An Award? For Me? :)

Gooood afternoon, everyone!

I wanted to just thank my friend over at Artsy Architette for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger award.


I believe she put it flawlessly:

“These blogosphere community awards are always nice to give and receive, to know your fellow bloggers enjoy what you are putting out there.”

The Beauty Blogger Award has the following rules:

1. Link back the person who nominated you.

2. Post the award on your page.

3. Tell seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate seven bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.

As I have done number one and number two, it’s on to number three.

Seven facts about me:

1. I am (still) obsessed with the LC by Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl’s, and I am anxiously awaiting a good sale and coupon combo so I can buy the new white skinnies with floral dsigns up the sides!


2. I just cleaned out all of my closet space, as well as my entire vanity and the 2 giant drawer organizers full of beauty/hair products I own. I have a serious shopping itch, but I am trying to wait until I find out about my skin-removal surgery before I go nuts.

3. I wear a size 11 shoe, complain about how hard it is to find size 11 shoes, and yet….I own about 50 pairs of size 11 shoes. Half(if not more) of those are still in the boxes, and haven’t been worn but maybe once. Shame, shame!

4. I absolutely hate drivers who don’t use their blinker!!!! HATE them with a passion! (I second this. How am I supposed to know you want to get over in front of me within a HAIR of my bumper, if you don’t give me some sort of sign…like ya, know…your freakin’ blinker!)

5. I use my horn in my car…..a LOT. Everywhere….parking lot, freeway, intersection….I don’t discriminate!

6. I have a lot of TV shows I really enjoy watching, but don’t have cable. I rarely have time to catch up with them on my Hulu Plus either….so when I do, I’m up until 2 am catching up on Glee, Grey’s, Whitney, New Girl, etc.

7. My dream job is to own my own Event Planning business. I would love to be responsible for coordinating fabulous (not to mention, FIERCE-looking) events. Then, I’d be able to wear all those shoes!

My seven nominations:

1. Fit Girl Lifestyle

2. Muffins and Mocha

3. 2 Fat Nerds

4. My Last Fat Year

5. On the Go Fitness

6.Fat Girl to Fit Girl

7. Trying Not to Be Fat

So, that is that. Definitely check these blogs out if you get a chance. If health, fitness, or even just fun reading are up your alley, I can promise you won’t be disappointed. These bloggers are truly talented, and I always look forward to post notifications!

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back later with some rants and updates….after my dentist appointment.

Ugh. Why can’t teeth be self-cleaning, like lady parts? I dread the dentist!

This makes me feel better! 🙂

A good message for everyone!

A good message for everyone!

‘Til Next Time!


7 thoughts on “An Award? For Me? :)

    • sondrajo says:

      Aww, thank you Eddra! I’m hoping all is well on your end? And I JUST cleaned out my closet…I wish I would’ve know! But I’ll be doing it again around March or April if all goes well! I got you covered 🙂


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