Following Through.

Some of you may remember that to commemorate my 27th birthday last year, I came up with a list of 27 things to do before I turned 28.

Obviously, my 28th birthday has come and one, and I still have a LOT of the list left to complete. In the year since, however, I have re-configured my life, and now have more time off, and therefore less excuses to not get these things completed.

So, I am challenging myself to complete the remaining items on the list, and I’m adding an extra for good measure. Any local friends who are interested in helping me, please let me know!

Here is my amended list (I’m still on probationary status with the Fire Department as a new employee, so I have to be a smidge more practical than before….but I’ll eventually graduate to the ability to do some of the big things again)!:

27 Things for My 27th Year

  1. Sunrise hike at Cowles Mountain with Ashley!*
  2. Go Skydiving (I am TERRIFIED of heights)!
  3. Write cards/letters to 27 people. Near or far, I am bringing back the classic with written sentiments to express love and gratitude 
  4. Go to Stagecoach to see Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert (wear shorts and fringe tops!) OR go see Mariah Carey (aka, The Chanteuse) in Las Vegas!!! (thanks to my amazing friend Michaela, this is happening in JUNE! AHHH)!
  5. Sunset/Sunrise or Beach Yoga Class
  6. Have a date with myself: Massage, Facial, Shopping, and Dinner…just me!
  7. Take a class at The Cheese Store of San Diego
  8. Have brunch at the Hotel Del Coronado
  9. Volunteer with Urban Angels Soup Kitchen*
  10. Take a spin class
  11. Host a dinner party
  12. Gondola ride in Venice, Italy (or in Las Vegas until I actually have a long enough window to bid for vacation..we made it to Italy last year, but not to Venice!)
  13. Ride a bike (I haven’t since I broke my wrist on one in 10th grade)
  14. Visit the Museum of Tolerance (and Kelly H.) in the City of Angels!
  15. Do Stand Up Paddle Boarding again
  16. “Free Hugs” at Balboa Park
  17. Thursday Night Throwdown (Line Dance Lessons) at  Moonshine Flats/Incahoots (I WILL learn to line dance)!
  18. Write a letter to my 35 year old self
  19. Hot Chocolate 15K
  20. Picnic in a pretty park (finally use that dang picnic basket I bought in 2010).*
  21. Get the SeeSondraSlim Facebook page to 500 likes!
  22. Learn to play a song on the guitar
  23. Buy Starbucks for strangers
  24. Surprise 5 people when they least expect it (Document on FB/Blog/Instagram)
  25. Book my next International expedition
  26. Be published in a magazine/publication
  27. Bingo Night at a casino
  28. Re-enroll for my Italian conversation classes at the Italian Cultural Center in Little Italy


While I’m pretty disappointed this didn’t all get completed last year, I’m really excited to be able to look forward to all of these adventures again this year! I’ll be posting some events in my #HNS Girl Gang San Diego group page on facebook, and reaching out to others to seek their help in completing some tasks that seem like they’ll be a lot more fun with a little help from my friends!

At the end of the day, I’m more tortoise than hare…and I’m ok with that. The important thing is reaching the finish line…which I WILL do!

What are some things you’d add to your list?

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