I’m Gonna Be a Supermodel…..

Let’s start this post with some background music, shall we?

I’m Gonna Be a Supermodel

Not only is this the perfect song for the experience I had today, but I mean, it’s a fan video for Clueless….only one of the BEST movies of the nineties!

Moving on!

Today was the day. Alex and I had our shoots at the Boudoir Divas studio in San Diego, and to say that it was an amazing experience would honestly be an understatement.

Initially, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had read the BD website, blog, and booking email over and over to make sure I was completely prepared….but from Peggy, who did our hair and makeup, to Erin and Deena who were our photographers, I was just blown away by how accomodating, supportive, fun, and professional the entire operation is. First of all, every inch of that studio is adorable. It’s got a total vintage-retro vibe, and most of you know that is right up my alley! Furthermore, those girls know their stuff. Peggy hooked my hair and makeup, UP! She asked if I had a specific look in mind, but I pretty much gave her control of everything, and I was definitely not disappointed! She nailed the long-lashed, smoky eye I was dreaming of, and gave me hair to die for. It perfectly put my whole look together ( I wore a nude/black lace print body-con slip with a lace trim on the hem, and my classic Nine West black patent platform almond-toe slingbacks).

After hair and makeup with Peggy! 🙂

After that, Erin took me into the to-die-for viewing room, and we talked about what look I was going for in terms of the set menu. I decided to go with “Exquisite Boudoir,” which I have been drooling over since I found out about Boudoir Divas back in the day. Erin took the time to look at my outfit, and reassure me that I couldn’t go wrong with the set of my choice. You’ll see when I get the photos back! But, you can also check out some different photos of the studio here.

Then, Erin took me back to a dressing room that is larger than my bedroom (as soon as I become a millionaire, I swear I’ll create a space like that of my own!), where I changed and got ready for the camera. Of course, I had to check myself out in the mirror a few times….because I looked smokin’ HOT. Or as Candace says, I looked like a “sex panther!” Day…MADE!

HIGH beaming! 🙂

You may have seen this one on FaceBook! Lol.

As you can see, the dressing room is filled floor-to-ceiling with a ton of shoes, bras, panties, lingerie, and accessories. It’s like a dream come true. And then, there’s the awesome vintage vanity with a lighted mirror. Sigh!

Overall, I just could not be more thrilled with the experience. Alex and I got to view our photos together, and it was sooo much fun to help each other pick the most flattering photos. Alex looks like a freakin’ Victoria’s Secret catalog cover! SO gorgeous! Our photographers went through all of the shots with us, and let us really take the time to take them in and make our decisions. It was wonderful….it’s like, you have already made us look like total supermodels….and to top it off, you took the time to really enjoy the experience with us! That is truly priceless.

If you haven’t yet(at which point, I’m kinda wondering what is wrong with you?!?! Have you read ANYTHING I have written? :)), I strongly suggest that you check the Boudoir Divas out online here. I first learned about the Boudoir Divas at the Head-to-Toe Women’s Expo at the Del Mar fairgrounds with my mom a few years back….before I ever IMAGINED myself on this surreal weight loss journey. You would not have caught me dead in even a slip on camera back then! And well, look at me now! From the staff, to the sets, to the lighting….They aren’t exaggerating when they say they create the ultimate supermodel experience! My cousin is already planning her trip out here for her birthday to get a shoot of her own done! Just based on my experience! You can tell the minute you go on the website that these ladies know their stuff…and that they have a blast making women feel sexy! Packages start at $220….and you know what’s crazy? The images I chose from today haven’t even been airbrushed yet. When I get them, they’ll look even BETTER! And honestly, after my day there, I just really can’t even fathom that being possible. But these girls mean business…so I know they’ll deliver!

This experience helped me forget my insecurities for a few hours. I wasn’t worried about my arms looking flabby, or my thighs looking too big. I just took my cues from Erin, did as she said, and then when I saw those photos, I almost didn’t recognize myself in a few of them! I got to shed the Kool-Aid smile for a second, and be a feminine, sexy siren! I’m so impressed!

I cannot WAIT to share a photo or two with you when I get them back….did I mention that? And speaking of which, tomorrow I will be posting the 30 Day Challenge pics! Let’s see if we can see a difference after 5 months! I can’t believe it’s passed so quickly! You all have been a huge source of support and motivation, and each email, comment, “like” on Facebook….you all make the risks I’ve taken sharing my story WORTH it. The value of that to me, especially after all these changes, cannot be put into words.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! In case you’re not….here’s a little something to brighten your day. One of my most favorite YouTube videos EVER!


‘Til Tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be a Supermodel…..

  1. Marissa Boucher says:

    I love this Sondra. You have made all of our day here at the studio. We were all gathered around the computer reading it. I am so, so happy you had a great experience and we are very grateful you booked a shoot with us. I am sure we will talk again soon!


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