30 Day Challenge Part SIX! (and, Why Red Lipstick is Miraculous).

It’s that time again! 30 Day Challenge…..six month anniversary style!

It has been absolutely amazing to be able to share the visuals on this journey with everyone. Although I often wonder what will become of me after posting all of these half-naked photos of myself all over the internet, I have to admit….I might just look forward to these posts now.

Why, you ask? Well, amazingly, every time I post these, I get tons of emails and comments from people who tell me that they are truly inspired by SEEING a difference, rather than just reading about my experiences. This started as a way to to motivate and challenge myself, but I am truly humbled to learn that it has become something that motivates and challenges others.

So, let’s look back at last month once again:

And then, there was February!

Front View #1

Front View #2

Side View #1

Side View #2

Whew! Glad THAT’S over. Lesson #1: You always look skinnier when you take photos with the lights off, using just your flash. But, for the sake of all that is legit, I went ahead and had both bathroom lights on. Yikes.



I am very excited, because at this point, I have officially lost 97 pounds! I know I will have already passed the 100 pound mark before my birthday on March 1st, and that makes me not only ridiculously happy, but I am truly proud of myself.

Also, I would just like to share a photo that Candace took of me while we were getting ready for Sean’s birthday outing over the weekend. I just feel so pretty….and that was before I put the red lipstick on!

Gotta Love It!

I was very pleased to head out this weekend with my fly friends, and notice that a lot of the men were straight up staring at us when we walked by. It’s like….really? I can SEE you, sir! And why do they always make a point of trying to walk past and act like the room is just so crowded that they can’t possibly get by without grabbing your waist? Don’t get me wrong…the fact that you acknowledge the small waist I have somehow whittled down to is much appreciated….but man, don’t touch me!

And you know, add some red lips to the equation…..

Blurry...but you get the idea. The ONE night we don't take a million piks...I swear...

I swear, it’s like using live bait while deep sea fishing. Everywhere I went, there was some man telling me he loved the red lips, and that it was the perfect color for me. And here I was, only trying to distract people from the fact that my boobs weren’t filling out the top of my (size 10!) H&M dress. But hey….I’ll work with it!

Speaking of working it, I totally boughtย a Groupon for pole dancing classes this week. Oh yeah…time to get crazy! Groupon is going to make all of my dreams come true, I swear! If they could just have a deal on flights to Italy…….

And so, that is that, my loves!

Another 30 Days, and another reason to believe that all of this is paying off. Thank you again to all of you who share the blog, read the blog, or even knows the blog exists. Without you all, I wouldn’t be as likely to stick to this project…but your feedback and interest have made this a huge part of my life.

Signed copies of the book for all (someday!) Lol.

I shall leave you with another ridiculously optimistic and inspirational web finding:


Admit it…you totally smiled!

‘Til Next Time!


11 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge Part SIX! (and, Why Red Lipstick is Miraculous).

  1. Katherin Hall says:

    You’ve inspired me to stick with my new years resolution of getting healthier…I joined an amazing fitness boot camp which is tons of fun and I finally quit smoking (for like the 10th time! ha ha) but for real this time!


    • sondrajo says:

      Kat, the first step is making the decision, so you are on the right track! Keep me posted! I want to do a boot camp, but its so hard with my schedule! I just signed up for a few personal training sessions at my gym tho! Keep me posted! ๐Ÿ™‚


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