Tuesday Tidbits!

So, I find myself with some time, and before I hit the farmers market, I thought I’d share some things I learned through all the research I’ve been doing on running and nutrition as of late. A LOT of my information is from the awesome site I shared with you last week, Greatist.com.

Simple Swaps:


  • Planks instead of crunches. Planks work your whole core. Say it with me: “Abs before summer!”
  • Warming up, rather than going right to the workout. I am horrible when it comes to this! I just hop on, and get started. But no. Doing an active warmup will loosen your limbs, and your body benefits more from the workout, overall.
  • Foam roller for static stretching. Now, this…I haven’t tried yet. But I did watch Alex use one in the living room, and judging from the grunts? I think she liked it. I think….lol.


  • Whole fruit for fruit juice. I loves me some Simply Orange…but it’s super expensive, and not quite as fresh and we like to think. Eating the actual orange gives you all of it’s healthy perks: fiber, vitamins, etc.
  • Red wine or beer for a margarita. Margarita=SUGAR city! But they’re so pretty and yummy…..ahh!
  • Local produce for supermarket veggies. According to the USDA, locally seasonal fruits may be more nutritous!
  • Doggy bag for over-eating. Ask for half of your meal to go before it even comes to the table. Less temptation, and if you’re like me, you won’t mindlessly eat while you talk, even AFTER you’re full.
  • Raw nuts for nut butter. Nut butters sneak in extra fat and sugar, while raw nuts are loaded with antioxidants!


  • Journaling for emotional eating. I have to keep a book on my nightstand, because a million thoughts run through my head at night and then all I want is a frozen strawberry fruit bar. I call it my gratitude book. I write down something I am grateful for at least once a day…which brings us to….
  • Gratitude for complaining. When I concentrate on every amazing thing in my life, it helps me decompress when it comes to the stressful and more irritating ones. I encounter ridiculous people and situations, and I just “Woo-Sah!,” and remind myself that I am 100 lbs lighter and will be in Sports Illustrated. Easy money.
  • Moderation for deprivation. EAT THE CAKE! You know, the really small piece.

Check out more swaps that can change your habits for the better here.

Also, I went all crazy and decided running is my calling, and then wouldn’t you know? Greatist posted a brand new infographic: The Ultimate Runner’s Guide.

Soooo much amazing information! From what you should wear, to what body types are typically suited to what type of running…there is something new to learn for even the more advanced runners here. I was psyched to find it, and I am even more psyched to put it to work tonight!

Now? I am off to Sprout’s to pick up some more fresh fruit for my protein smoothies I have been making.

Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, a kiwi, and some pineapple! I added a scoop of protein before blending in my magic bullet.

And YUM!!!!

Maybe I’ll even make it to the farmer’s market in Escondido tonight! Local is better, after all!

“Til Next Time!


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