….but YOU Can Call Me Hollywood….

It’s almost WEDNESDAY! Which means the week is almost OVER! Kinda….

Anyways, moving on! I had a million things run across my mind today, and I feel like sharing.

First, my SeeSondraSlim business cards, or “Promo Cards” as I like to call them, arrived today!


New SeeSondraSlim promo cards arrived in the mail today!! ❤

If you find yourself in the market for some snazzy cards of your own, check out Moo.com! I was able to upload my own images, and crop them to my liking for my cards. I’m still in search of the perfect S3 Logo, but in the meantime, I have to say it….putting my own face on them seemed to be pretty legit! Especially considering the fact that I claim to be a narcissist. The back of the cards display all my social networking and blog info, and even have a cool scan code that phones can pick up to take you to my site! SWEET! If you’re interested in having some of your own, click here for a promotion they are running to get 10 FREE cards of your own, shipping included! Have some fun with it…I know I did! And now, I have a way to share my blog with others that doesn’t involve writing URL addresses on receipts and other odds and ends. Lol.

Also, I had an interesting conversation with one of the guys that used to call me constantly. We just sort of drifted apart (my fault, admittedly), and today he called just to tell me he was thinking about me, and that he sees all the changes I am making. He also said that he was proud, but not surprised. When people say things like that, it makes my heart swell with an inexplicable pride. I tell myself everyday that I am a force to be reckoned with, and that I can do anything I put my mind to. But, there is just something about someone else seeing that in you, and letting you know. He’s always called me “Hollywood,” which kinda makes my skin crawl. I know I have Diva tendencies and I’m a bit over the top, but to me that moniker implies that I am ridiculously materialistic and shallow or something. I inquired as to why he insists on that nickname, and he says “It’s rooted in American history, CJ. Everyone knows the magic of it, but not everyone can find the courage to just get there.” Now that? That, my friends, was quite the compliment. And now, I might have a teeny, tiny piece of myself regretting that I let someone that eloquent get away!

Which brings me to the next thing I thought about. The cold weather is approaching! Which means I am missing those years way back when (yeah, it’s been THAT long) that I had a boyfriend to plan awesome trips with, and cozy meals for, and all that other mushy seasonal relationship crap. I did recently propose an NFL date to the one person I have any interest in recently, but he is still in Texas, and I haven’t taken the initiative to contact him since then. And he certainly hasn’t called me, so maybe that one is no longer valid. I’m not really worried, because I have a feeling that someone will show up and make me go all crazy and goo-goo eyed when I least expect it. Until then, it’s not like I don’t have plenty of things to keep me occupied!

For starters, I am re-instituting the 6am workouts starting tomorrow. I am TERRIFIED that I will end up a big bag of drooping skin, and while I realize this isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a person, it’s still not ideal. And I am not getting to the gym nearly enough. I hit the Wii Fit this morning, and then proceeded to make a YouTube playlist and learn the choreography to SuperBass by Nicki Minaj and Crazy in Love by Beyonce….but it’s not enough. So, back to early mornings of running it is! Wish me luck…because my alarm clock and I are not the best of friends!

I found a little surprise in my closet Sunday night, as I was hanging up the dresses I had been playing dress-up in. Don’t even get me started.

I've named him Spike. I'm selling him on CraigsList...

Hmmm. I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Getting back into selling mark. again, so I am working on not only marketing S3, but marketing that business as well. I’ve had the tools for the whole time, but I need to get back into doing the makeup parties, etc. The new magalog is out, and the holiday items are seriously lust-worthy! Check out my mark e-boutique if it suits your fancy! My mark. E-boutique.

Also, check out my friend Denise’s Scentsy website. I am newly obsessed with Scentsy! I have the prettiest wall burner, and my new full sized burner and scent bars should be arriving this week! My room is going to smell like heaven! People go nuts over it for a reason…I am mad it took me so long to check it out! I’ll post piks of my new burners soon!

If you get bored, have some fun with these:

Nicki Minaj Super Bass Choreography Tutorial

Beyonce Crazy in Love Choreography Tutorial

Yup. I really spent time learning these, with videos. Lol.

Hope everyone gets through the rest of the week smoothly!

‘Til Next Time!


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