SeeSondraSeductive. Mmmhmm!

After being in the hospital since Sunday night (don’t get me started. YouTube video coming soon!), and not getting home until late last night….I needed something fun in my life.

Wouldn’t you know? I got to pick up Alex and I’s photos from The Boudoir Divas!

As promised, I wanted to share two with you. I am BEYOND satisfied with the final product, and I will be launching my world tour with Victoria’s Angels this spring! Well, that last part is a bit of an exaggeration, but I mean….come on!

Before I share (since I really like building up before the big moment, clearly!), I just want to share again how much this experience really did for me. I feel like every woman needs to take the opportunity to do something like this. I see a side of me that I always wished for, but couldn’t quite channel. These ladies really helped me set her free….and when I see these photos, I truly FEEL sexy. I see all of the allure I posess, and it makes me want to walk around in pin-up style lingerie for the rest of my life. I bought really cute high-waisted undies a la Marilyn Monroe last week, and I’m really sad that I don’t have a photo shoot coming up soon to wear them for. That, my friends, is powerful stuff! Get you some!

Without further procrastination… ya’ go!

Meeeeeeoooowwwww! Lol.

I'm doesn't get much sexier! (Well, not on MY blog, anyways).

Not gonna lie. There are some shots where I made sexual prowess my bitch, pardon the language! I didn’t think my face could master any of these expressions….but, here we are!

I want to send a HUGE thank you to Marissa, Kimberlee, Erin,Peggy, Deena, and all the other wonderful ladies at Boudoir Divas who made my experience what it is. Because of the atmosphere they create, I am able to have a finished product like this! I really can’t articulate the overwheming gratitude, appreciation, admiration, and love I have for them after this shoot.

On a side note, I couldn’t find Peggy’s card when I did the ‘SuperModel’ post, but I’ve located it, and I insist that you check Peggy out too! You see the makeup! I look ridiculously good. You want to hide your significant other from me, don’t you (kidding, kinda!)?

Check Peggy out at His Blushing Bride, her official website or on Facebook. Obviously, she mainly does makeup for weddings, and works with the Boudoir Divas. But I know a bunch of you who are sending out wedding invites this spring….so, you’re welcome! Lol.

Aside from sharing my new body confidence with the world, I really just want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, and have this experience. I will be able to look back at these, and not only remember a huge 90 lb weight loss milestone, but it’s also a reminder that I am a gorgeous force to be reckoned with. And for that? I have no regrets, and offer no apologies to anyone who doesn’t like it.

You shouldn’t, either.

Here’s to celebrating your sexiness….whether it comes in the form of a smile, a slight sneer, or a seductive face you practice in the mirror to make sure you’re not bordering on looking constipated.

Stay Gorgeous!


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