Weekend Wrap Up…and an Award!


Is it really already Sunday afternoon? I feel like my weekend should have just started!

Friday night, Sean and Jamar came to spend the night and watch movies with me! I got these awesome coupons from BzzAgent for a free Private Selection appetizer, entree, and dessert… so I headed to Ralphs and got $25 worth of food for FREE. You know how I do! Lol.

<img src=”http://img.bzzagent.com/image/privateSelection.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=3221553847&Campaign=4752798868&Uid=2339&token=4419902c335a609a43c52abaa47b4e72” alt=””/>

Sean is currently taking a 30 day vegetarian challenge, so I opted for the Pizza Margherita Napolitana (Random Italian Fact: Pizza Margherita is named for the Queen, Margherita. One of her chefs made her a pizza with fresh perlini mozzarella balls, basil leaves and tomatoes to represent the colors of the Italian flag…and presto! Pizza Margherita!) entree, and got these yummy looking Southwestern Chicken Trumpets…which are basically a sppin-off of Chili’s Southwestern Eggrolls, in little trumpet shapes. Heated those up in the stove, plated them with a dish of sour cream for an appetizer. Nice. Gotta love being able to keep it simple! Check out Private Selection, if you’re ever in need of quick and tasty frozen meal options. They’re awesome for the nights you work late, but know you better eat something. Each item took less than 20 minutes in the stove to make!

Saturday morning, we all slept in, and I made scrambled eggs and turkey sausage for breakfast. Now, to be honest, if it were not for the guys being there, I would have had a protein shake and avoided the kitchen. But what can I say? I think I’m kinda like my Aunt Elsie…I spoil the boys.

Candace came over later, and we headed to Julian. I was beyond excited, because the last time Sean and I headed to Julian, it was spring, and it was pretty warm. This time, it was freezing! I loved it! A drive through the San Diego countryside with 3 great friends(sprinkled with jokes about being chased off of the zillions of citrus groves we considered going into), that ends in fresh Julian apple filled Caramel Apple Crumb pie(although, Jamar doesn’t like apple pie. Therefore, he is not American.), and a stop in the Julian candy store( where Jamar evidently does like big blocks of white chocolate, chocolate covered honeycombs, sugar free gummy bears and other assorted delicacies)? Count me IN! We had fun….but it is definitely arguable that the trips there and back were the best parts. The trip back especially, because we had a jawbreaker contest (Jamar won. Foreigners….), and a rowdy game of Ten Fingers. I don’t know why Candace and I are incapable of behaving around other people…but it always makes for goood times. And videos. And let’s face it: people love our videos. Lol.

We got back to the house, opened a bottle of red wine, and watched another movie. Then, the boys headed back home and Candace proceeded to do some pin curls for me. I love pin curls, but unfortunately, I am far too lazy and uncoordinated when it comes to doing them myself.

End Result= Love!

Did you know? If you sleep on said pin curls, and wake up the next day, and pin a few pieces back, you’ll look effortlessly pretty. And men at the gas station will run around the pump to pump your gas for you!

Exhibit A

I look like I’m 12 years old…but I’m okay with that.

Then, a guy Candace recently met came over to hang out with one of his friends, and we spent the night engaging in nostalgic pastimes. If you have ever played the game B.S. with a deck of cards, then you are aware of how heated the game really gets! We were going around and around and people were getting crazy! I actually didn’t have to lie most of the rounds…I got lucky with my hand! But boy, does Candace get mad when she gets called out!

And also, I think that over time, my generation has forgotten how to play Truth or Dare! If someone says “Truth,” a question is asked, and they are supposed to answer it…..TRUTHFULLY! Oh, and if you choose “Dare,” and then you make up a million excuses as to why you can’t take the dare? When you’re playing with Candace and I?? You’re fired! How that got skewed is seriously beyond me…but it made for some shenanigans. You know I’m all about shenanigans!

Ten Fingers. A dangerous, dangerous game. It was a recurring theme of my Saturday, as Candace and I played it in the car with Jamar and Sean, and again last night with the other two. Understandably, when two males and two females engage in this game, it becomes a battle of the sexes. “I’ve never peed standing up!” “I’ve never had a PAP smear!” ….it just gets so ugly. And it is so freakin’ hilarious!

For example:

Guy: “I’ve never had to go visit an OB/Gyn.”

Candace: “Me either.”

Guy: “Yo. So you’ve never gone to the lady doctor?!”

Me: “Well, I mean, we’ve seen the gynecologist….but not an OB!”

Guy: (lost face)

Candace: “You see an OB during your pregnancy. I’m not pregnant, and neither is she! We don’t have any kids!”

Guy: (“You must be joking” face)

You get the gist of it….we were all finding any loophole we could, so that we wouldn’t have to put a finger down and risk losing. And honestly, it’s soooo easy to get guys out when it gets to that point. What can I say? We get a little competitive. And we are fiercely protective of each other while we plot their destruction! Lol.

Today, I slept in, did some laundry, ran some errands, and then picked Josh and Alex up at the airport! So glad my bestie is home from Colorado! No more loneliness! Lol.

On to the Versatile Blogger Award business ( I even get a spiffy little badge for the site! WOO!):

Yay! Thank you to Kiran Mall-Kainth, over at K M Kalology for the nomination! In the spirit of the Versatile Blogger Award, I would like to pass on the honor to some of my favorite blogs, and share 7 random facts about myself! Also, may I ask why that is the tradition? Lol. I am only listing a few, rather than the typical 15 blogs I love. The ones listed have recently been discovered, and I will be updating the “Blogs I Love!” page shortly! 🙂 In the meantime, check out my newest reading treasures! This blogger award is awesome, because it really encourages blogger recogntion in our own blogging communities, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

1. Does My Bum Look Big in This? My personal fave entry of hers presently? “We Found Dove in a Soapless Place.”

2. Ardent Amanda I appreciate her sincerity, and the fact that she truly takes accountability for her actions!

3.  Alison May See: “Where I muse on weight loss and dieting and shaking fat off of one’s childbearing hips.”

4. 15 Weeks, 110 Days  Genuine reflections on a journey to lose weight….plus, there is a ridiculously cute baby to look at!

As far as seven random facts about myself?:

1. Most people know that I am utterly repulsed by any milk-based products. I don’t do cream sauces, soups, etc. I don’t drink milk. I only use soy milk when absolutely necessary, and have gone out of my way to find protein beverages that taste like Crystal Light, versus a milkshake. I do realize that I am somewhat a disgrace to my Italian heritage on the whole milk/cream based sauce thing…but I’ll be that. 🙂

2. I have a small obsession with wall clings. I have a pretty one with vines above my bed. And a Lil Wayne quote at the top of my bathroom mirror (it’s awesome, believe me. Waking up and seeing “I don’t think you’re beautiful, I think you’re beyond it.” is the ultimate bathroom accessory for a narcissist such as myself!). I also have several saved in my Amazon.com shopping cart, because I am considering putting one in my walk-in closet on the wall….it’s pretty serious. Haha.

3. My trip to Italy is still a ways away, but I am literally dreaming about it. I have already began planning any detail that I can (I really am trying to stop planning so much, but it’s so hard for me. Ugh!). I am buying The Rosetta Stone as soon as my ticket is confirmed, and joining the Italian coversation group I mentioned in the “Viva, Italia” entry. I am reading Fodor’s Italy with the same diligence reserved for my bible, and studying “Italian Phrases for Dummies” in my spare time. I’ve looked into my mom’s timeshare and it’s foreign exchange credits option, and already know that my villa (Yup! I said it!) will be $200/week in both Greece and Italy.

4. The Fodors Greece 2012 guide is in my Amazon.com shopping cart as we speak. I’m buying it Friday. And planning that leg of my trip. Faith without works is dead, after all.

5. Did I mention my obsession with Amazon.com……..?

6. I am purposely avoiding a man that I’ve known for 3 years, simply because I know that I am not truly attracted to him other than physically. And it is really hard to do. But, alas….it must be done. Like always, I’m just trying to forget what I feel and remember what I deserve.

7. I am currently pushing myself to finish my first book. It’s basically a big hodge-podge of my memories and experiences. People kept telling me I should write a book, I felt like there was no possible way all these crazy things in my life could go without documentation…and so I have began. It’s tricky, because while I don’t want to leave anything out, I want to keep some little pieces to myself. I see it in my creative visions as a cross between a Jen Lancaster memoir, and “Why Men Love Bitches.” But time will tell what we end up with. Haha.

Ok, I think I’m done here. I always worry that lengthy posts are annoying…but like I said, I don’t want to miss anything!

‘Til Next Time!


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