Barbies and Audition Tapes! :)

This photo made my day. I’m big on finding images on the web to share with people, just because that little bit of extra inspiration or comedy has helped me…and I’m thinking maybe sharing the wealth is a nice way to start my days!

Guess who submitted her video audition to ABC’s The Revolution???

Yup. That’d be me! I am very excited to say that my audition tape has been submitted to Amy in casting, and that I am hoping to be chosen for an oppotunity to be on the show!

As promised, the links for the videos are yours. They are on my YouTube channel, but unlisted, so you can only view them via these links. Warning: there are some real tear-jerking moments! Oh my goodness!

Audition Tape Part 1

Audition Tape Part 2

Please excuse the fact that I look semi-haggard. The lighting was not ideal, and black scrubs don’t really showcase my amazingness all that well. Lol. 😉

That’s all for now! I need to go to sleep! I have a $200 paid mock jury research study at 8 am, and then a fancy dinner date with LoverBoy to celebrate his birthday. I am SO excited…and that is so not me. Lol. I guess my weight isn’t the only thing changing around here! The old me was more…..

….like this. Minus the cat. I’ll never be the old lady with the cat. However, I will become very overdramatic and predict that I might just end up being the old lady with the cat from time to time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Make it count!

‘Til Next Time!



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