30 Day Challenge 10, and Reflections of a Former Fat Girl.


I am so not a fan of Mondays! They tend to be the most stressful work day (with the exception of this past Friday, but more on that later). They also tend to be the hardest day to get up and get going. Alas, here I am, blogging at 7 am, after waking up at five and busting out a personal record 2.25 miles in 34 minutes at the gym! CRAZY!

I skipped the Challenge post last month, because I was a little put off by my weight loss stall, but with some hard work and re-dedication, I finally broke the 200 lb mark. I am officially under 200 lbs, and a member of the One-derland club I heard so much about when I first started researching weight loss surgery.

Truth is, June 24th will be my one year surgiversary, and I still can’t believe that I have lost more than 100 lbs. It’s surreal. It’s what I used to dream about back in those days when I was taking phentermine, running at 5 am and 300+ lbs…..what I dreamed of sitting in those Weight Watchers meetings, angry at all of the skinny women groaning about all the cakes and cookies in their office….and here I am.

I am under 200 lbs, running at a steady stride, and living the life I always saw in my mind. There are still some things left to be desired, and I am working on those. It seems that no matter how far I come in my personal life, I am still struggling to achieve my professional goals. Friday, I was really disappointed by a combination of the factors contributing to that. I had an emotional breakdown, and found myself crying my eyes out the whole night. Thank goodness for my boyfriend, who panics slightly when I get like that, and reminds me that I am a SURVIVOR. I always have been, and I shall continue to be.

I beat the thing that held me back all of my life, and I am going to let my career goals beat me? Definitely NOT. It’s in God’s hands, and I will do as he leads me to. Like I always have…and I am pretty positive that I will come out of the situation stronger, as usual.

Not to mention, I spent the weekend in San Bernardino to make sure I was with my uncle on Father’s Day, and he told me that he was hard on me when I was living with them because he was trying to bring out all of the potential he saw in me. He told me that I am the survivor of my generation in our family…and if you knew my uncle, you’d know compliments from him are only given to those who are truly deserving! YESSSS!

Also, I got to see my Dollface, Mia Renee. This picture pretty much makes my day:

Clearly she has some Asian heritage that none of us knew about. Lol.

Moving on! Forgive the quality of these photos, but my camera is acting ridiculous, and if I waited for someone else to take them….you may never see them! Also, please forgive my ghetto hair clip….I have to run the flat iron over my head after I post this! Haha.

Here they are…..30 Day Challenge 10!!

If you look really closely, you can see the beginning of abs…beneath the pudge. Lol.

The fact that I have a gap between my legs still baffles me! AHHH!

So, that is THAT!

I must admit, I am pretty proud!

As this year of transformation has taken place, I have become really aware of my emotions, and the transition they have made since my former fat days. I am still considered plus-sized, but the fact that I was categorized that way never bothered me so much. I guess what I was fighting the whole time was how I felt about myself, and the way that made me act. I was defensive, and I was easily offended. I no longer really care what others think. People will still make rude remarks, or even still see me as a fat girl. And you know, that’s fine. Because they don’t know how far I’ve come….and they have nothing to do with how far I plan to go from this point forward. I wake up, look at myself, and feel gorgeous. And I won’t let that feeling leave!

Yesterday’s “I feel pretty!” moment.

To all those who stuck by me at my worst, and help me celebrate on my way to being the best I can be: THANK YOU.

Encouragement is something that you can never truly measure. And the overwhelming amount I have received on this journey has touched me more than you know. It’s what motivates me to get out of bed at 5 am when the alarm goes off. It’s what tells me to keep running when my legs feel like giving out. It’s what makes me choose the chicken breast over the potato chips.

And I will be forever grateful. I won’t let you, or myself down!

Now…..let’s get out there and have a Magnificent Monday!!! WOOOOOO!!!

‘Til Next Time,


Sondra Jo

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge 10, and Reflections of a Former Fat Girl.

  1. Sooz says:

    YOU! I don’t know what to say except for that. YOU! You just made me grin from ear to ear

    And cross the “Yesterday’s ‘I feel pretty’ moment” and make it: PRETTY. Cuz its not just FEEL, you ARE gorgeous. And not just yesterday! That SMILE!


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