Join me on the Buzzfeed 14 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

Let’s be real: When you hear the words “gluten free” or “low carb” in relation to eating or dieting…it’s an instant turn off! I love the Buzz Feed 14 Day Clean Eating Challenge concept,  mainly because the disclaimer that it’s both of those things didn’t fully register until AFTER I got super excited about it!

When you see the methodical, practical, and easy to follow guidelines for this challenge, it seems so EASY! The photos of food that had me salivating in all of their delicious looking glory didn’t hurt, either!

Buzz Feed has done all of the hard work for us. They’ve split the grocery list into two weeks, broken down each day into menus AND recipes with step by step instructions and photos,  and even gone so far as to provide guidelines for meals that you end up replacing with eating out!

I started my grocery shopping on Sunday, getting most of my dry ingredients, and today I got my meat and produce to start meal prep this evening and officially begin the challenge tomorrow. What I love is how flexible this challenge actually is. While you need to follow the menu day by day (leftovers are used for the next day withe most of the daily menus), you don’t have to start Sat/Sun as it does.  I tailored it to fit my payday schedule and the schedules of those doing the challenge with me!

So, today is “Day 0,”  and I followed instructions accordingly for prep.

I’ll be posting daily with the link to the corresponding day of the challenge,  so you can check out the ingredients and recipes…maybe you want to do the whole challenge, maybe you just want some new healthy ideas for meals.

We will be following some of the #tiu Tone It Up workouts while we go, with 4 scheduled work outs per week, also! Plus, walks and stairs at the beach! That new bikini I ordered from better watch out! 🙂

Wish me luck! I’m hoping not only for a few pounds lost,  but for some new energy and excitement, too!

Check out tomorrow’s lunch and snack!

What are some of your favorite resources for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle on a busy schedule?


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