Mini Margherita Madness!!!

So, most people embarking on a journey to higher and healthier living would typically avoid something like pizza.

I have been struggling the past couple of months to finally ditch the 200 pound zone, and as of Saturday, I am officially 196.6 lbs!!!

With that being said, the true challenge now is to keep losing until I hit that miraculous 175 lb mark, and simultaneously keep myself from being utterly bored by healthy eating in the process. I have been doing a protein smoothie in the morning, a light lunch, and a sensible dinner. On nights that I hit the gym, I usually just have one of my ready-made protein shakes from Costco, so it can help my muscles recover and such.  Tonight? I decided to make one of my favorites! Margherita Pizza!

Not only is this recipe SUPER simple, but with the fact that I usually cook for myself only, I have been able to concoct a quicker, easier, more convenient, and MINI version of it.

Ready-made whole wheat pizza dough, all-natural pizza sauce in a jar, good-quality mozzerella (I’m 1/2 Italian….Kraft is NOT), and fresh tomatoes and basil make this meal a cinch…and you can make one big pizza, a couple little ones…whatever your (healthy) heart desires!

What you need: (today, I picked up all the fixins at Fresh and Easy for less than 10 bucks!):

Ready Made Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Mozzerella, packed in water (I prefer ciliegine, which is a bit bigger of a ball than pearlini mozzerella, but again, you can easily use shredded as well). Typically, I like to just kinda pat the mozzerella dry and absorb some of the excess moisture, as sometimes it will tend to pool on top of your pizza if you don’t.

Fresh basil

Fresh tomatoes

A Jar of pizza sauce

What you need to do:

Shape your crust to desired size, and place it on a lightly oiled pan

Spread tomato sauce on crust

Place cheese on sauce

Add basil

Add tomatoes

Bake at 450 degrees for about 12-15 minutes (usually, you can refer to the directions on your pizza dough), and dig in!!

Molto bene, no?

What’s awesome is that you can easily alternate other healthy ingredients. Diced veggies, lean meats….eating healthy doesn’t have to be a punishment!

For example: Fresh and Easy pizza sauce is not only super yummy and fast, but it literally is just basic ingredients, with no crazy crap added. 1/2 a cup is sixty calories, and for my little pizza, I only used a tablespoon!! Peep the label:

Nothing but what I would have used if I took the time to make my own sauce at home. Sometimes, it’s just nice to know what the heck you are eating. You’d be surprised how much better you feel when you trade soda for breakfast protein smoothies (that don’t taste like crap….more on that in another post), and McDonald’s McChickens for homemade, fresh and healthy eating.

Just wanted to share. This meal was just as fun as it was fast! What more could a 196.6 lb girl ask for?

Now, I am going to eat that gorgeous pizza, and hit the gym for Zumba tonight!

‘Til Next Time!


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