I’m Too Skinny for My Pants…or, 30 Day Challenge Part Five!

Drumrolllll, please!

I’m tooo sexy for my shirt, soooo sexy it huuurrrts! Kidding. But obviously I’m still on my supermodel kick, and the title came from that song playing in my head all morning! Lol.

It’s that time again! The fifth installment of the 30 Day Challenges! Although it never gets easier to post these photos, I do it because I know there is someone out there who needs to see that all of the hard work makes a difference. I used to be that person, and I feel that it is a huge part of this process for me. It’s become something that I actually look forward to! I even timed it around the photo shoot, so that my spray tan for the photo shoot could be twice as useful! Lol.

Let’s review last month, shall we?

I believe I was 80-85 lbs down at this point!

Side Shot!

And then, there is this month. I went ahead and rocked the new, rather controversial Victoria’s Secret bra for you! 🙂

Well, hellooo there!


Side View!!

Now that I have gone ahead and shared my flesh with the world, I have errands to run before work this afternoon! Gotta get a new battery for the car, get a manicure, and pack my gym bag for Zumba after work tonight. Hopefully the pesky resolution crowd has cleared out a bit by now. I went the other night, and spent TWENTY minutes looking for a parking spot at * at night! I never got one, and so I went home! NOT a happy girl!

As far as being too skinny for my pants, I have been wearing a size 16 for the past month or so, but now that they are all too baggy (diaper butt and I…..smh), I went to Forever 21 with my RollDawg Lidia the other day and just decided to try my luck at a pair of size 14 jeans. They fit! I hated them, so I didn’t buy them…but they fit! Well! So, I am a  very happy girl, in that department. Certainly a victory of sorts!

The next couple weekends are sure to be a ball. This weekend I’m hosting Friend Day at the house (Alex is possibly making her  tasty Sambucco shrimp flame…she said it’s going to be her party trick,lol). I am making roast chicken and sangria! WOOOOO! Should be good times, and I’m sure I’ll post pics! Sunday, I plan to completely re-vamp the fridge(for real this time), and head to Trader Joe’s and Sprouts and stock it with skinny girl-friendly fruits, veggies, and snacks. I’ll share my must-haves as soon as I have pretty pictures of my fridge contents to upload.

It’s hump day! The weekend is almost heeeere! Let’s do this!

‘Til Next Time!


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