GUEST POST: “The Link Between Cancer and Nutrition”

After participating in Relay for Life this year with the American Cancer Society, the fight to raise awareness and promote prevention for cancer has become very important to me. Jillian, who wrote the following article, reached out to me and asked me to share with my readers. I am honored to be considered a writer who can help effectively spread the knowledge!

Read on, and feel free to comment. Contact me if you’re interested in contacting Jillian, as well!


Cancer And Nutrition Information

By: Jillian McKee

Eating healthy is one of the best things anyone can do, especially those who are dealing with or have been impacted by cancer.  Anyone who is in remission or has been recently diagnosed should know that the body can benefit from the life giving nutrients that healthy foods provide.  

Research is just beginning to uncover the medicinal benefits that many fruits and vegetables provide, and it may be a long time before we are able to break through and develop natural cures for cancer.  In the meantime, it simply makes sense to give our bodies what is good and wholesome.  Our bodies thrive off of the nutrients that are found in most healthy foods, and the more we eat, the more of these nutrients we absorb.

When our bodies feel well, our minds are generally happy as well.  Plus, eating healthy is easier on the body when it comes to digesting and processing our intake.  This can help the body devote more time and energy to fighting the cancer and building immunity as opposed to digesting fats and complex carbohydrates.  

There are limitless resources available for anyone who wants to learn more about how nutrition impacts health and well being. The value and the simplicity of making dietary adjustments cannot be stressed enough, especially for cancer patients. So, even if it is hard to think about this kind of a lifestyle adjustment, doing so can have major benefits to your overall health.

Nutrition for mesothelioma or other forms of cancer is just beginning to become more integrated into treatment strategies. Unfortunately, not every oncologist puts enough emphasis on this safe and natural way to compliment other methods. That being said, developing a nutrition packed dietary strategy can only serve to help cancer patients, while offsetting some of the side effects during treatment.  

Becoming educated and informed about the spectrum of benefits that eating nutritious foods has on the body is one of the best things that any cancer patient can do. Our bodies need a steady supply of nutrients in order to be as strong as possible when it comes to fighting off an illness and maintaining health.


If cancer is a part of your life, learn how healthy foods are one of the best things that can be given to the body. Some of the world’s best medicine is found in natural foods, and the more we eat, the more nourished our bodies will be.


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