A Purge, and a Binge.

Why, hellloooo there!

I have been having a really hard time dealing with some people in my life that simply insist on making appearances, although I know that their sincerity is lacking( I mean, if you KNOW you did someone wrong, and that you don’t treat them like a friend, why are you breaking your freakin’ neck to contact them?). In fact, I’d be lying if I ventured to say I miss them. It’s times like these where I do my best to be genuine and say nothing, rather than say things I do not truly mean (such as, “I miss you, too!” or “We should do lunch!” or “I’m not mad/hurt/upset. I understand.”)

When I get like this, I start doing any and every single thing that I can to improve my surroundings. I reach out to those that I truly do miss, and truly do want to see in the near future. I clean my room, do every single load of laundry in my hamper(s), organize and purge my closet and cosmetics, organize my life, update my planner, and tell people I love them. This is simply how I deal with the amazingly TRIFLING people in my life, who surprisingly were once a huge part of my life. It’s strange how great friends become strangers, with underlying feelings of resentment.

But it’s awesome that I have so many things in my closet and cosmetic bags that others will be thrilled to receive!

Yesterday, I went to breakfast with my Other Mother, Melanie. Kyle and Aubrey joined us and I finally got to eat at The Broken Yolk Cafe! I must say, it wasn’t anything too special, but really…when it comes to food, none of it really qualifies as special to me anymore.However, time with loved ones is always something I view in a special light, and we had a hilarious morning, which is not unusual.

After breakfast, we went across the shopping center to Nordstrom’s Rack and I got the most FIERCE brown riding jacket with awesome elbow patches. Even better? It was on clearance for $23! Such a steal, considering I usually avoid the Rack, since it’s just super expensive marked down to plain expensive. Lol.

After breakfast, I came home to find out that I received a delightfully surprising delivery from Torrid. 3 pairs of jeans and a killer vintage-looking bodysuit! And after marveling at the fact that I am now wearing size SIXTEEN jeans, when just three months ago I was wearing size 20 and 22, I changed into Uggs and a hoodie and got ready to hit the mall with my Bestie. Hence, where the binge part comes in!

See, there are some times when I firmly believe that there is a higher shopping power smiling down on me. It happens quite frequently, in fact. Evidence? Allow me!

Charlotte Russe: An additional 40% off clearance and last pairs of shoes 50% off. Size 11 is almost always the last pair. So I almost always get them half off….if they haven’t been marked down to less than that already. So, I ended up getting a black metallic cropped jacket and a pair of wedge booties for a steal. Not to mention, I texted the BFF club for an offer and was fortunate enough to get a $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. SCORE!

JC Penney: Store-wide clearance starting at $2.97. What did I get? 3 pairs of shorts for $2.97 each, one super cute slouch-like tee, and a gauzy draped cardigan. Total, after the kind saleslady gave me an additional 20% off coupon? $15.

Icing: All red-line items on sale, 5 for $10! $2 each, or $5 if the item was originally more than $15 I got a killer black laquered jewelry box with a photo of the Eiffel Tower for $5. It was originally $25!

Claire’s: All redline items $1 or an additional 50% off clearance. Got 2 rings and a necklace for $3.

Torrid: An additional 50% off clearance. Got some killer bronze metallic snakeskin wedges for $11.

After totaling my purchases from my mall expenditure yesterday, I realized I spent a grand total of about $43, and got a TON of stuff. Gotta love holiday weekends in retail land!

I tried on the shorts at JCP yesterday, and bought ones that fit now, and some smaller for later. It’s crazy, because I just recently mentioned in a post that it’d be nice to have one of those nifty little spaces between my legs someday. And guess what? The last 30 Day Challenge post made me realize, looking at the crazy chonies photo, that I DO in fact have one of those spaces! And then, I wore those shorts last night at home with the super cute new tee to look at them in the mirror together, and thought to myself…”WHAT THE HECK?!?!?”

My thighs are still ridiculous….but those shorts, in all of their bargain glory, sure do make me ridiculously happy!

With all that being said, you can see why I need to make room in my closet! Lol.

All in all, it’s been a great weekend.

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