The New Keurig 2.0 K550 #HelloKeurig

This product was provided to me at no cost by Keurig and Influenster for testing purposes. All ideas and opinions expressed are solely my own, and I am NOT being paid for this post.

Now that we got THAT out of the way…


Obviously, I had to post it on my Instagram account ASAP.

Fresh outta' the box!

Fresh outta’ the box!

Then two weeks later, I actually set it up. I’m told that’s the most effective way to use it, and all. LOL.

New home on my counter!

New home on my counter!

This machine is pretty amazing. It’s got a larger water reserve, and not only does it make that one perfect cup of coffee… this one makes a CARAFE with a 4 cup capacity!

So, when you have friends over and wanna make them coffee? No more taking turns at the fancy coffee machine station on the counter.

Fire this baby up with a K Carafe pack, and boom! Steaming hot carafe of your favorite flavor, and everyone is happy!

I went on a coffee hiatus for a long while, but given the fact that I’ve been working varied 12 hour shifts between Fire and General Transport dispatch, plus a second job on the side, sometimes I need caffeine! I can still brew tea in this machine, and I can even use the touch screen display to set it so that I wake up to my beverage already hot and ready!

No waiting for the machine to prime and heat up before I can get it and go! TOO COOL!

Also, it comes with a few K-Cups and K Carafe cups for you to try when you get it! I haven’t seen the K Carafe packs in many stores yet, but I suppose it’s still early.

Want to know more? Check out the Keurig Website for more info about the design and features, and where you can buy.

I think I saw one of the models at Costco, Walt-Mart, and on QVC (for easy pay, too!).

Want an invite to join Influenster, and get awesome products to try for yourself and share with your friends and family? Email me at, or leave a comment. I’d be happy to send you one!

What are your favorite K Cup flavors?

If you’ll excuse me…I have a cup of green tea waiting for me!



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