A Few (More) of My Favorite Things….


With all the Big Bear prep, work, doctor’s appointments, and such….this week feels like it’s been a tad CRAZY! However, in the midst of it all, there have been some huge discoveries and awesome incidents.

1. I went to see my doctor about my knee issues (it keeps buckling on me out of nowhere, when I am just walking around!), and walked out with a referral to Physical Therapy for that, a referral for a consult with the Plastic Surgeon to get the ball rolling on my Panniculectomy and Thigh Lift ( words cannot EXPLAIN THE JOY)! I am so excited!!! However, I also walked out with a referral to the Cardio-Thoracic surgeon that I hoped he would forget about (I have a potentially abnormal cyst by my lung, possibly growing from my spine. No bueno, if so), and a lab slip to go downstairs and be stabbed with a large needle. Which leads to…

2. I am no longer anemic! My blood labs show a great iron count, which has been a struggle my ENTIRE life! While I still have Thalecemia (a form of Anemia), I am not in the “danger zone” any longer. Alternately, my vitamin B12 and D levels are low, and he is going to make me come in for shots again. Urrgh.

Anyways, enough about all the medical excitement (Say it with me: PANNICULECTOMY! AHHHHHH!!!!)!!!!!.

Moving on, some of my favorite things this week:

The Nike Training Club App

Screenshot, courtesy of itunes.com

Screenshot, courtesy of itunes.com

screenshot, courtesy of itunes.com

screenshot, courtesy of itunes.com

I’m offically obsessed. Every person I have told about this, I have to grab my phone and SHOW them, because describing it doesn’t do it justice. Tons of workouts, with step by step breakdowns. Sync your playlist or entire library to the workout. You can see the timer on your screen, your music plays along, a voice tells you when you have 30, 10 and 5 seconds remaining, and you can click on the photo of the exercise to see a video of someone doing it! WHAT??!! Pure genius. And it’s seriously a good workout. Ashley and I busted out the yoga mats at the gym and did it yesterday instead of running, because we didn’t wanna get all sweaty…and we made it through 16 minutes before doing some deep stretching instead. Lol. You can download the app for Android here and for the iPhone here. Thank me later. 🙂

The LC by Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s

So if you checked out my last post, you may have noticed my particularly fun dress! I am completely enamored with Lauren Conrad in general (if you couldn’t tell from my Pinterest page). I have been searching for the perfect pair of jeans since my thighs are huge, and my waist not so much. I went to Kohl’s and gave the LC by Lauren Conrad “Kate” pencil style skinny jeans a shot. Not only were they a size 12, but with the perfect amount of stretch and shape, they don’t give me diaper butt, and they are so comfy and stylish! That’s just the beginning! From cute dresses, bold blazers, delicate and edgy tops, and the perfect jeans…the collection is pretty much to-die-for! Some of my favorite pieces:

Photo Courtesy: Kohls.com

Photo Courtesy: Kohls.com

1217583_Black 1217585

Sally’s Peppermint Crunch Puppy Chow

Photo Courtesy: Sallysbakingaddiction.com

Photo Courtesy: Sallysbakingaddiction.com

So, I came across Sally’s recipe on Pinterest, and I decided to use it as a framework for my own “Reindeer Chow.” I followed her recipe using the rice Chex and white chocolate, but improvised with crushed white chocolate peppermint m ‘n’ m’s instead of crushed peppermints. Shook it all up in powdered sugar, and the result? DIVINITY! You can check out the recipe on Sally’s site, here.

We head out to Big Bear in the morning (hence, why I am still awake), and I am excited to take this yummy snack for everyone to try! I made a lasagna, and pasta salad too….so clearly, I am ready to get down in the snow!

That’s it for now! Just felt like sharing, and maybe introducing you to something you didn’t know about before. 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend!

‘Til Next Time!


Sunsets, and Skylines, and Sequins….Oh My!

All that glitters may not be gold, but it sure can be silver!

I am super excited to share the photos from my company Christmas Party last night! I feel like it was one of those defining post-weight loss occasions. Shimmery sheath dress(anyone with some curves knows what a challenge a sheath dress can be, holy cannoli!), heels, an amazing date, and I wasn’t self conscious the entire night. Blissful! We boarded the Hornblower Adventurer dinner cruise ship, and between the mai tais, buffet, and spanish guitar, it was quite a night! The best part? We boarded right as the sun was setting, and the colors were PHENOMENAL!!!! I’m telling you…there is just nothing like California Sunsets in the winter! NOTHING! Plus, as you’re boarding, they are handing out glasses of champagne! It felt simply divine, dahhhhhhhling!


City Skylines and Sequins. Best night EVER!

City Skylines and Sequins. Best night EVER!

Doesn't show as much leg...but that skyline again! My goodness!

Doesn’t show as much leg…but that skyline again! My goodness!



Overall, it was an amazing evening with some amazing friends/coworkers! So excited that we all got the opportunity to ditch the scrubs, dress up, and have a ball! I think I was totally designed with yacht parties in mind. Lol.

Moving on, I believe this next installment of the Thirty Day (which should now be called the Sixty Day) Challenge are long overdue!

Here we are….almost 18 months post-VSG!





I am going to see my doctor tomorrow because my knees are really suffering from the running and working out. Part of it has to do with the extra skin on my thighs, and the force it’s exerting during intense exercise, and in order to get excess skin removal surgery and a thigh lift, I need to be 18 months post-op. I am going to see if he will submit my consult referral to plastics now, so that I can get the ball rolling and plan  that adventure for next year! I am so happy with how far I come, but I know that I will see more results and suffer a little less in the pain department if I can get rid of some of this extra stuff weighing me down!

It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago, I was 315 lbs. I couldn’t run a mile if you paid me, and I was afraid of taking a Yoga class because I didn’t want to be embarassed. Now? I have ran a 5K, have plans to do another in February. I will be doing the San Diego Half Marathon in March, and I want to be able to do the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco next fall (hello? Hot men and Tiffany’s necklace at the finish line? SIGN ME UP)!

I have always been my worst enemy. Step by step, I am learning to be my biggest fan…and it makes all the difference in each and every day that I wake up and decide that I am worth the hard work. I decide to be worth the sore muscles, the sweaty face, and the aching knees. I am worth the organic groceries, and the chia seeds! Lol.

I guess I just want everyone to feel that way: Feel like you are worth the hard work, and dedication and extra time that it takes to reach your goals! Whether they are fitness related or now…take the time to pursue what you are passionate about, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!



I’m done ranting (for today), but I shall leave you with my favorite thing of this very moment:

July 2010 to now...NEVER GOING BACK!

July 2010 to now…NEVER GOING BACK!

I will never forget where I came from…it keeps me on the road to where I’m going!

I hope you all have an AMAZING week, and I can’t wait to post again soon!

‘Til Next Time!