“One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show!”

Let me just say that I know that the things I am about to vent about/share seem a bit silly. But I am genuinely mind boggled and annoyed! And you all always help me so much, just by reading and leaving your awesome comments and insight!

So, shall we?

1. I’m not being a “Player.” Players make people think they are more of a priority than they actually are, and mislead them in various ways. I prefer the term “Dater.” There is no (mutual) statement of exclusivity to tie me to any of the contenders. Yes, I said contenders. People need to work for the privilege of your attention and time. You should call them contenders, too! May the best man win!

2. Being a dater is not as glamorous as the movies, novels, and Sex and the City episodes depicted. I am thoroughly confused. I’ve got a good 9-10 guys I text/talk to on a daily basis, and I accidentally mixed up names and numbers in my phone. Which means I’ve had to break my neck to cleverly ask them their names, and figure out who is who. If you ever want to feel REALLY stupid, just ask a guy named Ty, “How do you spell your name again? I want to make sure I did it right….” WOMP,WOMP!

3. Once you get the names down, you talk to them all so frequently that you start to mix them all up. So then, it’s “Send me a picture for your caller ID pik!” and then you’re like, “Awww, crap! I thought he was the TALL one with the nice abs, not the darker one with the super pretty smile!” Ugh….waste of time. WASTE. OF. TIME.

4. One of them calls you at midnight from a private number. RUDE. So you answer, fearing it’s the police asking you to come pick your father up from a bus stop bench again, but you learn it’s some guy. And you tell him “Um…I’m asleep! I have work in the morning. Call me tomorrow….BEFORE 10 pm!” and THEN, he calls you the next day at seven thirty pm, and says “Do you know who this is?” No, dummy! You called me from a private number. Who are you, and what on earth do you want? And why is your number private? What are you hiding? And also, can you send me a picture for your caller ID pik……? Lol.

5. Dating and such is not the same as it was five years ago when I was fresh out of high school. I have work, workouts, Vegas trips, etc…..I do not have TIME to keep names and photos straight, nor to even legitimately date the guys! But I love the attention! I love having the options. I know that I’ll eventually make time, once I have my car, and once I get a little more accustomed to the new work schedule. But really? I’m just having fun right now. There are TWO guys who I am actually interested in. And it’s not like the old days, where you could just number the guys in your phone. “Oh, number one called earlier, but he’s not as funny as number 7…..I don’t know how I feel about number three, he’s a flake….” LOL. I am ashamed to say I actually did that.

Bleh. Well, what can you do? For whatever reason, although I’ve made it clear I’m not the type of girl who does casual flings, and that I am not trying to marry a man in the military and mass produce children, and that I do not accept phone calls after ten pm, and that I have a busy schedule….they keep texting and calling. And I keep mixing them up. And I think I’m in a little over my head! Lol.

Any suggestions? I promise I’m actually going to go out with some of these guys. There’s an authentic Thai restaurant I heard about that I’m dying to try, and it sounds like the perfect date place!

I asked that guy Jesse out on an NFL Sunday date, because we are both NFL fans, and he was all gung-ho and said “I’d love to! :)” and I let it slide that he sent me a smiley face emoticon and everything….and I haven’t heard from him in almost a month. Kind of a bummer, but as I always say: “One monkey don’t stop no show!”

The show must go on! And I must get a better dating organization system! AHHH!

Good gracious, and good night!

‘Til Next Time!


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