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June 24th, 2011.

That would be the day that I let a hot (like, seriously. He’s adorable) surgeon slice me open, and throw away 80% of my stomach. This blog is just my way of connecting with others, and sharing my experiences as I take on the journey and challenges before me. It’s established

Enjoy, and experience this with me! Better yet, share your experiences too!

More about me?

I had weight loss surgery (WLS) at 23 years old. Apparently, that’s a little extreme for my age group, especially in regards to the specific procedure I chose. I have been overweight my entire life, embarking on diet after diet, and program after program. I took my health into my own hands, improved my eating habits, and began exercising regularly. When that wasn’t quite enough, I started researching WLS.

27 thoughts on “Meet Sondra!

  1. Melissa and Life says:

    ^^ 56 lbs down!!!? Girl you are doing IT right. I am also trying to lose some weight, dieting and working out everyday… hopefully it will work. Keep up the good work!!!! And, you look beautiful in all your pictures, but the last one is spectacular.


  2. April@thisismorelikeit says:

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog – I hope and would be honored if I can be a help to your WL journey! Congrats on your making these goals and decisions and I wish you all the best. You are a beautiful lady and really seem to enjoy life. I know you must be an inspiration to many!


  3. Selvinas says:

    63, that’s a lot in such a short time!
    I know people who’ve also had a bypass but they didn’t lose that many in so little time.
    They were advised not to.
    Are you getting lot’s of guiding from your doctors?
    Not sure how it is in other countries, that’s why I’m asking 🙂


    • sondrajo says:

      Selvinas, I had a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy….my doctor actually anticipates that I’ll be very close to my goal of 130 lbs lost by the end of the year. CRAZY! It is fast, but I am following the surgeon’s instructions to the “T,” and they promise I am right on track. I am losing a little faster than most, but I went back to my regular routine life after just one week….I think that’s a big part of it. 🙂

      Sleep, Eat, Gym: Thank you! I do feel great. I don’t feel hopeless or helpless anymore….I feel like I can do ANYTHING. And I always have something to look forward to, which is exciting!


      • Selvinas says:

        Oooh I thought it was the same. Just looked it up but I still don’t really understand the differences between the two of them.

        One week! That’s really fast! Weren’t you in a lot of pain? Because I’ve always been under the impression that after a surgery your abs need to heal. Or maybe that’s the difference between bypass and vertical sleeve?

        But anyways, good luck with losing weight and staying healthy!


      • sondrajo says:

        The biggest difference is that the gastric bypass reroutes your intestine to your stomach, so it is malabsorbtive. With the sleeve, my stomach was literally reduced to 20% of its size, and the rest was disposed of. Your stomach is roughly the size of your head….mine was reduced to the size of an egg!

        One week is not really long enough, but I had a desk job and only one week of vacation. My coworkers and roommate were awesome about making sure I had rides to work and anything else. And I only lived a block from my job! Also, it was laporascopic, so I had to be really careful about my incisions, but I think it made a difference that it wasn’t a completely open surgery. Just five small 1/2-1/” incisions. 🙂 Thank you so much!


  4. FatGirlUSA says:

    WOW… 75 lbs down >>> congrats! Also, thank you for following FatGirlUSA.  I hope you find my blog content interesting and my post topics off the normal beat and path.  I describe my blog as “everything weight loss -an- everything else too.”  In return for following me… I’m now following you and look forward to reading your posts as well.  Bridgette


    • sondrajo says:

      Bridgette, I think of my blog as the same thing….a little bit of everything! Thank YOU for following SeeSondraSlim! I know we will be good friends!! Here’s to a fabulous journey!!! 🙂


  5. the chebec says:


    Good on you! You are bucking a trend. As Americans we are becoming more and more overweight and you are moving in the opposite direction. Having a plan, working that plan and staying motivated in the process are critical to losing weight and getting healthier and you are doing that! When i see women like you getting it done it makes me more determined to stay on my game. Thank you for your blog.



  6. heart, hopes, and dreams says:

    You go girl!!! Weight loss…what a battle to overcome…but it can be done!!! An optimistic attitude and a will to reach that goal will keep you going!!! Keep up the good work:) It’ll be worth all the hard work and effort that you have put into it:) Keep us posted for sure:)


  7. supermomdel says:

    Wow. I am so proud of you and appreciate how honest you are. Girl, with pictures and all:) I have started my journey last year around Thanksgiving. Most recently, I have stepped it up… my reason is like yours for my health and my wealth. I have found some of the destructive habits I have towards food are also applied to how I handle my money. I am so exciteded about the future when I am healthy and wealthy! God bless you!


  8. BodyWell Fitness says:

    Way to go Sondra! The world needs to treat obesity like the disease it is, not like a weakness. You look fabulous and you have a terrific fighting attitude. I will continue to check in on you and look to my blog ( for support and help as well. All the best and keep it up!!!


    • sondrajo says:

      I sincerely appreciate the kind words. You can bet your boots I will be keeping up with your blog, and using the awesome info to help me along the way! Thank you so much!


    • sondrajo says:

      Hi Sue! Things are coming along! Gradually increasing my speed on my running intervals, and seeing more and more changes, especiallu in my calves, as far as tone is concerned! Exciting! Thank you so much for checking! How are you?


      • BodyWell Fitness says:

        Way to go!! That is fantastic and keep up the AWESOME job!! Things are good, just had did my first exercise/support group for my patients yesterday 🙂

        Take care!!


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