Clean Eating Challenge, Day 1!

Today was a good day!

If you don’t count the 10 minutes I spent in the breakroom at lunch talking about all the food I CAN’T eat, it was at great day overall!

Day 1 recipes were today’s menu, and I found myself completely satisfied. As a matter of fact, I ate about half of every recipe, because I was so full – I didn’t even eat this evenings snack/dessert! Dinner was steamed kale with quinoa, chicken breast, and an orange vinaigrette with things like apple cider vinegar and olive oil. It was really good…I’m not even a big kale fan. The simple Buzz Feed steaming instructions helped a LOT.


I especially enjoy that each day has the next day prep as needed. After I whipped up my awesome dinner, I prepped my overnight oats and stuck them in the fridge and breakfast will be a cinch in the morning. Plus, today’s dinner was half of what was prepared,  and the other half is for lunch tomorrow!  Saves me time, and makes my tummy happy!

Tomorrow is Day 2, and the Day 2 Recipes look great, also! I am really excited for the dinner menu, sans mango (I’m allergic).

More soon!


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