Sondra’s Italian Chicken Soup (and, Rude Drivers Make Me Craaaazy in the Morning.)

Goood morning, to all of my wonderful readers out there.

May I just say, it is truly AWESOME to sit here and say that I have readers. You don’t have to take interest in anything I say…let alone subscribe to it, or share it with others. The response to this project is truly humbling, and it is because of all the love, support, and encouragement I have received, that I make it a point to stay dedicated to this project.

For starters this lovely Thursday morning, I would just like to address a common problem that we have in America: RUDE drivers. Alex and I stopped at Albertson’s this morning to run in and grab Starbucks. It was early, and I try to be conscientous of other drivers at all times…especially since I just barely got a new vehicle. I treat it like a baby! I was waiting for someone to pull out of a spot, which was next to a spot reserved for people who ordered their groceries online. Some woman in a Lexus SWOOPED IN ON MY SPOT. I was livid! I mean, seriously? You clearly saw me waiting, and whatever you need in the grocery store is certainly not so important that you have to be rude in a practically empty parking lot.

It somewhat (emphasis on somewhat…not completely) shames me to admit that I quickly parked a few spaces down, and made a mad dash from my car so that I could tell her about herself before she got into the store. I get so beyond tired of people being rude. Whether it’s early in the morning in parking lots, late at night on the freeway, or any other place. Don’t even get me started on people at Disneyland with strollers! Rude, rude, RUDE! She refused to look at me while I was speaking to her, and I was convinced we had to beat her to the Starbucks line, because at this rate, she was probably going to cut me in line there too! It just pushed my buttons! Fresh out of my bed, freezing cold, and this is what I get to start my day with? I refuse! And sometimes, you just need to say something. She may have ignored me, but you better believe she heard me! And poor Alex. I know she must get a little embarassed when I act crazy like that…but someone has got to do it!

Moving on, I spent my Tuesday off getting errands ran, and the whole morning, I was obsessed with creating a new soup in my head. I played with an ingredients list in my head while I was at the DMV, and after some stops at Sprouts and Fresh and Easy, I give you:

Sondra’s Italian Chicken Soup:

What You Need to Make It:

1 rotisserie chicken (I got mine at Costco. $4 is cheaper than what I’d pay to buy the chicken breasts and cook them myself!)

1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes with Italian seasoning

2 boxes chicken broth

2 zucchini, sliced

2 cloves garlic, finely minced

1 yellow Italian squash, sliced

1/2 bag baby gold potatoes (they cook fast, and a bag at fresh and easy is only $2!)

Baby Carrots

2 cups spinach

1 Yellow onion, diced

Fresh Basil, about 5 leaves, chopped (also very inexpensive at F&E. I got a whole little box for $1.49. I use it for tomato and mozzarella salad or bruschetta too!)

Salt and pepper

What You Need to Do:

I am a one-pot, 1 hour kind of girl when it comes to my soups. The less mess, the better. In a stock pot, I put about 3 tbsp of EVOO, and heat it up. Add diced onion, garlic, and basil. While this was on low, I was tearing up my rotisserie chicken. I used only the white meat because my pot wasn’t very large (and Alex doesn’t really do dark meat). Add chicken once it’s been removed from the bones. Add canned tomatoes and chicken broth, and remaining veggies. Mix all ingredients, to make sure the flavors meld together well. Bring to a boil, and stir. Let soup simmer for about 30 minutes on medium.

Yup…that’s pretty much it. If you’ve spent any kind of time in a kitchen before, you’ve got this in the bag. It’s a hearty dish full of protein, veggies, and WARMTH!

While my soup was simmering, I took the Italian bread loaf I bought at the store, brushed some olive oil on top, sprinkled some garlic salt on it, and put it in the oven about 10 minutes before my soup was ready to serve. The result was a hot, crusty, savory Italian loaf to go with some yummy soup!

If you prefer vegetarian meals, you could easily substitute another veggie for chicken. I’d recommend green beans, or maybe some eggplant to add substance. If you have picky eaters or those weirdos who hate veggies…you can easily tailor the recipe to include the ones they enjoy…it’s very easy to customize….as you can see, it’s really my turkey meatball soup with a few tweaks! 🙂

I sent a picture to Jamar after bragging about it, and he kept sending me an emoticon of a person drooling….I laughed ridiculously hard! And when I made the meatball soup, Sean ate it and later told me how much he liked it. May I just point out that he hates tomatoes? He sure did clean his bowl, though!

The soup was a great way to end a rainy day, and as always, it’s even better the next day! As a matter of fact, two days later, I think I may have some of the leftovers for lunch before I head to work!

I am going to visit Aunt Elsie this weekend, and I have to remember to pick up the crock pots she is giving me. There is even a mini one, so I can make meals that are suitable to my new small tummy! Also, my friend Joel posted piks of some Mac and Cheese muffins he made….and I am determined to make a surgery friendly version! I cannot WAIT to try it…because it would be an adorable appetizer or snack at a get-together or the next company event.

Speaking of which, this Saturday is our company Christmas party, and I am beyond excited! Apparently, they give away ridiculous gifts….starting at a $50 bill….going up to iPads, BluRay players, and Flat Screen tv’s. Everyone wins something. There are prizes for best dance moves, most festive attire…..etc. I am in it to WIN it. I havea sequin dress and glitter shoes. It’s a wrap! I’ll be sure to post piks on Sunday! 🙂

I think that’s all for now. Nothing too terribly exciting…but hey, the week isn’t over yet!

I shall leave you with a couple of Best Buy commercials that made me die laughing the other day. Christmas commericials make my day!


“Daddy don’t want no cologne.” HAHA!

‘Til Next Time!


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