Viva Italia! & Other Randomness.

It’s Tuesday, and I am sick! No bueno!

However, I am anticipating the arrival of some books I ordered on Amazon, so I am ok.

I decided a few months ago that when I get my tax return next year, that rather than throw a big “Woo, hoo! I lost a ton of weight!” party, that I am going to buy myself a ticket to Italy. With my mom being Italian, it seems like a place I need to experience. It’s one of my top three. As a matter of fact, Greece is also in my top 3, and I have decided to make a two week expenditure, and spend a few days there, as well.

So of course, being myself, I started preparing awhile ago.

First, I went on, where you can always find travel guides for ANY destination your heart desires. I scoped out reviews from other travelers, the highlights of the country, etc.

Second, I learned that with my mom’s timeshare, I can stay anywhere overseas for only $200 a WEEK!

Third, I started researching flight prices. They range from $700-900 round trip, but deals come up around the time you actually purchase the ticket, so I’ve got faith in my bargain-finding abilities when the time comes.

Then, I decided I better learn some REAL Italian….not just some “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “Life is what you make it” type of stuff! So, I have purchased Italian for Dummies, Instant Immersion Italian, and an English-to-Italian dictionary.

I also purchased Fodor’s Italy guide, so I can start to map out what landmarks and hot spots I plan to see. I’ll buy my ticket next year, but I don’t plan on actually going until 2013. I will spend next year making the various accomodations and such. I have a huge list of things to do and see, so I will be making sure that all of it pretty much runs smoothly….especially in the event that I end up going alone. Fact of the matter is, I love exploring, and if I’m not driving, I really don’t mind getting lost. I find it kind of enchanting, really.

What I plan to do in Italy:

Cities: Rome, Milan, Venice, and Sorrento are the main concerns for me. I’d also like to see Verona….I love the majestic beauty of it, and it makes me think that Romeo and Juliet might be true….

Shopping: I will procure a bag like no other. And I will be very ridiculously shallow and say, “Oh, thanks! I got it when I was in Italy!” when people comment on it.

Spas: I will definitely get my pamper on.

Beaches: I might just have to hit up the Amalfi coast, depending on what time of year I get there.

Men: I plan on making friends with someone, solely to procure a ride on their Vespa. A girl can dream….but I’m actually dead serious.

Food: I will eat LEGIT pizza and gelato. I won’t eat much, obviously. But I’ll get my fix! I might even go crazy and enjoy some authentic Italian pasta. I promise, homemade noodles are SOOOO much better than anything you can buy dried in the store! Actually, you know what? I’ll eat whatever sounds good, and savor all four bites!

Planning this trip is so exciting for me, because I have learned I can do pretty much whatever I focus on. This is yet another life-long dream coming true…and I am MORE than ready to purchase that ticket, and prepare to be an International jet-setter!

Did I mention that while watching the latest episode of Pan-Am last night, I thought: “Hey, maybe when I reach my goal weight, I’ll apply to be a flight attendant!” Call me crazy….but that might be juuuuust the ticket! 🙂

Speaking of travel, thanks to  a major boo-boo on the DMV’s part, my car plans have been delayed. SO pissed! But, the good news is, everything is fixed, and it takes a few days to process to corrections, and I am shooting for having my car the first week of December. Works for me…although I HATE changing my deadlines. Makes me feel like I failed a bit, you know? Not cool! I have been ranting about planning a sneak attack on the ridiculous folks at the DMV. All you need to know is that they involve a Goodwill purse, and an angry girl named Sondra.

On a completely unrelated note, most people know that I’m no die-hard Beyonce fan. I do, however, appreciate her style, and her dance tracks. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the single below….and the green fur coat and various other pieces she is rocking in this video are inspiring me to no end! You go ‘head, B!

OH! And only 10 days to Black Friday! I’m getting a new laptop with a webcam….so I can Skype and start my YouTube channel! WOOO! You thought I was bad in print? Wait ’til the videos start. Haha.

‘Til Next Time!


3 thoughts on “Viva Italia! & Other Randomness.

  1. passionandlaughter says:

    Ahhh!! I am so excited for you! I just got back from a Mediterranean cruise a few weeks ago and I spent only a little bit of time in Italy but it was amazing. I definitely suggest hitting up Florence, seriously. The city is GORGEOUS and there is a TON of Renaissance architecture and art that cannot be missed. Also, they are known for their leather goods so scoring an awesome authentic italian leather bag would be no issue! Rome is beautiful as well, I preferred Florence, but Rome is Rome. The coliseum and St. Peter’s are breathtaking. Naples was fun, but really dirty and filled with gypsies/pickpockets. My future parents in law did a trip to Sorrento and loved it. Be sure to check out a mozzarella factory while you’re there, as well as a cameo factory. Gorgeous!

    And I definitely ate my fair share of gelato (twice a day!) and pizza. You’ll love it.

    Also, I’m not sure where you’re flying from, but I managed to get my roundtrip ticket from DC to Barcelona (thats where the boat docked from) for $430. The deals are out there. 🙂

    Good luck and happy planning!!


    • sondrajo says:

      Thank you sooooo much! You have given me some awesome ideas! A cameo factory, and a mozzarella factory?!?!?! WHAT?! Awesome! I thought about doing a cruise to meet people before I roam the cities….we shall see! What cruise line did you go through??


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