Whole30 Day 5-8 


Still going strong! Haven’t been able to get on here and update very easily between work, parties, meal prep, and….oh! Sleep! 

Today wraps up Day 8, and so far, so good! I’ve done remarkably well sticking to the program, and it’s been fun to come up with new meal ideas. Currently I’m obsessed with anything I can make on my Le Creuset grill pan, and roasted tomatillo salsa (aka medium salsa at Chipotle, but better).

I have made steaks. Carnitas. Chicken. Ground sirloin. Cauliflower rice. Green beans. Sweet potato hash. Roasted sweet potatoes. Piles of arugula topped with yummy ingredients….its been satisfying, easy, fun, and kinda life-altering. 

Here’s some of it:

My energy levels are all over the place, thanks to my work schedule. But aside from that, my skin and nails look good, my eyes are clear, my allergies haven’t been out of control, and I sleep more soundly. 

Today specifically is a rough day. I slept about 4 hours, and I was cranky all day. 

I found maggots under the trash compactor in the new house and had an absolute MELT DOWN. I think it’s part of the process.

Whole30 gives you a timeline of expected feelings/behaviors to expect at every stage of the program and I haven’t been experiencing any of the negative side. Until today. Lol.

Overall, I’m happy! I resisted temptation at the going away party for my best friend Alex this weekend, and stuck to my snacks I had brought with me. Still felt good, and still had decent energy. 

Lara Bars and Chomps 100% Grass Fed meat sticks have been my lifesavers when I’m out with no place to get Whole30 approved food. 


21 days left! I got this! 

Don’t forget! If you’re Whole30 Alumni or currently doing one, please share your tips! 

More soon! 

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