Rising to the Challenge, Part 3!

Let me start by apologizing for the quality of the photos that are going to be displayed in this post. I really should just suck it up and ask someone to take them for me, but I just do it myself.

Partly because of the happy-inducing Lil Wayne quote on my mirror, and also partly because I usually do these posts on Tuesdays when I am off, and home alone.But, moving on….

It’s been another 30 days, and so it is time yet again to show photo documentation of the SeeSondraSlim journey!

I have lost 70 lbs as of my last weigh in, which I believe was last week. I won’t be weighing myself again until Friday, so we will stick with that number for now, yes?

Front Shot!

Side Shot...and um...where are my boobs?!?!

And a shot in my chonies....because those shorts make me look puffy!

And a shot in my chonies....because those shorts make me look puffy!

So there you have it. I officially have photos of myself in my underwear online. My father will be oh so proud! Lol.

I am going to tell you a little something: I LOVE this last photo of myself. It’s not perfect. It’s not the body every woman lusts after getting….but all I see when I look at it, is improvement! I truly had a moment where I didn’t get pissed at the fact that my thighs refuse to get smaller even after four months of protein shakes and baby bowls of food, I didn’t get annoyed that my chonies don’t make a straight line across my hips, and I didn’t even almost shed tears over the fact that my chest is slowly departing.

I just loved myself completely for a minute…..flaws and all.

As I’ve said in previous challenge posts, it’s REALLY hard to imagine myself 70 lbs ago. You wouldn’t have caught me dead taking photos of myself in my undies back then, let alone posting them! I guess I can honestly say that I am starting to see the differences as time goes by. And I am so overwhelmingly PROUD of myself. I may not have six pack abs yet (but I do know that iTan can actually airbrush those for me, lol), but this is a start. Also, may I point out that I formerly could not purchase panties at Victoria’s Secret? Secret is, you need a smaller stomach to wear them….go figure! I’m very proud of my size XL (sidenote: VS PINK does NOT go above a size L. And I don’t care that it’s a line geared towards the college crowd. College girls wear size XL too, you discriminators!) zebra chonies, and I guess they don’t look half bad!

Moral of the story? What a difference a month can make! Another 30 days, another batch of photos so that I can make it easier for everyone to SEE the changes that I am starting to see in myself.

Again, a huge thank you and much love to all those who have supported, motivated, inspired, and followed my journey. It means more than words can possibly articulate, but I’ll keep trying anyway!

‘Til Next Time!


4 thoughts on “Rising to the Challenge, Part 3!

  1. run4joy59 says:

    You are amazing!! How wonderful that you are able to love yourself just as you are…that’s something not very many people manage to do…even the skinny minnies who’ve never had a weight problem!! Keep rockin’!!


    • sondrajo says:

      Hi Sammy!
      I had weight loss surgery last June, and it’s helped me develop a healthier lifestyle overall, which has made the process a bit faster in my case. But I promise, good nutrition and exercise WILL pay off!! šŸ™‚


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