Zumba and YouTube….

So, I said I was going to step my gym game up, and I meant it.

I woke up at 7:20 this morning, and made it a point to go to my  8:30 Zumba class at 24. Was I awake? Hardly. Did I pass the exit for the gym and have to double back because I was on auto-pilot, heading to work? I sure did!

But I got in that class, and WORKED IT! Tammy, my favorite Zumba instructor, was no joke this morning. I thought her PM classes were crazy! Oh, no! She busts out the big guns in the wee hours of the morning….and for that, I am eternally grateful. I don’t believe there is one part of my body that didn’t get shaken today! After an hour of Zumba, I decided to test my endurance and hit the bike. I love doing the random hill mode, because it creates a variety of resistance, and the time flies by. I bump my workout playlist, and get it crackin’!

What’s hilarious to me is that sometimes, you go to the gym, and it’s like guys see you working out really hard, and focusing on what you’re doing….and they take that as an opener. Some fool came and sat down on the bike next to me, tapped me, and said “Looks like you’re just gettin’ it in this morning! Check baby out!”

Look here, random ridiculous man. I’m not a baby, one. And two…don’t you have some working out to do? Can I live, please?!?! And 3…..Hey, thanks! Lol. Part of me wanted to die laughing, but the other part of me was really peeved. I mean, seriously. I did not get on this bike and put it on level 14 to impress you. I did it because I have goals to reach….and meeting men at the gym is NOT on the list. Besides, now, I’ve totally lost where I was in my workout, because I assumed you bothered me for something important. RUDE.

I smiled, said thank you, and kindly put my headphones back on and got back to Waka Flaka. I can’t even believe…..

And then, I go to hit the elliptical for 30 minutes, seeing as I have the morning off, after all….and another random fool gets on the one next to me, and just stares and smiles(although, I must admit, he had killer arms, with killer tattoos to match!). So I climbed off, and headed for my car! I’m self-conscious enough at the gym…I don’t need you making Cheshire Cat faces at me. Bunch of crazies! It was really just the strangest thing! I have no idea why this suddenly became the new trend, but from now on, working out in the mornings is reserved for group classes only. Hmm. Maybe it was the coral top?

Let's face it: I'd wanna talk to me at the gym!

This morning, I am going to update my new organizing calendar on my wall. Gotta look through the January class schedules, and plan my attack. One thing I hate about January is all of the people with gym resolutions. That means I have to fight to get a spot in my Zumba class. No bueno. But, I shall….because that’s gonna be one of the keys to toning up this stomach…especially if I’m gonna keep up the 30 Day Challenges! ( The next installment is next weekend! Whatever chonies shall I wear? Lol). I am tempted to try a spin class, and a kickboxing class too. Going solo is kind of daunting, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Speaking of which, this girls gotta clean her bathroom. I got new lavendar wet cloths for the swiffer, and I am just dying to clean my bathroom floor! That’s how I know I am growing up. And I can’t really say it bothers me!

So many big things coming in January! Photoshoot on the 10th, Monster Truck Rally and Julian Trip, and the list goes on! Not to mention, most of my free time will be spent at the gym! Think skinny, be skinny! Cannot WAIT to see what 2012 has in store!

By the way, the new youtube channel is officially a GO. Now, I just need to start making videos. 🙂

Check me out on YouTube here: SeeSondraSlim on YouTube!

Anyways, let me clean my bathroom and take a shower before it’s too late, and I end up being late for work! Ahh!

Hope everyone has a great day….the weekend is almost here!

‘Til Next Time!


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