I’m Not Dead….

I know it’s been awhile (life has been CRAZY!), but I am still here, and didn’t forget I am a blogger, I promise!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I am surprised that I really view it as a pretty mellow event this year. I kept trying to make plans, but in between all the chaos of regular life, I just haven’t really gotten there yet. Let’s see…..what’s new?

I got a personal trainer. His name is Ramon, and I have had 3 sessions at 24 Hr Fitness with him so far. He was kind of acting (pardon the non-politically correct phrase) like Hitler today, which I didn’t really appreciate, seeing as it was a 7 am session on a day when I had to pull a 10 hour shift at work after. Can a girl get some love for even making it to the gym that early? And by the way? HE was late for our session, and forgot one of our sessions last week. So he needs to calm down, and stop yelling at me about “Stop being so nice and get MAD!”

Who does that? ūüôā

I submitted my home tape for The Revolution on ABC. Gotta be honest, I was really happy with the finished product, given that we didn’t have time to do a lot with it, what with work and everything. The casting director has reached out to me a few times, and I received an email saying I’m one of the top ones they’re interested¬†in. However, when I talked to the¬†casting director, she basically asked me to re-do my tape and highlight some of the more tragic parts of my life.¬†Truly and sincerely? The whole reason I even applied and did my tape the way I did is because I don’t focus on the negative things in life. Life hasn’t always been good to me, or easy for me….but I am here. And not only am I here….but I am succeeding! I am happy. I am proud of who¬†I am and what I have accomplished. While¬†I understand that networks have to worry about ratings, I don’t think I’ll be letting them use all of my struggles I have¬†come so far in overcoming and essentially forgetting, to get them. I don’t need them, but I certainly thought it would be a great help, and an amazing experience!

I got hair extensions.¬†The fabuloous Miss Candace pulled it off yet again, and I have the fiercest head of hair I’ve seen in awhile. Peep¬†this!

Long hair don't care!

Apparently, I don’t look like myself at first glance. But hey, it’s a hit!

I got home tonight, and Alex, once again, made one of my dreams come true! I have been wanting a vanity with a mirror for my room since we moved in, but I put it on the back burner. I walked into the house tonight to find the house decorated, Josh and Alex standing up and yelling “SURPRISE!”, and this gorgeous vanity was sitting there:

Yup. TRI-FOLD mirror. YESSSS!

It’s perfect for the whole vintage-romance theme I eventually plan for my room to convey. That girl always knows just the thing to do to leave me speechless!

Sean is coming to my job to get a massage tomorrow (yes, I AM a good girlfriend, after all), and he keeps hinting to the fact that there’s a box in the back of his car and he doesn’t know who it could possibly be for! OOOOOH! Me! Me! Pick me! Lol. But honestly, I am just glad that he is coming out to have lunch with me beforehand, and super excited for next weekend, when he is taking me out of town on some super top-secret weekend adventure. No¬†guy has ever put together something like that for me before, and I am just so grateful…and mildly astonished.

What I’ve learned lately, is that good things come to those who wait. I’ve been working so hard for so long, trying to build a stable and rewarding life for myself. It seems like for the past year, I’ve been able to do most everything I have put my mind to. I have been blessed to be surrounded with supportive and amazing people, and that makes me so happy. Life has seemed non-stop, but I am making so many things happen, and it’s only March! There are still 10 months in the year, and I have a plan, and I have confidence that the plan will be executed flawlessly!

At the end of the day, what more can a girl ask for?

Well, besides six pack abs, a cure for stretch marks, and a self-replenishing closet, that is!

30 Day Challenge post will be up next week, and I will try to blog some awesome recipe ideas I have been meaning to share at some point this weekend!

Happy hump-day, and make the rest of the week count!

‘Til Next Time!




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