Bulubox….an Exciting SeeSondraSlim Partnership!

If you know me, you know I was previously obsessed with Birchbox.com, and my monthly subscription to adorable boxes packed full of awesome samples (sometimes even full-sized) beauty products for only $10/month!

I just recently learned about bulubox.com. I am so excited to share more about this with you all, because I personally think the concept is GENIUS.


Bulubox.com sends you a similar box chock-full of premium samples geared towards Health and Fitness or Weight Loss. These samples are products you can give a shot before you drop a ton of money on the full sized thing.

How many times have you bought a $50 container of protein only to get home and realize it’s disgusting? Or those protein bars that taste like chalk and make you miss real food?

Not anymore, my friends! With 4-5 premium samples per month, and free shipping on all boxes, there is waaayyyy less risk involved! You earn points every month for being a subscriber, as well as bonus points for things like referring friends and completing your member profile. The best part is, points can be redeemed towards purchases! So, if BuluBox sends you a protein sample that blows your mind, you can go to the site, and purchase the full-sized product! You can redeem your points to help pay for it, and orders over $50 always ship for free! Each purchase even earns you more points! You can choose a month-to-month subscription and have your $10 auto-debited, or pay up front for the time you want. So, you can pay $30 up front for a 3-month subscription.

Obviously, I am excited for this. The hardest part of my weight loss journey and lifestyle transition was having to find products that were not only affordable, but bearable. I am a girl who loves having options, and BuluBox gives me that variety at a super affordable price…and it’s a bonus that I can share the love, and info about the assorted products with you, my readers!

I have partnered up with BuluBox.com and become an official BuluBox Brand Ambassador! What does this mean? It means I give you premier discount codes for BuluBoxes of your very own!

I hope you love bulubox as much as me, and that you give it a shot for all your health/wellness/fitness curiosities!

And you know I love a great deal….so how about some promo codes!?!

Save 50% off a 3 , 6 or 12 month subscription with promo code: “BULUGAN342” !!

Not ready to commit to that long or don’t wanna pay up front? (Just make sure to cancel before the next month’s shipment to avoid your card being charged).

Get your first box FREE with the same promo code: “BULUGAN342” !!

Again, if you sign up for a free one-time box, it will store your card info for a month-to-month subscription. So, you have to be sure to cancel your subscription as soon as you receive your free box! Who knows…maybe you’ll love it and keep ’em coming!

Happy BuluBox-ing! I know you’ll love it! Don’t forget to share, and let me know which products are YOUR favorites!

‘Til Next Time!


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