an extra lens!

I also trolled Etsy.com and found my future Camera Strap and bag(duh!):

Roses Camera Strap on Etsy


It makes me so happy with the pretty floral print, and leather work that matches the pretty bag I have in mind….

Shutterbags Crossbody DSLR Camera Bag on Etsy

camera bag

 Absolutely the most chic, handmade bag I’ve seen! LOVE!

 And so, I just felt like sharing some of the awesome stuff I’ve had my eye on!

What are your favorite things about Fall? What are your essential Fall upgrades on your 2014 list?! I want to know!


It’s Been a Hard Days’…Two Months!

Time always escapes me!

Since July came, life has been a flurry of opportunity, strategy and some fun sprinkled where I can fit it in!

I was blessed with TWO new jobs since then, and I started working at both!

My work schedule has been a bit insane (as in COMPLETELY insane), but it’s afforded me the chance to financially re-construct my life, and start working on some major plans I’ve been anxious about!

So, a few updates:

I attended a couple of amazing country concerts this past few weeks, and had an absolute BLAST!

Went to see Rascal Flatts with Sheryl Crow and Gloriana:

Fresh and ready for Rascal Flatts!

Fresh and ready for Rascal Flatts!

Before we got sweaty and straight up covert operations in the Pit!

Pretty Girls!

Pretty Girls!


In the Pit with my Bestie, slowly and successfully inching forward until we were RIGHT. THERE!

This was not as close as we got! She touched his shoe!

This was not as close as we got! She touched his shoe!

Then there was Neal McCoy, Dan + Shay, The Band Perry, and Blake Shelton (God Gave Me You is our song):

Great minds think alike... and obviously very stylishly!

Great minds think alike… and obviously very stylishly!


Lawn Seats (Never Again..we;ve been too spoiled in the past)!

Lawn Seats (Never Again..we;ve been too spoiled in the past)!

And even though this was part of MY birthday gift to HER, she bought me a Dan +Shay wristband, because the first 90 to purchase mercy got a Meet and Greet with them! And I, by the way, have been obsessed with their CD the past few months, so this was AWESOME! One of them signed my wristband, and put a little heart next to it and said “That’s a heart, by the way.” I could be totally full of myself, but I sure didn’t hear him say that to anyone in line in front of me! Lol!

"Baby, I just wanna show you off!"

“Baby, I just wanna show you off!”

The next day, we woke up and headed to Artesia Spa and Salon at the Hilton Gaslamp Hotel for a much needed Spa Day as part 2 of her birthday gift! What’s the best way to end a day filled with a 50 minute massage and 50 minute facial? A rooftop pool, of course!

It's hard living in San Diego. Sigh.

It’s hard living in San Diego. Sigh.

And then I had a Beyoncé moment.

I woke up (from my massage) like this.

I woke up (from my massage) like this.

Tuesday of the past week took me on an evening hike at Cowle’s Mountain with Ashley, celebrating and conquering #12 of her 29 things list, and checking out the Super Moon! It also happened to be a Harvest Moon, and it looked especially amazing.

So proud of Ashley and her tenacity in making all of these things happen! She is seriously, ridiculously motivational!

So proud of Ashley and her tenacity in making all of these things happen! She is seriously, ridiculously motivational!

And then I was all like, “Take a picture of me with the moon behind me!”:

Note the "I'm So Fancy" tank?

Note the “I’m So Fancy” tank?


In other news, my obsession with Pretty Little Liars n Netflix has officially gotten out of hand. I was binge watching it one day last week, and this foolishness ensued after posting how insane it had gotten and how blown my mind had become (and that was just the middle of Season 3. I’m officially beginning Season 4!)

First Emotion: Terror. Second: Pure mirth! I haven't laughed so hard in forever.

First Emotion: Terror. Second: Pure mirth! I haven’t laughed so hard in forever.

It was that prankster I call my best friend, Alexis. Shenanigans. Did you know? There’s an APP that generates a fake phone number for you to text from? The world is gonna end soon.

Also, I finally found 10 seconds to Google how to use emojis on my Galaxy S4. My boyfriend has been using them for months and wouldn’t show me how. Sad story for him.





Not that I’m like, counting down or anything.

That’s all for now, but at least you get a look at what I’m up to!

There’s more to come… seriously!

Until then…. you know what you gotta do!