Whole30…Day 1

Did you know that the whole reason I started this blog was as a means to hold myself accountable?

It worked for me, for so long! 

And then somehow, I got away from what worked for me. My life went into this tailspin of all work, no sleep, hardly eating, not eating what I should…you’ve all heard some version of this story, or maybe you’ve even lived it yourself! 

I recently saw someone I admire raving about Whole30, and looked into the book that started it all: “It Starts With Food.” 

I was so, so fascinated by the idea that our hormones are affected by the food we eat; our weight and health is affected by our hormones. Shoot, the way we feel on a daily basis is even impacted by what we eat!

So, all those days I ate a quarter of a sandwich and nothing else for 12 hours at a time, on top of not sleeping more than 2 hours in a row? Definitely part of the problem. 

So, I decided to give it a shot. Protein. Veggies. Healthy fats. Even fruit? I can DO this! 

And I’m gonna do it right here. Where people can see it. And where, if I don’t complete it, it’s a constant reminder every time I look at my site if I didn’t complete it. 

I went grocery shopping Friday and prepped my food. I carried an insulated bag and put it in the fridge at work for these five 12 hour nights, and I’ve got more in the fridge at home for when I’m not working, too. 

It’s not going to be perfect. I’m already hardcore struggling on day one…not because I’m cheating or craving anything…moreso the problem I’m having is the not eating part.

I got off work at 6:15-ish this morning, went home and passed out until 11:30 am, got up, got ready for an appointment I had at 12:30, and then got home at 3 pm. And laid in bed again. I got up at 5, went to pack some extras I bought to take to work, and headed in. 

Got to work, and there were no plates. So I had some chopped melon, and decided to wait for my first break to enjoy my chicken and veggies and maybe a clementine. 

When I take my lunch break, I’ll be scrambling an egg with some bell pepper and chicken breakfast sausage that I pre cooked (and added some turmeric to, because I’m a little trend-obsessed with turmeric right now), and I’m not gonna lie, if 3 am rolls around for my last break and I’m not hungry? I just may not eat.

This is part of my problem. And this is one of many areas where I seek a solution, and a Non-Scale Victory….also known as an “NSV,” from here on out (fellow Weight Loss Surgery peeps know the lingo). 

Other things that can happen with Whole30 in your life? 

  • Better skin 
  • More energy (although not right away…you gotta work through the hard part for that)
  • Decreased allergies
  • Decreased Asthma
  • Weight loss 

I mean, this is doesn’t even touch the ifs printable checklist you can print on the Whole30 site. They even have a page dedicated to free printables to  help guide you to success. 

It’s 30 days.

No sugar( I mean, NADA. Not sugar, not honey, not maple syrup, not sugars cousin Splenda, not sugars baby daddy Stevia….nothing). No grains. No alochol. No legumes (beans, and so forth). No nitrates, MSG, or carrageenan (google it). No dairy.

Read the rules here.


But guess what? My shopping trip was super easy, because I pretty much hit meat, and produce and skipped endless aisles of temptation. Endless choices. Endless foods that build me up and then break me down.

I only ate melon so far today. But I’m not dying for tortillas or cheese…yet. Also, I didn’t stop at Einsteins or Del Taco (aka the only acdeptable form of fast food in my world) on my way to work, either! 

It’s going to get harder before it gets easier.

But I’ll get healthier! That’s the goal! 

So, feel free to follow me on this journey. I can guarantee daily check-in posts, and as I get more acclimated, I’ll share some of my prep tricks and tips and meal ideas! 

If you’ve tried Whole30, help me out! I want to know what you love(d), what you hate(d), and what helped you make the most of it and SURVIVE. Lol. 

Don’t get me wrong-don’t mistake my overdramatization for dread. I’m actually happy. I need this challenge…and I REALLY need the benefit to be gained from it! 

I just maybe need a little help sticking through it when it feels lonely? 

More soon! 

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