Blogs I Love!

Silly of me to think that I could be the only random girl out there on a journey to a new me!

Here are some of the blogs I have come across on wordpress, and otherwise. If you enjoy following my journey, you’ll most likely enjoy these blogs as well! Go nuts!

The World According to Eggface: My blogger inspiration! Michele Vicari documents “A Day in My Pouch” with WLS friendly recipes, tips and ideas for post-WLS patients (or anyone who prefers a tasty, healthy, low-carb approach to eating).

Born to LB Fat: Sarah Bramblette is my Obesity Advocacy inspiration! Follow her journey to get health care laws changed for not only her condition, Lipedema, but for overall treatment and acknowledgement of Obesity as a disease affecting millions of Americans!

Beauty and the Bypass: Nicole is another WLS blogger I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and she is genuine, inspiring, and very honest about the ups and downs of life after WLS.

Melting Mama: Refreshingly honest and unabashedly sarcasitc writings from Beth, who makes my day with her wit and knowledge while sharing her post-WLS life! Also, she’s the founder of the Bariatric Bad Girls Club, and excellent post-op support group on Facebook for WLS patients!

Waning Woman: A Texan sweetheart documenting her WLS journey with humor, honesty, and love for cupcakes!

The Boudoir Divas: A premier boudoir photography studio in San Diego who aims to capture and celebrate the beauty of every single woman, and make them see themselves as the sexy siren they didn’t even realize they were!

A Leaner Me: Check out Beth Anne’s “journey towards being lithesome.” She is witty, bright, and very easy to relate to!

Weight Loss and Me: Corinne is just as randomly motivating as I like to think I am. She is funny, and her posts are absolutely charming! She documents with a lot of photos, which I love, because they shed a little perspective on the aspects of her daily life she shares. VERY fun!

Your Typical Sort of Fat Gal: Let’s face it. The world needs more HONEST big girls. And this girl? She is as real as they come.  A post about how much she despises sweating? Count me IN! Lol.

Eat, Sleep, Gym, Repeat: Tons of healthy recipes and advice. A pizza with a cauliflower crust, people! ‘Nuff said!

Fat Girl Approved: Rants, raves, and other fun tidbits!

Get Fit Fiona: Awesome adventures in fitness!

Skinny Shae: Her subtitle says it all: “diet.…it all sucks.” LOL!

Journey to Fit and Fabulous: Recipes, cocktails (um, HECK yes!), and motivation. All with a smile and a sparkly shoe at the top! Love!

Does My Bum Look Big in This? My personal fave entry of hers presently? “We Found Dove in a Soapless Place.”

Ardent Amanda I appreciate her sincerity, and the fact that she truly takes accountability for her actions

Alison May See: “Where I muse on weight loss and dieting and shaking fat off of one’s childbearing hips.”

15 Weeks, 110 Days  Genuine reflections on a journey to lose weight….plus, there is a ridiculously cute baby to look at!

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