A Revolution…and Power Enchiladas!

Hello, lovelies!

So, it’s been a minute, but I am back, and here to share the latest exciting news!

ABC has a new television show called The Revolution, and there is a segment featuring people who want to lose weight. They give you tools and resources to reach your goals, and also give mini wardrobe makeovers, etc. I came upon the information for the casting recently, and decided to give it a shot! I was contacted today, and they said my application and photos caught their atttention! They’ve asked me to submit a 10-20 minute video audition capturing a day in my life, and the opinions of some of the people close to me. My dear Candace has agreed to help me tape this audition, and I am so excited! Although I may not get chosen in the long run, I feel like the video will be a really fun project, and I am super excited to get started!

So many doors have been opened up to me since I began this journey, and I cannot wait to see it keep growing and transforming into a revolution of its own. Who knows. Maybe SeeSondraSlim can be it’s own segment one day? 🙂

Moving on!

I follow Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine on Facebook, and they always post awesome recipes and motivational photos/quotes. They recently featured a recipe for “Power Enchiladas,” and they sound AMAZING! Check out the recipe here.

Each enchilada is looking at 254 calories, 21.7 g protein, 19.7 g carbs, and 9.8 g fat! Hellloooo! Did someone say 21.7 grams of protein? That’s 25% of what I need per day, in one enchilada (which is probably all I can eat, anyways)! Heck yes! Get you some!

They also shared a photo quote that I adore:

Photo Courtesy of MuscleandFitnessHers.com

Speaking of which, I printed out the class schedules for the months of January and February at my gym, and have planned my Zumba attack for each week. Mon-Weds I go at 8:30 pm, Thurs morning at 8:30 am, and when my plans permit, Saturday mornings at 11 am.

While it seems crazy, and I haven’t walked properly since Monday, this routine truly makes me HAPPY. I get in that class, and everyday it seems like I get an instructor with more energy and intensity….but I leave the gym feeling like a million dollars (blotchy face and all!).

Nothing tastes as good as working out feels. The class works pretty much EVERY part of your body….jumping squats, ab work, regular squats, booty shaking, lunging, running, hopping, dancing, kickboxing….it’s all there! I’m sore all over….but I know that my sick pack dreams are not in vain! I can feel ’em coming!

I think that’s all for tonight. Just wanted to post quickly since I haven’t all week. I will keep you all updated on the video audition news, and any other excitement.

Until then, start MOVING!

‘Til Next Time!


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