Aviva Hair Supplement

*This product was provided to me free of charge for review from Aviva and BuluBox.com. All views and opinions are strictly my own.*


I was offered the opportunity to try this product as a BuluBox Ambassador.

Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service that offers amazing product samples (sometimes even full sized items, like workout DVD’s accessories and such!) for $10 a month. There is a box for Weight Loss, or overall Fitness. You can choose, and switch back and forth anytime. Get 50% off your subscription using the code “BULUGAN342” at checkout!

Here is how they describe their subscription: Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each month, you’ll get a custom box filled with a new mix of 4 to 5 premium samples from top brands to try. Every sample is sufficient enough to decide if the product is right for you. Of course, shipping is always free and you can cancel anytime. Share your thoughts about each product in our sample surveys and you can earn 50+ Rewards Points (that’s $5!) each month! Use your points to purchase your new favorites in full size at BuluBox.com! Here you’ll also get expert tips, tricks and a supportive community of Bulugans just like you! Join the discovery and find a healthier you!

I was really interested in Aviva’s product claim, and because it is all natural, gluten free, and fish free, I figured I don’t have much to lose if it doesn’t work super well…at least I’m not “poisoning” myself! In an effort to eat cleaner, it’s nice to know supplements are relatively “clean” as well!

Check out the ingredients:


You can check out everything Aviva offers on their official website. Also, they have a pop up when you first enter their site, and you can get 10% off your order if you sign up for their email newsletter!

You can also sign up for a free two-week trial! Click here to head over and get yours! There is a $3.95 shipping charge, but based on the results I’ve seen so far, it’s worth it.

I was given a 60 day supply of Aviva to sample, and so far I have been taking it twice a day, with food, as directed. I’m pretty excited, based on some of these Amazon.com reviews. Anyone else notice how angry some people can get on Amazon?!

I don’t have ANY issues with hair thickness, but I am hoping for more length. If my hair was as long curly as straight, I wouldn’t have to stress over getting it straightened so much, to make it more manageable,  and less poufy/frizzy!

I’ll be posting some photos at the 30 and 60 day mark, so we can all see if there’s a significant difference!

What have YOU tried for longer, healthier, stronger hair?  Is Aviva something you might try? Let me know if you do!




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