Mission Statement

The SeeSondraSlim Mission Statement

I will always stay true to myself.

I will always strive for greatness, not perfection.

I will treasure my imperfections, and utilize them whenever possible.

I will be honest with myself, in turn, keeping me honest with others.

I will go into each day hoping to make it better than the last, and using it to set a standard for the next.

I will love myself truly, wholly, and unconditionally.

I will stay focused on living a balanced life, both physically and nutritionally.

I will never settle for less than I deserve.

I will never let my weight, or the way people judge my weight, to hold me down.

I will achieve everything I set out to achieve.

I will inspire myself as much as I inspire others.

I will look to myself for motivation first, and forever thank those who take their time to motivate me as well.

I will never stop dreaming….for my dreams have always come true when I decided they would.

I will never take love, health, happiness, or ideas for granted.

I will always show appreciation to those who support me.

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