Things That Make Me Happy. :)

I had some time to figure out Pinterest recently, and I just keep coming across things I love. And you know, sometimes I just feel like sharing. 🙂

Colorful Running Shoes (I am LUSTING AFTER these two particular pairs, and taking donations so that owning them can be a possibility. Thanks!)

Nike and Tiffany & Co. came together and made GORGEOUS babies.


Must, OWN.

Vintage- looking photos:

Dita Von Teese. Amazing!

Classic, yet contemporary!

Wearing bright colors and miniskirts and not caring what people think about it:

I took a classic outfit concept and put my own spin on it. Tribal skirt, skinny belt….killer!!!

Red Lipstick:

BareMinerals Lip Color in Strength.

Getting ready at my vanity in the morning:

Pho dates with my boyfriend:

Having a boyfriend who cooks!!!

He battered, breaded, and fried enough chicken for everyone for the fight. He’s pretty much amazing.

Waking up and realizing how skinny you look in your Josie Natori undergarments:

One-piece retro swimsuits! I die!

Royal Blue. So chic!

Positive Motivation:

Shabby Chic Bedrooms:

Celebrating all kinds of body types:

Annnnnnd….sharing all of my favoite things with my readers.

I am going to bed now. Just felt like sharing. Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I leave for D.C. in 11 days! I am sooooo very excited….and so trying to clean my room and get everything in order before then! Pray for me. Lol.

‘Til Next Time!


11 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy. :)

  1. doesmybumlookbiginthis says:

    Ok 1) I LOVE the 1st pair of trainers, gorgeous.
    2) Having a boyfriend that cooks is a must so well done for finding him.
    3) Retro swimsuits are waaay better than bikinis in my mind and
    4) You’re so slim! Congratulations on your weight loss so far, you’re beautiful and i am jealous of your organised make-up thingy 🙂 xx


    • sondrajo says:

      Why, thank you!!
      1: I want those trainers SO bad.
      2:My boyfriend blows my mind on a daily basis (and my diet, when he fries chicken. Lol.)
      3: RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!
      4: Thank you very much! I appreciate it! And I got that at Marshall’s, for like $6. Theres a ton on Amazon, too! 🙂


  2. EricaM says:

    HI there! I just recently came across your blog and saw your Boudoir pictures….they are GORGEOUS by the way!!! I was wondering where you got the slip/dress you were wearing in them? I love it!


    • sondrajo says:

      Hi Erica! I got that slip at Torrid, in a size 0. BUT, I was recently at Target and they have one that is identical, and about half the price….in size XS to XXL! 🙂


  3. Lela says:

    You definitely shouldn’t care what others think–you’re absolutely beautiful! And I love your outfit. I like bright colors, but don’t wear them too often.

    continued success!


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