Never Surrender. (Ever).

I am consistently faced with the fact that there are just NOT enough hours in the day.

I am always working, and when I am not, I am still trying to work out the kinks in balancing my social life and relationship.

I am tired. I feel like I am not working hard enough to lose these last 24 lbs before the end of the summer….and quite frankly…I am tired of all my excuses, and knowing that when all is said and done, there are NO excuses.

I’ve decided to see a therapist for assistance with stress management and just to kinda make me feel like I’m not losing my mind. I am going back to Dr. Steres, who did my Psych clearance for surgery last year, and I am very excited for her to see how far I have come, and to take her up on her offer to work with me post-op.

It feels like no matter how much weight I lose, I always feel like the old me. Family and friends see me, and don’t recognize me. I see the same face, and feel like the same person….with a little more respect for myself. Sometimes, I think my brain needs to re-adjust to my new life a little bit…and Dr. Steres will help me with that, so I have high hopes. 🙂

I am very fortunate to have a new gym-buddy for Wed-Fri at work. We both head to 24, and get it started! She’s even got me on those crazy ab machines (but, for the record, now I KNOW there is a 4-pack waiting to happen. I can feel it). I can’t wait for lunchtime tomorrow, because it means it’s time for the workout!

Sean and I went to the outlets over the weekend and I got some new workout gear, since all of my former ones kept having to be pulled up while I was running. Oh, didn’t you hear? I RUN NOW! WOOO! As a matter of fact, my friend Jackie wrote me today, and it looks like we will be participating in a mud run in October. She doesn’t know it, but her timing is impeccable; I have been trying to find an event to train for, to keep me motivated as I do this running at the gym!

My gym bag is packed, and ready to go for tomorrow, and I am just as ready myself.

I’m already anticipating!!!

I will not give up. I have high hopes for getting my skin-removal surgery once I hit the 18-month post-op mark on Christmas Eve this year. I know that it is attainable, and I know that although they do not require me to lose the full 130 lbs to get it, that it’s something I need to do for ME. It’s the goal I set for myself in the beginning, and I plan to see it through.

24.4 more lbs. That’s where it all ends, and starts at the same time.

It’s been 13 months tomorrow, and I look back at old photos of myself in awe. I am constantly receiving emails, comments, and motivation from people close to me, and people halfway around the world!

I am just one girl, on a mission to do the one thing she always wanted to. In the process, I’ve been blessed with the will, opportunities, and support to do go beyond and accomplish some other major feats along the way.

Sure did!

So, as a reminder to myself that I can do what I legitimately and completely put my mind to, I have decided to compile a list of things (not all weight-related) that I hope to acheive before Christmas Eve:

1. Do a thirty minute run…..and I mean JUST running, no intervals with walking in between.

2. As soon as I hit that 25 lb mark, I am booking my dream weekend getaway to Catalina Island. And I am doing the zipline (because I am skinny enough to, dang it!)

3. Complete a Running event

4. Get into size 10 jeans (I’m in a loose 14, because the 12’s are still too snug on my thighs. Alas, after 12 minutes of wearing my jeans, I have diaper butt. Sexy!).

I am not going all willy-nilly with the list, but it’s important to have something to reach for! I have recently starting a new savings plan financially for a big event in the distant future, and I want to make sure that my goals and plans don’t strain me financially. So we will see what happens.

Anyways, just wanted to post really quickly to let the world know I’m still alive, and still fighting…no matter what!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!

‘Til Next Time,


How Lucky Can One Girl Be?

The answer that to question is really not one I have. The fact of the matter is, the moment I think it can’t get any better….it does.

I am a girl who comes from a sink or swim mentality. For as long as I can remember, I’ve just had to work with what has been handed to me. I had to learn what was attainable, and in the recent years, I have had to learn that my self-imposed limits would ruin me if I let them.

I’ve fought for love I didn’t need, and gave away love that wasn’t wanted. Yet, here I am, at the end of a Sunday spent with my boyfriend, marvelling at the fact that I have been blessed to have someone who is my absolute hero.

Years ago, my dad was my hero. My idol, even. Whatever he said, I believed. Whatever he did, I loved. Whatever he thought was all that mattered. Then, as time went on….all he did was tell me that I was fat, ask me why I couldn’t get anything right, and look at me with disdain. I’ve gone through life having made the decision that I will do and say as I please, and never let anyone, especially any man, make me feel so inferior, and so undeserving. To this day, he will borrow my money, inconvenience me at his leisure, and then leave me a voicemail cursing at me, and asking “Why can’t you do anything RIGHT?!?!”

For fear that a man might make me feel this way again, I pretty much walked out of my house everyday with a suit of armor on. No. I don’t love you. No. I can’t be your girlfriend; I don’t believe in titles. The list of objections and defenses simply goes on unnecessarily.

There were a couple guys who changed my mind for a passing moment. But really, when all was said and done, I think it came down to getting past the armor, versus actually giving me a reason to let it go altogether. Nevermind the ones I loved who didn’t feel the same way.

I know one thing to be true: God will keep something from you if it is untimely. I might not always like or appreciate it, but I certainly understand it.

Now, here I am spending the evening in my bed after a hot bath and finishing my latest Jennifer Weiner novel, completely content after a blissful weekend with my amazing boyfriend. We went grocery shopping yesterday for the ingredients for Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps from, had lunch at Philly Frank’s (aka the BEST cheesesteak in Cali!), and spend the evening in with a couple of RedBox romantic comedies (if that doesn’t say it all. He actually let me pick What’s Your Number? and This Means War. What a champ!). We stayed up talking, and then woke up early this morning to cinnamon rolls. We headed out to Bates Nut Farm, and went to Valley View Casino for a free lobster buffet ( thank GOD it was free! It’s usually $32.99, and I ate about 4 oz of food…and none of it was lobster. Oh heck no!). On the way home, we stopped at Smoothie King, and drove into the San Elijo Hills and looked at six gorgeous model homes that we couldn’t afford even if we were actually ready to move in together.

And it was phenomenal.

It’s a precious thing, when you think about it. Finding someone who will fight with you, and for you through life. Someone who goes from planning things day to day with you, to planning the coming years, and talking about looking at houses or fighting about wedding colors and having a blast planning your reception playlist….who would have thought that a girl who kept keeping guys at a distance would be the girl who gets teary-eyed when her boyfriend leaves after such a fun-filled weekend.

But I am. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Just last weekend, I showed up for our weekend, and he had a card waiting for me to congratulate me on my new position at work, and finally getting under 200 lbs. He went to his closet, and pulled out a bag containing the shoes he got for his dad as a birthday gift, but in fact, upon opening it to approve the purchase, I learned they were brand new, brightly colored, exceptionally engineered Nike running shoes just for ME.


Socks, gym bag, and everything! Holy canoli!!


All this, to tell me he was proud of me just for what I had accomplished for myself. And to top it off, he claimed that our weekend full of fun was going to be dedicated to celebrating all that I had acheived. He even wrote words like “Dedicated!” and “Motivation” all over the envelope (soulmate, much?)!

And I knew that I was truly, madly, deeply in love. Because not only does he make me want to be a better person, but he makes me believe that better will always be within reach.