I have a TON of my favorite blogs, websites, and informational sites to share with the world.

Here are some of the top ones:

The World According to Eggface: Delicious WLS friendly recipes, info, and just plain inspiration! Check her out….whether you’re a WLS patient or not. You will NOT be sorry!

Hungry Girl: Recipes that make you wonder why you ever fried with cornmeal or used regular mayo in the first place!

Vertical Sleeve Talk Forums: This has been my safe haven. For Sleevers, there are tons of us out there, and each of us is just as nervous and excited as the next! It’s a great place to find motivation, information, and support!

Obesity Help: Resources for everyone, no matter what surgery you have had or are considering. In addition to information on different procedures from financing, to step by step procedure info, there is also forums to communicate with people considering the same options!

It always helps to have a sense of humor! The folks at Bariatric TV are not only helpful, but they share their experiences and valuable resources for WLS patients and prospects alike, with their sense of humor shining!

Bariatric TV

My Health News Daily: A great resource for comparisons of different procedures! Your guide to wellness.

A HUGE list of protein drink recipes. I printed this out, and it was seriously like 50 pages! But I’ll never run out of ideas!!

Vertical Sleeve Talk: Huge List of Protein Recipes

One of my VSG surgery buddies, who I met at the Eggface Meet and Greet earlier this year, has a blog of her own that I really enjoy. Check it out!

Losing Pounds and Gaining….ME!

If you’ve ever watched The Style Network, you might have caught Ruby Gettinger on “Ruby.” An emotional, inspirational, and absolutely adorable show abour Ruby and her struggles to lose weight on her own, the old fashioned way! BRING RUBY BACK TO THE NETWORK! (you can, however, catch the entire first season on Netflix, fyi)!

Ruby on The Style Network

A comparison chart for Gastric Bypass and the LapBand can be found here.

I did a LOT of digging when it came to finding out what would be required to have my insurance cover my surgery, and thankfully, my procedure did not cost me a CENT out of pocket, and all of my pre-op visits were only $10 copays! Check out the link below for insurance info, and a chart that breaks down most major insurance companies, and what they require/cover!

Bariatric Insurance Coverage Overview and Chart

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