The “Get Fit” Lust List!

Ahh….2015 is here. I am really excited for everything it has in store!

This means every time I go to the gym, I’ll end up leaving without a workout (or my sanity), because either all of the parking or all of the equipment will be occupied. Thankfully, I recently got ClassPass, which allows me to go to many of the super adorable, super trendy fitness studios for a variety of concentrated workouts (my favorites so far are Yoga Sculpt at Yoga Six Point Loma, and Barre at PureBarre Hillcrest), on my time, in the area where I happen to be.

For a girl with two jobs, and a limited sleep schedule, this is an amazing option. I kept my 24 Hour Fitness membership as well, because I get a rebate through one of my jobs that pays for all but $4 of it!

I am currently training for the Mermaid 5K here in San Diego, as well as the Hot Chocolate 15K in March…so those treadmills come in handy for training!

As I get re-fired up for the New Year, I’ve gotten back into more “clean” eating, and I have so many awesome products I have found to aid in my fitness journey that I cannot wait to get my hands on-so I thought I’d share them with you! I get REALLY excited about fancy inventions (and a little angry that I didn’t think of them), and I try to evaluate how practical they are for myself, and my lifestyle. I have decided that these are “must haves,” and will gradually be adding them to my arsenal!

Yoga SmartMat -$297 (pre-order price, ships this Summer)

This mat is AMAZING! It has an app for almost all of your tech devices to aid in really strengthening and improving your practice. Check out the description from the site:

“There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to yoga. That’s why we built SmartMat to be unique to its owner. The first time you use your SmartMat, it will take you through a series of movements to calibrate your body shape, size and personal limitations.
This Personal Profile information is stored in your SmartMat App, and will help SmartMat detect when you’re out of alignment or balance. Over time, it will automatically evolve with updated data as you improve your yoga practice.Your body. Your yoga. Your SmartMat.”

There’s also a really cool video on the site that you can watch to get a better idea of how and why it works. I MUST HAVE ONE!!! As soon as I can justify spending that kind of money (after all, I’m still recovering from Christmas), it’s mine!

Six Pack Bags- Expert Innovator 300 -$69.99

These bags are pretty awesome. They allow you

Check out the online product description: “The bag comes with  2 Gel Packs, 3 Snap Lid containers, 1 large sports nutrition container and ergonomic shoulder strap.Everything you need to travel fit™. The biggest innovation in meal management for the fitness elite.
Travel effortlessly with more than 3 meals, sports nutrition products and supplements. “

The side pockets can hold your shaker bottles, an extra change of gym clothes maybe? The possibilities are endless…and being someone ALWAYS on the go, this bag is ideal for my meal prep needs. I can make meals in advance, and then just portion them every night into my containers and be able to hit the road the next day! GENIUS! Also, use code WELCOME15 for 15% off any purchase!

SkinnyFox Detox Tea-14 Day Total Body Reboot -$34

So, a friend and I were talking about detox teas, and our mission to quit coffee this year. While making the switch exclusively to tea, we thought doing a cleanse (especially one that requires you to simultaneously eat well for the best results) would be a good idea. I have been following Skinny Fox Detox on Instagram for awhile now, and immediately thought of this program. So, this is en route to my house as we speak, and combined with 5K training, clean eating, and yoga…I am excited for the results! Check out the product description from the site:

“Our response to the notorious 10 Day Master Cleanse, unlike the Lemonade Diet or the Master Cleanse, Mini Fox Detox does not require you to starve yourself, drink pepper water or salt water.

We utilize a TWO part plan, consisting of a morning and night tea:

-Morning Tea: ‘Hello Gorgeous’ – Taken when you wake up, this tea is very smooth with no bitterness. Blended to consist of the most powerful natural teas and herbs to give you metabolism boosting, increased energy and fight fat accumulation. Comes in a loose leaf form for guaranteed freshness.

-Evening Tea: ‘Goodbye Cherry Pie’ – Taken before you go to bed, every other night, this tea is very light and easy to drink. Blended with a natural and gentle laxative and herbs to prevent stomach cramping. This tea is meant to help you say ‘Goodbye’ to toxin accumulation! Made in tea bags that have been oxygen whitened, without the use of bleach or other chemicals.

You will receive 40 grams of Hello Gorgeous and 7 tea bags of Goodbye Cherry Pie”

Also, you can check out all the ingredients on this awesome page of the Skinny Fox site, and it goes into detail of each and every single tea and what they use in it! I’ll keep you all posted on how it works, as soon as I get started.

CrockPot Lunch Crock – $24.99

Ok, so at one of my offices, there is no microwave. This can cause issues when it comes to my ability to make good decisions at lunch time, I have no problem admitting it!

So, the beauty of this item is that you put your meal in, plus it in when you get to work, and voila! Hot food by lunch time! My kind of crockpot! It’s great for the soups I love to make, but I can also put roasted veggies and already prepared meats in here, and not risk them drying out or being undercooked, as well.

Note: The link goes to Amazon, but I found this same product at Target for $19.99. But only in blue/black I may go to or pay extra on Amazon to get a “funner” color. Don’t act like this surprises you.

I am really excited to continue my quest to get back on track, and can’t wait to keep you all posted!

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I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a great start! Remember, it’s not about the resolutions….it’s about enjoying every second of your life, and making it amazing!


The #GoVoxBox Reveal!

Hey Everyone,

I am so excited to share my new goodies with you all. I am a member of a website called Influenster, where you take surveys and review products. By connecting your social media outlets to your Influenster account, you can get “status” for sharing things with others. I recently was qualified for the #GoVoxBox with an over health and fitness theme, and couldn’t wait to share all the goodies that came inside!

First Look!

First Look!


Each VoxBox comes with a card detailing the products and gives Social Media handles to use to share via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Typically, these cards go over the retail value of the products, as well!

Each VoxBox comes with a card detailing the products and gives Social Media handles to use to share via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Typically, these cards go over the retail value of the products, as well!


The Vitamin Shoppe "Next Step" Weight Management Program goodies!

The Vitamin Shoppe “Next Step” Weight Management Program goodies!

I generally have very mixed emotions about The Vitamin Shoppe, simply because on the 3 occasions Sean has taken me there to look at supplements, everyone acts too busy to help us or answer questions about which of the millions may be suitable for us. However, I was very excited to see that they have this new Weight Management line, and I can’t wait to try the shake flavors and see if they are tasty enough to make this a regular part of my life!


Along with the Next Step shakes, there is a shaker bottle too! I love that the shaker mechanism shape is that of a jack! I can’t wait to put this baby to use! Plus it’s a super fun color!

Aqua Spa Relax Body Crème in Lavender and Chamomile

Aqua Spa Relax Body Crème in Lavender and Chamomile

I am a big lavender fan, and I am excited to try Aqua Spa Relax products. I’ll be using this after my shower tonight…. lavender is supposed to aid sleep!

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds in Blueberry

Blue Diamond Fruit Flavored Almonds in Blueberry

I have tried flavored Blue Diamond Almonds before, but they were toffee flavored. I can’t wait to rip these open after my workout tomorrow as a sweet snack!

PROFOOT Triad Orthotics

PROFOOT Triad Orthotics

YAY!!! Athletic orthotics that are affordable, easy to fit in multiple styles, and not completely bulky and weird looking! I am trying these babies out during my workout tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see if they help my stability! They are “3 zone, everyday orthotics clinically proven to relieve knee, leg, and back pain when worn in your favorite shoes.”



I love the pedi-rock concept! This is way less gross than the PED-egg craze, and it’s pretty cool that it can be used wet or dry. This will definitely save me the extra $5 for the callus remover add-on during my salon pedicures. 🙂

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons

So, the cool thing about these tampons is that they are designed to neutralize odors for ultimate freshness. Girls who run marathons, go hiking, participate in extreme sports…. they are BAD ASS. But they are still girls… they have periods too. Staying fresh when you do high octane activity is a must!

Müller Greek Coupon for one FREE Müller Greek product up to $1.49

Müller Greek Coupon for one FREE Müller Greek product up to $1.49

I love, love LOVE Müller Corner Greek yogurt! There is one with little dark chocolate flecks and cherry compote…. and I’m not generally crazy about black cherries or dark chocolate…. but it’s SO good. I think it’s awesome that this product is getting some more exposure. The low fat yogurt with fun toppings or fruit really making eating healthy more enjoyable!

So, as you can see, this box is full of goodies to help make a healthy lifestyle even more enjoyable! I will gradually share more about these products as I use them, and I can’t wait to find some new favorite items in the process (PROFOOT orthotics are only $10.49 a pair! Can you imagine how much more inclined to be to support your feet at a great price like that?)!

What are your favorite items for a healthy lifestyle? And if you’ve tried any of these, I want to hear YOUR thoughts!

More later!




Affordable (and ADORABLE) Work Out Gear!

Let’s face it.

One of the most UN-appealing things about working out, is the dreadful fear of having to get ready to do so.

Maybe it’s just me, but I like to look presentable, albeit fashionable. I find that cute workout clothes actually make me more motivated get out of the house, and get moving!

Some of my favorite items I have come from none other than Old Navy!

Old Navy workout gear is affordable, comfortable, durable, and fashionable. They almost always have sales on items, and they have coordinating pieces with moisture wicking fabrics, pockets to hold keys/cards and flattering styles that suit all body types. They even go from a size XS to XXL…and if you know Old Navy, you know their clothes always run bigger!

I recently hit up Old wavy to get some new clothes, since the workout clothes I got there over a year ago were starting to fray a bit. For wearing them 3-4 times a week, I am actually really impressed at how well they hold up.

Some of my favorite items they carry? I am so glad you asked! Check out some of the best pieces I think that the Old Navy Active Line has to offer:

Old Navy Bubble Hem Mesh Tank


Photo Credit: Old

Photo Credit: Old

One of the most appealing things about these tops is the fun colors! They are SO flattering, no matter your body type, and they don’t annoyingly ride up while you run! I can go full-throttle on the treadmill or track without being self-conscious and having to fiddle with my top the whole time. Runners know the struggle. Joggers and walkers do too, actually! 🙂

Old Navy Active Compression Tank


Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Much like the bubble hem tank, the compression tank also comes in fun, pretty colors. I love the hem on this one, as well, because it’s elasticity conforms a bit more and allows you to not have to fiddle with it. This one has a LOT more support for the chesty, and is still super flattering because of the empire-waistline style. It’s one of those items that makes you feel “pulled together.” And that is a great way to feel while you’re working up a sweat!

Old Navy Active Cinch-Tie Hoodie

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

 This hoodie is AWESOME for morning outdoor workouts, but is light enough to wear casually if you wanted to. I adore running/fitness clothing with thumbholes… although I don’t have a concrete reason why. I love the style of this, because it’s a bit unique, without taking away from it’s functionality as a lightweight, warm and useful item to add to your workout wardrobe. It ran REALLY large for me… I’d recommend going down one size.

Old Navy Active Compression Capris

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

I have about 7 pairs of these leggings, and I adore them! Running, walking, or being the girl who looks like she came from the track when I’m really only ‘running’ errands… these leggings are comfy, stylish, and functional. The moisture wicking fabric, as well as the handy pocket inside make wearing them great at the gym or when I jog in my neighborhood and need to carry my house key or debit card/ID. It’s awesome to run with less on me, and yet have what I need tucked away in a safe place.

Old Navy Active Compression Mesh Capri

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

 I absolutely love the mesh panels on these leggings, more for the fun pop of color than functionality. I got them with a teal color to match my Beats headphones Sean got me and a matching bubble hem tank, and it’s very fun to put on at 5:30 in the morning and get a little pep in my step! Much like they’re less jazzy sibling compression legging, they are also very comfortable, functional, and easy to wear!

These are definitely my bare-basics for workout gear, whether you’re looking to add to your workout wardrobe, or start at the beginning. These foundational pieces come in lots of fun colors, prints, lengths and sizes… and they are super affordable!

Want to save even more money? If you’re shopping Old Navy online, sign upon for and you’ll get cash back on your purchase, and if you’re brand new to Ebates, use my link and you get a $10 gift card of your choice when you use the site to make your first purchase! As of right now, Old Navy is 2.0% cash back…and it adds up quickly!

It’s absolutely FREE to sign up, and the money adds up quickly! You get a check quarterly (hello, Christmas money), and they have THOUSANDS of retailers you already shop with.

That’s all for now! Happy shopping, and may your workout gear make pour workouts even MORE enjoyable!

That’s all for now, but I want to know where YOU found your favorite workout gear! Let me know!

‘Til Next Time!


Guest Post: Staying Motivated to Work Out with Sara Upton

Staying Motivated to Work Out

With Guest Blogger: Sara Upton

For the past few years now, I’ve been trying to lose weight. And you know what I’ve found? It’s really hard. I wish it was difficult just for me, but I know this isn’t the case. I’ve spoken to plenty of people who also struggle to shed the pounds. Especially since, in the society we live in, there are countless advertisements for junk food bombarding us every day–messages goading us to ignore healthy foods in favor of a treat or for the sake of convenience.

If avoiding the fatty foods wasn’t a big enough problem, there’s the fact that regular exercise has to be part of the plan when it comes to getting slim. And it’s the exercise part that I find the hardest to maintain. I can refuse to eat fast food or keep candy around my house. I can avoid cooking with a deep fryer and drink water instead of soda. But it’s establishing and a maintaining a regular workout routine that has posed the greatest challenge for me. What it comes down to really isn’t so much a problem with getting active–it’s finding the motivation to maintain an exercise plan.

I’ve gotten a lot better at staying motivated in recent months, so it’s not as big of a problem as it used to be (though it is still bothersome). I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned in overcoming motivational hurdles, in hopes that you’ll be able to use this information in your own journey of living a healthier life.

Join a gym.

Ever since I joined my gym, I’ve found it easier to work out regularly. There’s something about exercising around other people–even if I’m not in a class–that makes my workouts better. I also like the various pieces of equipment in gyms, so my visits can have some variation. Some gyms throughout America include Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness.

Get the right tools.

One tool I personally use is a sleep and activity tracker by Jawbone called UP. According to Verizon Wireless, “Users barely remember they have it on while the smart accessory tracks their daily activities, providing data to help them set and achieve fitness goals.” So if you want to see how much you’re sleeping or view how far you’ve walked throughout the day, this could be a good tool for you.

Have a vision statement.

What are the one or two primary reasons why you want to lose weight? Maybe it’s so you can have the energy to play with your grandkids one day. Maybe it’s so you can be fit enough to run a marathon. Or maybe you just want to feel better in your everyday routine. Whatever your reason, write it down and put it in a place where you can see it every day. I’ve found this helps me stay focused and disciplined.

Exercise with a friend.

Having a friend come along with me when I go for a run or head to the gym makes the experience much better. Plus, I have someone to hold me accountable when I start to sway from my focus. I’ve found exercising with a friend also helps them to stay motivated in their workout routine, too.

These are a few ways I stay motivated, and I wish I could say it’s always a breeze to get up and go work out. I have found, however, that following these tips makes it easier to get in shape.

Waiting for Tonight!

Hey Lovelies!

I am chillin’ at Starbucks and thought I’d work on the blog while I wait for the concert in just a couple hours!

I know I am 25 years old, but I admit it. I LOVE Taylor Swift. Catchy tunes, writes her own songs, and her fave number is 13? She stole my heart right along with the hearts of the 9-year-old girls!

I am excited not just for the concert tonight, but because tomorrow Sean and I head to Phoenix for #YMW13 with the Obesity Action Coalition.

Even if you cannot attend this year, you are in luck! The OAC will be streaming some of the educational sessions LIVE for your viewing/educational pleasure!

Tonight, they have the special “Teaming Up to Tackle Obesity” session with two former NFL players discussing how even athletes struggle to keep a healthy weight on and off the field!

Check out the line-up:


To get direct links to stream each session live, click HERE

Please note that all broadcasts are Pacific Standard Time.

I hope that some of you will check out the wealth of information that the OAC has to offer. I am so excited to be there.

Don’t Forget!! You can submit your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #YMW13 starting at 7pm PST!

That’s all for now. I have some last minute road trip items to pick up before the concert starts, but I hope everyone has a fab evening! It’s almost Friday!!!! ❤

‘Til Next Time!