#YWM2013: Day One!!!


Well, we made it to Phoenix before noon (after a stop at the infamous Waffle House restaurant raves about whenever he goes to the South, and 3 gas station potty breaks)! The convention started yesterday, but obviously I couldnt make it because I had a date with Alex at the Taylor Swift concert!


Yes, yes it was amazing. AHHHHH-MAZING!!!!

It is 110 degrees right now, but I was super excited to make it to the breakout session I was most interested in about changing the public perception(s) of Obesity.

Its not a label.  It doesn’t define you. It’s a seriously impeding disease, and by treating it like a personal choice, we are hindering people from seeking and obtaining health!

I am eager for the next grouo of breakout sessions starting back up at 2pm today. Dont forget to check out last nights post to get links for the live sessions that the OAC is streaming live on YouTube! Use hashtag #YWM2013 on Twitter to sumbit questions for the panel!

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The fun is just beginning! Now, time to nap and head out to get some last minute accessories for tonight’s “Hollywood Beach Party” themed welcoming ceremonies bash!! Woot Woot!

More soon!

’til next time!!