Out of Sight….Out of Mouth.

Courtesy of tumblr.com/healthyisclassy


Needless to say, this made my day!

Ahhh. The weekdays are over, and the weekend is almost upon us.

I have realized that having a desk job has been a major problem when it comes to my weight loss struggles. At Corky’s, there was always someone bringing in bagels, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

At my new job, my coworker and I are constantly moving and shaking, and next thing you know, it’s almost the end of those 12 hour work days, and all we want is some kettle-cooked potato chips. So she goes next door, and we get some. There are always cookies, candy, or something like that nearby. Patients bring us baked goods and little bags of treats….it’s insanity! And don’t get me started on those dang Girl Scouts and their demon cookies!! AHHH!

Left to my own devices, there’d just be my bottled water, protein shakes, Rockstar Hydration+Energy, and the occasional tall iced soy caramel macchiato.

But yet, here we are. And it’s time for a change! If I take the steps to keep myself from having these things in my grasp, and then imagine! I could be losing even faster! And, you know, after all this hard work….I don’t want to say that I eat a little bit of crap just because a little bit is all I have room for. It seems like a cop-out. My surgery was a tool to assist me, not an excuse to eat whatever I’d like.

And so, there it is: Out of sight, out of mouth.

I think I need to go back to my Mary Poppins ways and carry a surplus of healthier items in my purse. Also, I will leave my wallet in the car, so that I will not have easy acccess to my cash, therefore, I can’t readily go to the store (we are FAR too busy for all of that!). I really am trying to recognize certain detrimental behaviors, and correct them.So far, I have been doing pretty well.

I have attended Zumba 3 times this week (it would have been 4, had I not forgotten my gym bag at home last night! DOH!), and I feel the burn every single morning. Each night, it’s like the instructor is more intense than the last! But it’s so much fun, I never even realize that an hour has passed, and my shirts are soaked through! It’s a powerful feeling, and it’s really getting me through the hard times I have been having with lack of rest and lack of patience! Lol.

This year is already zooming by! I have printed all of the 24 hr fitness schedules through March and marked my calendar (because it is VERY hard for me to look at it, and NOT go!), my birthday is in 26 days, I am three lbs away from having lost 100 lbs total…..I’ve already been to the Emergency Room, filed my taxes, planned how to use my return, worked out religiously, entered a few contests, seen my blog make records, imported my old blog entries from blogspot to this blog….it’s shenanigans! And there is still so much to be done!

Hopefully all of you have a fabulous Friday, and a weekend that makes you feel wonderful! Next week will bring the next installment of the 30 Day Challenge, and I must say, I am realllllly excited to see if Zumba will bring some improvement to those photos!

‘Til Next Time!