Skinny Girl Problems….

Gobble, gobble! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Also, if you consider Black Friday to be somewhat of a holiday ( I know it’s really horrible, in terms of economic responsibility, but I am a die-hard recessionista. I needs what I need, and I need it at a DISCOUNT!), I hope you enjoyed that equally!

This Thanksgiving, I went to stay with my aunt and uncle in San Bernardino, and it was lovely to spend a few days with them. One funny thing I’ve noticed? Older folks turn into real comedians after they get all of the kids out of the house! For example:

Really? Bite Sized Cornbread?!?!?

Yup. They thought they’d be funny guys and give me my collard greens in a condiment dish, and cornbread the size of a big toe! Just RUDE. But I’ll admit, it was pretty hysterical….especially considering the fact that I didn’t finish it all. Lol.

Oooh! Speaking of food, I promise, promise, promise I will have the mini mozzerella and spinach stuffed meatloaves recipe up tomorrow. It’s just been CRAZY!

Let’s talk Black Friday, shall we?!?

First of all, in Porter Ranch, some lady went all willy nilly, and sprayed people with pepper spray when the line rush began. 1) That is pure insanity! You’re jeopardizing people’s health and alienating their rights for a sale on electronics! SMACK YOURSELF! 2) I have a teeny, tiny bit of respect for her. After all, don’t I always say it? “Go hard, or go HOME!” She, apparently, was NOT going home without everything on her list. And she’s crazy.

Me, on the other hand? I did not brave the crowds this year. I know, GASP! But honestly, I realized this year that with our economy in the state it’s in, Black Friday is a big sham. This blog isn’t about politics, so I won’t go there. Partly because, well….with this economy, I can’t afford to NOT shop on Black Friday. I am in need of a new laptop. I’ve been wanting a down alternative comforter since last year when I finally bought my coveted Liberty of London bedset, I needed pots and pans for the new house, but was too stingy to splurge on them….the list goes on! So, I give you:

Sondra’s Black Friday Steals:

1 Toshiba 17.3″ laptop with webcam and a bunch of other high tech stuff I won’t understand fully. $398

1 Down alternative comforter. $24.99

1 2″ Memory foam cooling mattress topper $28.88

1 18 piece non stick Farberware cookset $39.99

Also, my aunt has gotten me addicted to QVC deals, and they were kind enough to supply me with a Clarisonic facial care system for $124! And it’s cheetah print! And comes with Philosophy cleanser and everything! WOO!

And? I used Ebates for all my purchases, so I get a percentage of cash back from each retailer. BAM!

Ok, enough with all that.

Also, I got to see my babies while I was there. I took them out on Saturday to eat and a movie. First, let me just say I am still astonished that they chose to eat at Costco( the one foodcourt that has virtually NOTHING I can or should eat). Really? Of all the places you could choose, you want to eat at the Costco food court? Talk about cheap dates! 6 mouths, $20! Lol. Then, I take them to see the new Twilight movie, and my 9 and 13 year old nieces were acting ridiculous. Some of my favorite shenanigans-laced phrases?

“I will not behave myself! Sexy Jacob is in this movie!”

“Oh. My. God. Team Edward, Team Jacob….whatever! I’ll be on both teams!”

“OMG! He took his shirt off! Whew! He’s so fine!”

(While Bella is in a rather compromising position on a table) “Why doesn’t she close her legs?! That’s what got her in trouble in the first place!”

Clearly, words somewhat fail me. I spent half the dang movie covering a nine year olds’ eyes. And it was rated PG13, but I don’t know how they came up with that! Gee whiz!

All in all, it was a lovely holiday weekend. It was nice, because a lot of the people I got to see were kind enough to tell me how much they have enjoyed the blog, and that made me feel an enormous swell of pride.

Next week, I’ll be posting the next installment of the 30 Day Challenges. Last weigh in, I had lost 80 lbs. I won’t weigh again until the end of this week or beginning of next, just to excite myself a little before the real holidays begin. 🙂

So….I think I’ve covered all of the important stuff. Very excited to head to Torrid today and interview to go back for the holidays. Sometimes,  I miss retail just a little bit, and with 3.5 work days a week, I can definitely swing a shift or two for some extra spending money, and a 40% discount (although, may I point out, I am two sizes away from not fitting Torrid Plus Sized clothing!! WOO!)

I’ll leave you with my favorite status update of the weekend:

“…did I really come to San Bernardino for four days and not go to Rosie’s for a burrito, Crossroads for a sub, or Bakers for a shake? Hmm. Can’t eat any of it. #skinnygirlproblems ♥”

I was inspired by my little sister Aubrey’s post about my sister Shelby attempting to dance on her knees to some Ciara video, and getting rugburn. She tagged it with #whitegirlproblems, and I pretty much couldn’t breathe for ten minutes because I was laughing so hard! I think I’ll start trending #skinnygirlproblems on Twitter!

‘Til Next Time!


The World’s Largest Ball of Tape….

I have lost 80 lbs.

EIGHTY! That is equivalent to the world’s largest ball of tape, if you didn’t know.

I can’t lie…I am thrilled with this discovery. I am 50 lbs from my goal weight. I weigh 225. I don’t know when I weighed anything near that. I see the difference in the way strangers treat me, and men approach me. My legs seem longer, and my waist seems so tiny for some reason. I feel like I walk taller. Such little things I never knew I was missing before, but now they seem like the biggest deal to me! It’s not always fun or easy. I have really bad days where nothing tastes right, and everything makes my tummy hurt. But these results are worth it!

Ironically, Thanksgiving is the 5 month anniversary of my surgery. I’ve never been a big fan of Thanksgiving. I was taught to give thanks EVERY day for all of my blessings. That’s why I try my hardest to maintain a positive outlook; I know the flip side of this happiness. I’ve been poor. I’ve been homeless. I’ve been morbidly obese. I’ve been abused. I’ve been scared. I’ve made mistakes.

Knowing that I have come so far from those days, and those circumstances? It’s definitely motivated me to see the best part of ANY obstacle…although I still get annoyed with some things routinely ( did I mention I HATE the DMV? I HATE THEM!).

Also, why is it that people put so much effort into making tons of food, and then we eat off of it for days and days. Then men get sleepy after overindulging and just watch football all day. The women map out their Black Friday shopping attack (can’t really be mad at that, though. Sondra needs a new laptop, and Sondra is getting it on Black Friday for a killer deal). I don’t know. The best part of it, for me, is getting all of my family and friends together. Well, that and the time off. Lol. Otherwise, I could do without it. I hate massive amounts of food, even before surgery. Buffets and such sort of disgust me for some reason. Crazy, right?!

So, this year, I am going to my aunt’s house. My aunt and uncle are on a vegetarian diet, so I don’t really have to worry about massive amounts of food I don’t want or need….but I get to see my church family, and spend time with loved ones. I will partake in Black Friday, with the intention of procuring said new laptop for a bargain. I may also knock out some Christmas shopping, funds permitting.

I am anxiously awaiting the week of December 12th, because that is the week I will get my car. Of course, I am ecstatic. I am still sitting here with my heart set on the Dodge Caliber, but I have decided that I will stay within my means, and get the best deal with the best safety rating and features when the time comes. A friend of mine has a boyfriend that works at a very reputable dealership, and I plan to spend some time with him and see what we can do. I am ready to be mobile again, so I can get back to school, and start my Italian courses, too!

Speaking of which, as a complete sidenote, I found an Italian study/conversation group here in North County I plan on joining. They meet up at coffee shops and practice with each other, having conversations over caffe. Let’s face it: That’s pure genius!

OH! Speaking of genius! Went to see Candace again, and finally did the ombre haircolor (see: 23 Things I Plan to Do before I Turn 24). Are you ready?

Ooooh la la ombre!

Subtle, but edgy!

My favorite photo of myself....for now. Lol.

Clearly, I love it. For all of my local readers, you can find Candace on Facebook under “Candace Givens,” or let me know you’re interested, and I’ll get you in touch with her. Reasonable prices, and impeccable styling! What more could you want?

Basically, it was a good weekend. Work has been crazy. 3 12-hour days in a row can be killer, but a 4 day weekend is well worth it. Very glad I got to see so many familiar faces while I was in San Bernardino, and I am excited to be back out there for the holiday to enjoy those faces some more!

I’ll post the recipe for my mini spinach and mozzarella stuffed meatloaves tomorrow, by the way!

I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving, no matter how you feel about it! Enjoy the time with people you love, and be like the crazy lady in those hilarious Black Friday Target commercials. She pretty much makes my day!

“Oh what fun it is to show, that your work is superior to others….”


‘Til Next Time!


Viva Italia! & Other Randomness.

It’s Tuesday, and I am sick! No bueno!

However, I am anticipating the arrival of some books I ordered on Amazon, so I am ok.

I decided a few months ago that when I get my tax return next year, that rather than throw a big “Woo, hoo! I lost a ton of weight!” party, that I am going to buy myself a ticket to Italy. With my mom being Italian, it seems like a place I need to experience. It’s one of my top three. As a matter of fact, Greece is also in my top 3, and I have decided to make a two week expenditure, and spend a few days there, as well.

So of course, being myself, I started preparing awhile ago.

First, I went on, where you can always find travel guides for ANY destination your heart desires. I scoped out reviews from other travelers, the highlights of the country, etc.

Second, I learned that with my mom’s timeshare, I can stay anywhere overseas for only $200 a WEEK!

Third, I started researching flight prices. They range from $700-900 round trip, but deals come up around the time you actually purchase the ticket, so I’ve got faith in my bargain-finding abilities when the time comes.

Then, I decided I better learn some REAL Italian….not just some “Hello,” “Goodbye,” and “Life is what you make it” type of stuff! So, I have purchased Italian for Dummies, Instant Immersion Italian, and an English-to-Italian dictionary.

I also purchased Fodor’s Italy guide, so I can start to map out what landmarks and hot spots I plan to see. I’ll buy my ticket next year, but I don’t plan on actually going until 2013. I will spend next year making the various accomodations and such. I have a huge list of things to do and see, so I will be making sure that all of it pretty much runs smoothly….especially in the event that I end up going alone. Fact of the matter is, I love exploring, and if I’m not driving, I really don’t mind getting lost. I find it kind of enchanting, really.

What I plan to do in Italy:

Cities: Rome, Milan, Venice, and Sorrento are the main concerns for me. I’d also like to see Verona….I love the majestic beauty of it, and it makes me think that Romeo and Juliet might be true….

Shopping: I will procure a bag like no other. And I will be very ridiculously shallow and say, “Oh, thanks! I got it when I was in Italy!” when people comment on it.

Spas: I will definitely get my pamper on.

Beaches: I might just have to hit up the Amalfi coast, depending on what time of year I get there.

Men: I plan on making friends with someone, solely to procure a ride on their Vespa. A girl can dream….but I’m actually dead serious.

Food: I will eat LEGIT pizza and gelato. I won’t eat much, obviously. But I’ll get my fix! I might even go crazy and enjoy some authentic Italian pasta. I promise, homemade noodles are SOOOO much better than anything you can buy dried in the store! Actually, you know what? I’ll eat whatever sounds good, and savor all four bites!

Planning this trip is so exciting for me, because I have learned I can do pretty much whatever I focus on. This is yet another life-long dream coming true…and I am MORE than ready to purchase that ticket, and prepare to be an International jet-setter!

Did I mention that while watching the latest episode of Pan-Am last night, I thought: “Hey, maybe when I reach my goal weight, I’ll apply to be a flight attendant!” Call me crazy….but that might be juuuuust the ticket! 🙂

Speaking of travel, thanks to  a major boo-boo on the DMV’s part, my car plans have been delayed. SO pissed! But, the good news is, everything is fixed, and it takes a few days to process to corrections, and I am shooting for having my car the first week of December. Works for me…although I HATE changing my deadlines. Makes me feel like I failed a bit, you know? Not cool! I have been ranting about planning a sneak attack on the ridiculous folks at the DMV. All you need to know is that they involve a Goodwill purse, and an angry girl named Sondra.

On a completely unrelated note, most people know that I’m no die-hard Beyonce fan. I do, however, appreciate her style, and her dance tracks. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the single below….and the green fur coat and various other pieces she is rocking in this video are inspiring me to no end! You go ‘head, B!

OH! And only 10 days to Black Friday! I’m getting a new laptop with a webcam….so I can Skype and start my YouTube channel! WOOO! You thought I was bad in print? Wait ’til the videos start. Haha.

‘Til Next Time!


A Purge, and a Binge.

Why, hellloooo there!

I have been having a really hard time dealing with some people in my life that simply insist on making appearances, although I know that their sincerity is lacking( I mean, if you KNOW you did someone wrong, and that you don’t treat them like a friend, why are you breaking your freakin’ neck to contact them?). In fact, I’d be lying if I ventured to say I miss them. It’s times like these where I do my best to be genuine and say nothing, rather than say things I do not truly mean (such as, “I miss you, too!” or “We should do lunch!” or “I’m not mad/hurt/upset. I understand.”)

When I get like this, I start doing any and every single thing that I can to improve my surroundings. I reach out to those that I truly do miss, and truly do want to see in the near future. I clean my room, do every single load of laundry in my hamper(s), organize and purge my closet and cosmetics, organize my life, update my planner, and tell people I love them. This is simply how I deal with the amazingly TRIFLING people in my life, who surprisingly were once a huge part of my life. It’s strange how great friends become strangers, with underlying feelings of resentment.

But it’s awesome that I have so many things in my closet and cosmetic bags that others will be thrilled to receive!

Yesterday, I went to breakfast with my Other Mother, Melanie. Kyle and Aubrey joined us and I finally got to eat at The Broken Yolk Cafe! I must say, it wasn’t anything too special, but really…when it comes to food, none of it really qualifies as special to me anymore.However, time with loved ones is always something I view in a special light, and we had a hilarious morning, which is not unusual.

After breakfast, we went across the shopping center to Nordstrom’s Rack and I got the most FIERCE brown riding jacket with awesome elbow patches. Even better? It was on clearance for $23! Such a steal, considering I usually avoid the Rack, since it’s just super expensive marked down to plain expensive. Lol.

After breakfast, I came home to find out that I received a delightfully surprising delivery from Torrid. 3 pairs of jeans and a killer vintage-looking bodysuit! And after marveling at the fact that I am now wearing size SIXTEEN jeans, when just three months ago I was wearing size 20 and 22, I changed into Uggs and a hoodie and got ready to hit the mall with my Bestie. Hence, where the binge part comes in!

See, there are some times when I firmly believe that there is a higher shopping power smiling down on me. It happens quite frequently, in fact. Evidence? Allow me!

Charlotte Russe: An additional 40% off clearance and last pairs of shoes 50% off. Size 11 is almost always the last pair. So I almost always get them half off….if they haven’t been marked down to less than that already. So, I ended up getting a black metallic cropped jacket and a pair of wedge booties for a steal. Not to mention, I texted the BFF club for an offer and was fortunate enough to get a $5 off any purchase of $25 or more. SCORE!

JC Penney: Store-wide clearance starting at $2.97. What did I get? 3 pairs of shorts for $2.97 each, one super cute slouch-like tee, and a gauzy draped cardigan. Total, after the kind saleslady gave me an additional 20% off coupon? $15.

Icing: All red-line items on sale, 5 for $10! $2 each, or $5 if the item was originally more than $15 I got a killer black laquered jewelry box with a photo of the Eiffel Tower for $5. It was originally $25!

Claire’s: All redline items $1 or an additional 50% off clearance. Got 2 rings and a necklace for $3.

Torrid: An additional 50% off clearance. Got some killer bronze metallic snakeskin wedges for $11.

After totaling my purchases from my mall expenditure yesterday, I realized I spent a grand total of about $43, and got a TON of stuff. Gotta love holiday weekends in retail land!

I tried on the shorts at JCP yesterday, and bought ones that fit now, and some smaller for later. It’s crazy, because I just recently mentioned in a post that it’d be nice to have one of those nifty little spaces between my legs someday. And guess what? The last 30 Day Challenge post made me realize, looking at the crazy chonies photo, that I DO in fact have one of those spaces! And then, I wore those shorts last night at home with the super cute new tee to look at them in the mirror together, and thought to myself…”WHAT THE HECK?!?!?”

My thighs are still ridiculous….but those shorts, in all of their bargain glory, sure do make me ridiculously happy!

With all that being said, you can see why I need to make room in my closet! Lol.

All in all, it’s been a great weekend.

Rising to the Challenge, Part 3!

Let me start by apologizing for the quality of the photos that are going to be displayed in this post. I really should just suck it up and ask someone to take them for me, but I just do it myself.

Partly because of the happy-inducing Lil Wayne quote on my mirror, and also partly because I usually do these posts on Tuesdays when I am off, and home alone.But, moving on….

It’s been another 30 days, and so it is time yet again to show photo documentation of the SeeSondraSlim journey!

I have lost 70 lbs as of my last weigh in, which I believe was last week. I won’t be weighing myself again until Friday, so we will stick with that number for now, yes?

Front Shot!

Side Shot...and um...where are my boobs?!?!

And a shot in my chonies....because those shorts make me look puffy!

And a shot in my chonies....because those shorts make me look puffy!

So there you have it. I officially have photos of myself in my underwear online. My father will be oh so proud! Lol.

I am going to tell you a little something: I LOVE this last photo of myself. It’s not perfect. It’s not the body every woman lusts after getting….but all I see when I look at it, is improvement! I truly had a moment where I didn’t get pissed at the fact that my thighs refuse to get smaller even after four months of protein shakes and baby bowls of food, I didn’t get annoyed that my chonies don’t make a straight line across my hips, and I didn’t even almost shed tears over the fact that my chest is slowly departing.

I just loved myself completely for a minute…..flaws and all.

As I’ve said in previous challenge posts, it’s REALLY hard to imagine myself 70 lbs ago. You wouldn’t have caught me dead taking photos of myself in my undies back then, let alone posting them! I guess I can honestly say that I am starting to see the differences as time goes by. And I am so overwhelmingly PROUD of myself. I may not have six pack abs yet (but I do know that iTan can actually airbrush those for me, lol), but this is a start. Also, may I point out that I formerly could not purchase panties at Victoria’s Secret? Secret is, you need a smaller stomach to wear them….go figure! I’m very proud of my size XL (sidenote: VS PINK does NOT go above a size L. And I don’t care that it’s a line geared towards the college crowd. College girls wear size XL too, you discriminators!) zebra chonies, and I guess they don’t look half bad!

Moral of the story? What a difference a month can make! Another 30 days, another batch of photos so that I can make it easier for everyone to SEE the changes that I am starting to see in myself.

Again, a huge thank you and much love to all those who have supported, motivated, inspired, and followed my journey. It means more than words can possibly articulate, but I’ll keep trying anyway!

‘Til Next Time!