30 Day Challenge Part SEVEN!

Well, it’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?

Truth be told, I have been so wrapped up in my regular life, I haven’t been motivated to come home, sit down, and get to blogging work!

But, I promise not to keep falling off the face of the earth. Honestly, this blog is the one thing that has kept me sane and ridiculously optimistic through all of the crazy changes since surgery. It really is imperative that I take that small chunk of time for myself to share my story. So, I apologize for the delay, if you were waiting. And I am back!

Wouldn’t you know? It’s 30 Day Challenge Time (it was, like 2 weeks ago!).

And heeeeeere we go! (I apologize in advance for looking like an utter ragamuffin. But I worked all day AND came home and made cornbread muffins and chili. Cut a girl some slack!).

Front View!

Side View!

Bonus points to me for having super stick-out collarbones, no?

In other news, my birthday went off without a hitch! Wore a tiara at work, Sean took me to lunch and spoiled me with presents…went out that weekend with my friends and got a table in the V.I.P. section and we had a blast.

The Ladies! 🙂

This next one is blurry…but it’s the only photo I have that shows my dress. An all-sequin Jessica Simpson dress that I’ve only been able to wear twice. It was already too big at this point, but I didn’t care. All hail the sequins! Lol.

BFF's since sixth grade!

The weekend after that, Sean took me on a surprise weekend getaway, and managed to keep the whole itinerary a secret. We ended up at one of the swankiest hotels ever, and went to Universal Studios; the one theme park I never made it to!

The view from the terrace in our swanky lanai room! 🙂

One of the best surprises...EVER!

Best boyfriend...EVER.

THEN! St. Patty’s Day weekend, a great friend came to visit, and Alex, Josh and I took her to The Shout House in the gaslamp. It’s a deuling piano bar, and it is a BLAST! Alex and Josh requested an inappropriate song and a birthday shout-out to me, which resulted in me being called on-stage once again, but this time, instead of getting to sing, I was summoned to sit on top of the piano and be serenaded….during the song, a waiter came out with a dildo in a gift box. Don’t ask….just know that I was mortified. Yet, I couldn’t stop laughing….

I'm light enough to be lifted onto a piano, now! YESS!

May I just point out that my outfit that night made me super happy? I got my nude/blush trench for 50% off at Forever 21. That’s what happens when you get down to a size Large, apparently. I’m not complaining! Although, for some reason, it seems like the plus-sized lines all got significantly cuter once I could no longer fit into them! Conspiracy? Possibly!

Too freakin' cute! Target skinnies, Report wedges, Forever 21 top and trench, and necklace and all my accessories were Forever 21, too!

Overall, it’s been a good month so far! Health-wise, I am doing well. Had my physical and my Vitamin B-12 and D levels were low, so now I have to get a series of Vitamin B-12 injections, and I have to take 50,000 units of Vitamin D twice a week. This has prompted me to look into options outside of just my daily multi-vitamin and calcium+D supplements I have been taking regularly since surgery. It’s made me re-think my nutrition in general. I am in utter LOVE with a site called Greatist.com, and I receive the daily email newsletter that has tons of motivation and information. My current fave:

The Complete Guide to Workout Nutrition

Check it, and the whole site, out! It never hurts to have information at your disposal. Who knows what you may learn? It could be just the thing you need to get back on track….or to just get started!

I think I am done here! I still have two weekdays to get through, and then a movie date with my love this weekend!

Not to mention, Alex and I are going to see Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker in concert Saturday night. SO. STOKED. I love them both. Thompson Square will be opening…but I don’t really care about them.

And so, I shall leave you with my favorite on-the-way-to-work song!


Love you all! Make the rest of the week count!

‘Til Next Time!


8 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Part SEVEN!

    • Felicia Everet says:

      Hi Sondra, I am soooo proud of you. Thank you for sharing all that you do and wanting this world to be a better place for everyone. You are the Bold Bomb Shell that I aspire to be… Though I’m older in age, you seem wise beyond your years. I am in my process and loving it. I can aready see changes in my body and it hasn’t been a month yet. I have found a gym near me and can’t wait to be released to work out. Right now I am walking and building my endurence for this month. I want to be fully healed so there is no set backs. Looking forward to Easter Sunday next week. If you want to stay local, please, you and your boyfriend join me at my church, that would mean the world to me… I guarentee you won’t be disappointed…Stay blessed and looking beautiful. Love Felicia


      • sondrajo says:

        Felicia, i know you will be so successful! i am going to attend service at my home church in san bernardino this sunday, but thank you so much for the invite! i cant make it up there as often, so id love to come to your church too, sometime!


  1. Jayne says:

    Hey Sondra, Your Aunt Jayne in FL. I am very impressed with the dedication & work you have thrown yourself into! You look terrific, altho I have no other pic of you looking bad! Talk to your cousin Jamie about your nutrition, That is her specialty. Anyhoo, this is the first time I have checked this site, but, you can be sure I will be checking again! Keep on being FABULOUS! & if you find yourself in FL…


    • sondrajo says:

      Thank you so much, Aunt Jayne! You can bet I will make my way to FL eventually. I have a trip to Disneyworld that MUST take place soon here. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and encouragement….it means the world to me, truly! I will definitely ask Jamie! I need to use my family resources! ❤


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