The World’s Largest Ball of Tape….

I have lost 80 lbs.

EIGHTY! That is equivalent to the world’s largest ball of tape, if you didn’t know.

I can’t lie…I am thrilled with this discovery. I am 50 lbs from my goal weight. I weigh 225. I don’t know when I weighed anything near that. I see the difference in the way strangers treat me, and men approach me. My legs seem longer, and my waist seems so tiny for some reason. I feel like I walk taller. Such little things I never knew I was missing before, but now they seem like the biggest deal to me! It’s not always fun or easy. I have really bad days where nothing tastes right, and everything makes my tummy hurt. But these results are worth it!

Ironically, Thanksgiving is the 5 month anniversary of my surgery. I’ve never been a big fan of Thanksgiving. I was taught to give thanks EVERY day for all of my blessings. That’s why I try my hardest to maintain a positive outlook; I know the flip side of this happiness. I’ve been poor. I’ve been homeless. I’ve been morbidly obese. I’ve been abused. I’ve been scared. I’ve made mistakes.

Knowing that I have come so far from those days, and those circumstances? It’s definitely motivated me to see the best part of ANY obstacle…although I still get annoyed with some things routinely ( did I mention I HATE the DMV? I HATE THEM!).

Also, why is it that people put so much effort into making tons of food, and then we eat off of it for days and days. Then men get sleepy after overindulging and just watch football all day. The women map out their Black Friday shopping attack (can’t really be mad at that, though. Sondra needs a new laptop, and Sondra is getting it on Black Friday for a killer deal). I don’t know. The best part of it, for me, is getting all of my family and friends together. Well, that and the time off. Lol. Otherwise, I could do without it. I hate massive amounts of food, even before surgery. Buffets and such sort of disgust me for some reason. Crazy, right?!

So, this year, I am going to my aunt’s house. My aunt and uncle are on a vegetarian diet, so I don’t really have to worry about massive amounts of food I don’t want or need….but I get to see my church family, and spend time with loved ones. I will partake in Black Friday, with the intention of procuring said new laptop for a bargain. I may also knock out some Christmas shopping, funds permitting.

I am anxiously awaiting the week of December 12th, because that is the week I will get my car. Of course, I am ecstatic. I am still sitting here with my heart set on the Dodge Caliber, but I have decided that I will stay within my means, and get the best deal with the best safety rating and features when the time comes. A friend of mine has a boyfriend that works at a very reputable dealership, and I plan to spend some time with him and see what we can do. I am ready to be mobile again, so I can get back to school, and start my Italian courses, too!

Speaking of which, as a complete sidenote, I found an Italian study/conversation group here in North County I plan on joining. They meet up at coffee shops and practice with each other, having conversations over caffe. Let’s face it: That’s pure genius!

OH! Speaking of genius! Went to see Candace again, and finally did the ombre haircolor (see: 23 Things I Plan to Do before I Turn 24). Are you ready?

Ooooh la la ombre!

Subtle, but edgy!

My favorite photo of myself....for now. Lol.

Clearly, I love it. For all of my local readers, you can find Candace on Facebook under “Candace Givens,” or let me know you’re interested, and I’ll get you in touch with her. Reasonable prices, and impeccable styling! What more could you want?

Basically, it was a good weekend. Work has been crazy. 3 12-hour days in a row can be killer, but a 4 day weekend is well worth it. Very glad I got to see so many familiar faces while I was in San Bernardino, and I am excited to be back out there for the holiday to enjoy those faces some more!

I’ll post the recipe for my mini spinach and mozzarella stuffed meatloaves tomorrow, by the way!

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving, no matter how you feel about it! Enjoy the time with people you love, and be like the crazy lady in those hilarious Black Friday Target commercials. She pretty much makes my day!

“Oh what fun it is to show, that your work is superior to others….”


‘Til Next Time!


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