Traveling with BariLife!

You guys.

This last month has been an absolute whirlwind. I don’t know where August, let alone 2017 even went.

I was fortunate enough in August to be able to go visit my mom in Connecticut for her birthday, and while there, we spent two nights and three days in New York City. It’s become standard for us to hit the Big Apple whenever I come to visit (gotta love that its less than 2 hours away by train)!

I went on this trip wanting to make sure that I could keep up with the changes I’ve made in my daily routine. I was fortunate to receive some goodies from my amazing friends over at BariLife, and they came in SO HANDY!

You may remember my last post about the newer Lemonade Multivitamin Powder I tried from the fine folks at BariLife, and those convenient packets they are available in? They are absolutely perfect and just small enough to throw in your carry-on or personal item when you’re on the plane and on the go! I got a tub of it, and its super easy to put in snack-size bags, or in the dispenser of your choice for travel, as well!


I also recently began using the BariLife Probiotic capsules and BariLife Vitamin B1 capsules, which are both just as easy to throw in your bag or organize in your favorite pill box.

I am terrible at eating breakfast, and vacations/trips are always a little hard for me because the time differences and adjusting back to a regular day time schedule, I can’t bring myself to eat for awhile after waking up. I have started carrying scoops of BariLife Natural Whey Protein so that whether I am on a plane, in a hotel, or even out and about, I can just add water and make sure I have the protein and nutrition I need to conquer all the adventures I set out on! This powder has 24 grams of protein, only 1 gram of sugar, is made with milk from hormone-free cows, and sweetened with stevia! They also sent me some cool cereal packets that I threw into my carry-on for a snack option. I have a BariLife Breakfast Sampler I haven’t gotten into yet, but as soon as I do, you’ll hear more about those items, too!

Also, I think I’ve mentioned I am absolutely obsessed with the BariLife Peanut Butter Crunch Bar which packs a punch with 14 grams of protein, is gluten-free, and low sugar. I have them in my locker at work, in my snack basket at home, in my work bag, in my “travel bag” and in the console of my car. I tried some other flavors this time around, and  I am also a huge fan of the Lemon Crunch and Cinnamon Raisin Crunch, too!

Traveling as a post-op can be tough, even 6 years out. I constantly have to evaluate the meals available on flights, to make sure I’m getting everything I need, not eating too much of what I certainly don’t need, and feeling good while I am on the go! I am so grateful that BariLife makes the perfect products to help me stay sane and healthy when I’m out exploring this big world!

I head to New Jersey this Saturday for the Curvy Kate Star in a Bra Live Audition, and I’m feeling great about being able to not only have BariLife keeping me on track as I try to be a little more health-conscious this week (because, um, its a lingerie shoot), but to take with me easily to stay on track while I’m across the country!

Want to learn more? Don’t forget to check out the BariLife Bariatric Supplements 101 Guide! It’s been tremendously helpful for me, as I keep trying to improve my personal health and wellness!

Don’t forget to follow them on the BariLife Instagram, and you can always see me on the SeeSondraSlim Instagram and SeeSondraSlim snapchat too,  where I’ll be showing you how BariLife comes with me on my adventures!

*These products were sent to me at no charge in exchange for my honest review.*

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Bulubox….an Exciting SeeSondraSlim Partnership!

If you know me, you know I was previously obsessed with, and my monthly subscription to adorable boxes packed full of awesome samples (sometimes even full-sized) beauty products for only $10/month!

I just recently learned about I am so excited to share more about this with you all, because I personally think the concept is GENIUS.

th sends you a similar box chock-full of premium samples geared towards Health and Fitness or Weight Loss. These samples are products you can give a shot before you drop a ton of money on the full sized thing.

How many times have you bought a $50 container of protein only to get home and realize it’s disgusting? Or those protein bars that taste like chalk and make you miss real food?

Not anymore, my friends! With 4-5 premium samples per month, and free shipping on all boxes, there is waaayyyy less risk involved! You earn points every month for being a subscriber, as well as bonus points for things like referring friends and completing your member profile. The best part is, points can be redeemed towards purchases! So, if BuluBox sends you a protein sample that blows your mind, you can go to the site, and purchase the full-sized product! You can redeem your points to help pay for it, and orders over $50 always ship for free! Each purchase even earns you more points! You can choose a month-to-month subscription and have your $10 auto-debited, or pay up front for the time you want. So, you can pay $30 up front for a 3-month subscription.

Obviously, I am excited for this. The hardest part of my weight loss journey and lifestyle transition was having to find products that were not only affordable, but bearable. I am a girl who loves having options, and BuluBox gives me that variety at a super affordable price…and it’s a bonus that I can share the love, and info about the assorted products with you, my readers!

I have partnered up with and become an official BuluBox Brand Ambassador! What does this mean? It means I give you premier discount codes for BuluBoxes of your very own!

I hope you love bulubox as much as me, and that you give it a shot for all your health/wellness/fitness curiosities!

And you know I love a great deal….so how about some promo codes!?!

Save 50% off a 3 , 6 or 12 month subscription with promo code: “BULUGAN342” !!

Not ready to commit to that long or don’t wanna pay up front? (Just make sure to cancel before the next month’s shipment to avoid your card being charged).

Get your first box FREE with the same promo code: “BULUGAN342” !!

Again, if you sign up for a free one-time box, it will store your card info for a month-to-month subscription. So, you have to be sure to cancel your subscription as soon as you receive your free box! Who knows…maybe you’ll love it and keep ’em coming!

Happy BuluBox-ing! I know you’ll love it! Don’t forget to share, and let me know which products are YOUR favorites!

‘Til Next Time!


Out of Sight….Out of Mouth.

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Needless to say, this made my day!

Ahhh. The weekdays are over, and the weekend is almost upon us.

I have realized that having a desk job has been a major problem when it comes to my weight loss struggles. At Corky’s, there was always someone bringing in bagels, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

At my new job, my coworker and I are constantly moving and shaking, and next thing you know, it’s almost the end of those 12 hour work days, and all we want is some kettle-cooked potato chips. So she goes next door, and we get some. There are always cookies, candy, or something like that nearby. Patients bring us baked goods and little bags of treats….it’s insanity! And don’t get me started on those dang Girl Scouts and their demon cookies!! AHHH!

Left to my own devices, there’d just be my bottled water, protein shakes, Rockstar Hydration+Energy, and the occasional tall iced soy caramel macchiato.

But yet, here we are. And it’s time for a change! If I take the steps to keep myself from having these things in my grasp, and then imagine! I could be losing even faster! And, you know, after all this hard work….I don’t want to say that I eat a little bit of crap just because a little bit is all I have room for. It seems like a cop-out. My surgery was a tool to assist me, not an excuse to eat whatever I’d like.

And so, there it is: Out of sight, out of mouth.

I think I need to go back to my Mary Poppins ways and carry a surplus of healthier items in my purse. Also, I will leave my wallet in the car, so that I will not have easy acccess to my cash, therefore, I can’t readily go to the store (we are FAR too busy for all of that!). I really am trying to recognize certain detrimental behaviors, and correct them.So far, I have been doing pretty well.

I have attended Zumba 3 times this week (it would have been 4, had I not forgotten my gym bag at home last night! DOH!), and I feel the burn every single morning. Each night, it’s like the instructor is more intense than the last! But it’s so much fun, I never even realize that an hour has passed, and my shirts are soaked through! It’s a powerful feeling, and it’s really getting me through the hard times I have been having with lack of rest and lack of patience! Lol.

This year is already zooming by! I have printed all of the 24 hr fitness schedules through March and marked my calendar (because it is VERY hard for me to look at it, and NOT go!), my birthday is in 26 days, I am three lbs away from having lost 100 lbs total…..I’ve already been to the Emergency Room, filed my taxes, planned how to use my return, worked out religiously, entered a few contests, seen my blog make records, imported my old blog entries from blogspot to this blog….it’s shenanigans! And there is still so much to be done!

Hopefully all of you have a fabulous Friday, and a weekend that makes you feel wonderful! Next week will bring the next installment of the 30 Day Challenge, and I must say, I am realllllly excited to see if Zumba will bring some improvement to those photos!

‘Til Next Time!



Alllllll Byyyyy Myyyysellllllfffffff!

First, let me just share one hilarious tidbit of information with all of you.

Part of the awesome thing about my blog is the fact that I have the ability to monitor the traffic, clicks, and referrers to SeeSondraSlim. So, it will tell me that people have found me through search engines….and what terms they searched under to find me.

Today? I was found in a search for “nude black supermodel.”

You know…as disturbed as I was initally….I’ll take that! LOL! Notice there was no mention of the words ‘plus sized’ in there?

Moving on, I was listening to my Glee playlist earlier and heard “All By Myself,” Sunshine Corazon style, and it dawned on me: I am technically not alllll byyyyy myyyyyyself….anymoooooooooooore! HA! (I am just far too tickled by the fun I can have with this song, I tell you!)

I used to kinda hate going to Zumba, because I didn’t usually have anyone that I knew there with me. Now, I have made friends with some of the girls, and we have a blast messing up moves together with new instructors, and it’s like high school all over again walking out into the parking lot after! “Are you coming tomorrow night? With Rose? YAY! Ok! See you then!”

I have given in to the inevitable, and the formerly mentioned “StupidHead” and I are taking it day by day, but acknowledging our formerly un-mentioned admirations for each other ( did I mention that I really am not too great at relationships? As in, I’ll practically be in a relationship, and refuse to call it one? Taking it day by day….what does that even MEAN?) So, while I am not actually taken….I am not actually single either. Yikes.

I just got goosebumps. Holy cow.

Moving on!

I have made a few decisions in the quest to make it to 100 official pounds lost by the 15th of February.

1. I will continue to go to Zumba at least 3 times a week.

2. No more Starbucks.

3. No more fast food….unless it’s chicken salad from Chik-fil-A. Because some things just cannot be given up. Besides, total protein there!

4. Breakfast will be a protein shake every morning! No excuses!

5. It’s personal training time. My job is thinking of bringing a trainer into the office to work with us for a small fee each month….but I may just go ahead and get a package at 24 hr fitness, and then use that knowledge to continue on my own, since I’m already there most weeknights anyways.

These are the small, easy steps I plan to focus on this month. My birthday is March 1st, and I really want to meet and exceed this goal by then. 5 lbs isn’t so hard to lose, right??! Especially for a girl who can hardly eat more than 3 oz in a sitting.

My annual physical is on Valentine’s Day (scheduled like a true single girl. Smh.), and I am so excited to see my primary care doctor and show him all the benefits I have reaped from his referral to my surgeon last January! Also, I need him to start working on my notes for the plastic surgeon I plan to see next January. Say it with me: panniculectomy!

The year has just begun, and yet…’s already a month down! Time to kick it in high gear, and continue to make things happen! And seeing as January is already over…that means next week is the next installment of the 30 Day Challenge! AHHHH! Should be good times. 🙂

Maybe you will be able to see all the hard work I’ve been putting in with Zumba, eh? By the way, for all my local friends who read, if you’re a member of 24 hr fitness, you should totally go to Zumba with me! I go to the Vista Sport club M-w at 8:30 pm, Th at 8:30 am and sometimes Saturdays at 11 am. You won’t be able to walk properly the next day, but you won’t be sorry, either!

I hope everyone has a great night, and is as excited about this year as I am!

Walt Disney said it best: If you can dream it, you can do it.

‘Til Next Time!