Life as I Know It (Or, AHH! It’s Almost August)

I am proud to announce that SeeSondraSlim was founded 2 years ago, today. 2 years ago, my weight loss journey took on a whole new meaning, and I am proud that it has gained a following and earned some street cred. It has been a wild, crazy, and emotional ride. It has been everything I hoped for, and it isn’t over yet! It has been absolutely AMAZING, and that’s because of YOU. Thank YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

In other news, it has become blaringly obvious to me that I am a grown up.

For one thing, I don’t get a summer vacation anymore. I miss those! For this reason, it has also come to my attention that no matter how ridiculously slow some days seem, the weeks and months pass by so quickly!

It’s like, I look up, and BAM! Summer is almost over. I had excess skin removal surgery on my stomach over 3 months ago.  I have my thigh lift/stomach revision in 19 days, and before that? 15 days until I attend the Taylor Swift concert with my Bestie, 16 days until Sean and I head to Phoenix for the OAC Your Weight Matters Convention, and then we come home and BAM! again. It’s almost September.

The past couple of weeks I have been a blogging procrastinator because I had been preparing for what will go down in my life as one of the best weekends EVER. My best friend Alex got married this past Saturday! As her Maid of Honor (which, I was truly too honored to be), I planned a fun night out last Thursday for the Bachelorette Party, we had  rehearsal dinner Friday, and before you could say ‘chapel’ it was time to see her walk down the aisle.

I’d post Bachelorette photos, but they violate girl code, and totally encapsulate what I feel like was a successful night between 6 good friends. I was fortunate to be a part of a bridal party made up of some amazing, hilarious, and super fun women. There was no drama, no shenanigans (the bad kind, that is), and I feel like that is  true testament to who my best friend really IS.

However, I will share the room setup for the party…if only because sometimes I impress myself with my creative skills. Lol.

The main table. Lanterns, Sangria, cupcakes, gift bags, and my tower of wine glasses (one wine glass was harmed in the making of this display).

The main table. Lanterns, Sangria, cupcakes, gift bags, and my tower of wine glasses (one wine glass was harmed in the making of this display).

The day of is something that shall forever be engraved in my memory. Everyone looked amazing, the weather was perfect, and the ceremony was beautiful. It’s something special to watch the people you love dedicate their lives to being together. It touches something in your heart….it’s like watching The Notebook, without any sad parts!! AMAZING!

The  GORGEOUS Bride and I outside the hotel, right before we headed to the ceremony site!! AHHH!

The GORGEOUS Bride and I outside the hotel, right before we headed to the ceremony site!! AHHH!

The five HOT Bridesmaids! :)

The five HOT Bridesmaids! 🙂

Alex gave each of us girls a gorgeous Coach clutch as a thank you, and I was floored to learn that not only had she and Josh gotten me a special Maid of Honor gift…but it just so happened to be what!?! The runner-up dream swimsuit from my previous Dream Bikini post!

YAY! Hawaii in roughly 3 months! I am rockin' this baby while we are there!!!

YAY! Hawaii in roughly 3 months! I am rockin’ this baby while we are there!!!

Now that the wedding is over, I am focused on preparing for all the concert/convention/surgery madness coming in August, and starting my savings/shopping/packing plans for Hawaii in October. While we are there, I am hoping to conquer one of my biggest fears: heights. Myself, Alex and our friend Zainab are planning on going on a hike that ends in cliff diving.

I have seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so I am assuming by the time I get to the top of a cliff, I will totally want to dive into the water…and it’s the super easy way to get back down. This doesn’t subtract from the terror that strikes my heart momentarily when I imagine looking out a nothing but sky, and down at nothing but water! But hey…I will do it anyways!

I am super excited that our Phoenix trip is roughly two weeks away! With all the things my time has been devoted to for the last couple of months, I am really happy to be going on a road trip with Sean and spending some quality time together! Plus, the convention line-up looks AMAZING! I am having a hard time deciding which speakers to see….and can’t wait for the Awards Dinner and workout schedule….plus, the water park on-site at the resort! Considering August in Arizona can be a brutal thing, I will welcome that. If all works out as planned, I may even book myself a spa service while we are there! 🙂

Most importantly, so many exclusive products will be at the convention, and I am excited to learn about new things, and be able to share info about helpful products and resources with YOU, my wonderful readers! And? Shelly Vicari, from ‘The World According to Eggface,” my personal blogging idol will be there. It’s gonna be good stuff!!

That’s all for now, but I promise I am working on getting back on my ‘A’ blogging game. SeeSondraSlim has tons more good stuff in store, and I cannot WAIT to share it all with you very soon!

‘Til Next Time!