“One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show!”

Let me just say that I know that the things I am about to vent about/share seem a bit silly. But I am genuinely mind boggled and annoyed! And you all always help me so much, just by reading and leaving your awesome comments and insight!

So, shall we?

1. I’m not being a “Player.” Players make people think they are more of a priority than they actually are, and mislead them in various ways. I prefer the term “Dater.” There is no (mutual) statement of exclusivity to tie me to any of the contenders. Yes, I said contenders. People need to work for the privilege of your attention and time. You should call them contenders, too! May the best man win!

2. Being a dater is not as glamorous as the movies, novels, and Sex and the City episodes depicted. I am thoroughly confused. I’ve got a good 9-10 guys I text/talk to on a daily basis, and I accidentally mixed up names and numbers in my phone. Which means I’ve had to break my neck to cleverly ask them their names, and figure out who is who. If you ever want to feel REALLY stupid, just ask a guy named Ty, “How do you spell your name again? I want to make sure I did it right….” WOMP,WOMP!

3. Once you get the names down, you talk to them all so frequently that you start to mix them all up. So then, it’s “Send me a picture for your caller ID pik!” and then you’re like, “Awww, crap! I thought he was the TALL one with the nice abs, not the darker one with the super pretty smile!” Ugh….waste of time. WASTE. OF. TIME.

4. One of them calls you at midnight from a private number. RUDE. So you answer, fearing it’s the police asking you to come pick your father up from a bus stop bench again, but you learn it’s some guy. And you tell him “Um…I’m asleep! I have work in the morning. Call me tomorrow….BEFORE 10 pm!” and THEN, he calls you the next day at seven thirty pm, and says “Do you know who this is?” No, dummy! You called me from a private number. Who are you, and what on earth do you want? And why is your number private? What are you hiding? And also, can you send me a picture for your caller ID pik……? Lol.

5. Dating and such is not the same as it was five years ago when I was fresh out of high school. I have work, workouts, Vegas trips, etc…..I do not have TIME to keep names and photos straight, nor to even legitimately date the guys! But I love the attention! I love having the options. I know that I’ll eventually make time, once I have my car, and once I get a little more accustomed to the new work schedule. But really? I’m just having fun right now. There are TWO guys who I am actually interested in. And it’s not like the old days, where you could just number the guys in your phone. “Oh, number one called earlier, but he’s not as funny as number 7…..I don’t know how I feel about number three, he’s a flake….” LOL. I am ashamed to say I actually did that.

Bleh. Well, what can you do? For whatever reason, although I’ve made it clear I’m not the type of girl who does casual flings, and that I am not trying to marry a man in the military and mass produce children, and that I do not accept phone calls after ten pm, and that I have a busy schedule….they keep texting and calling. And I keep mixing them up. And I think I’m in a little over my head! Lol.

Any suggestions? I promise I’m actually going to go out with some of these guys. There’s an authentic Thai restaurant I heard about that I’m dying to try, and it sounds like the perfect date place!

I asked that guy Jesse out on an NFL Sunday date, because we are both NFL fans, and he was all gung-ho and said “I’d love to! :)” and I let it slide that he sent me a smiley face emoticon and everything….and I haven’t heard from him in almost a month. Kind of a bummer, but as I always say: “One monkey don’t stop no show!”

The show must go on! And I must get a better dating organization system! AHHH!

Good gracious, and good night!

‘Til Next Time!


Things I Won’t Miss About Being a Big Girl…

Mmmmhmm. I said it.

Might sound a bit ridiculous, but there are some things that I cannot WAIT to put behind me in life as I shed the pounds. and well, let’s face it, lists are pretty amusing, in terms of how to share with people. It’s clear, concise, and still leaves room for a bit of humor. Best case scenario, they encourage me to keep it brief…but, well…you know me!

So, shall we?

Things I Will NOT Miss from My Life as a [Former] Big Girl”

1. I will NOT miss the men who approach me solely because I am plus sized. “Dang girl…you big just the way I like ’em! And you cute, too!” Call me shallow…but should the cute come first there, ya think? Hot mess!

2. I will NOT miss what I like to call the “Big Girl Shorts Dance.” A.K.A. the uncomfortable and not easily missed action of try to readjust your shorts because your thighs rub together, and you can’t freaking look like a normal person, because there is a big “V” -like wrinkle right there, where your shorts are supposed to fall normally. Maybe you can relate, maybe not. Feel free to ask me to demonstrate in person. That’s one of my FAVORITE jokes to use, and it’s pretty dang funny. You’ll notice you don’t see me in shorts too often.

3. Shoot. I will NOT miss my thighs rubbing together. HALLELUJAH!  Maybe I’ll get one of those nifty little spaces between my legs like everyone else. And then my shorts won’t have anywhere to hide!

4. I will NOT miss having to act a fool with people who think I can’t hear them when they make little fat jokes when I walk past. Realistically, someone will ALWAYS have something to say about you….fat, skinny, tall, short…whatever. But it really pushes my buttons when people do that. They don’t even KNOW me, but they blame me for little earthquakes when I walk by? Oh, honey! I’ll SHOW you a natural disaster, right after I’m done verbally assaulting you. Then at least I get to be the MEAN and fat girl. I can deal with that.

5. The quaint descriptions people bestow upon you: “She’s the kinda (motions hands about 2 ft from either side of their body)… um…big girl? With the curly hair?” Shame on it.

6. The looks the clerks give you at that utterly absurd 3,5,7 store in Ontario Mills. Whose bright idea was it to have a store that only sells three sizes, anyways? Smack yourself!

7. The “harmless” comments from the Asian nail ladies. “You have BIG leg! You big girl! Big feet!” Yeah, well….you have big mouth. You just go ahead and smack yourself, too!

8. How about the guys that aren’t chubby chasers? Those are some real charmers right there….”You know, I normally don’t go for big girls….”. Ok. So I’m the graaaand exception, and I’m supposed feel super special? No. I normally don’t go for the mentally handicapped, so you thank ME, how about that?

9. I won’t miss girls who look at me like I committed a felony when I walk down the street with a reeeeeally good looking guy. Hate on me, hater! But hey, don’t worry….he usually plays shallow and doesn’t go for my type. Maybe he’ll pick you next time? Good luck with that!

10. Ahhh. I think I’ll end here, before I get even more riled up. I will not miss walking into a store and having to beeline for the accessories. I patiently (ha, right) await the day that I can shop in any store, and buy anything I’d like. Unfortunately, I know the shoes will always be an issue (it’s 2011, and models have HUGE feet. Can I puh-leeeze get Size 11 cute shoes regularly in stock? DANG!), but hey….progress is progress!

Well, this was VERY fun for me. And although I know I seem to be bitter and cynical in some respects…I am truly having fun with this. And I am not resentful….just observant. There are stigmas about every body type…but I’ve become very familiar with the ignorant ones that chase after the “chubbies” like myself. Sometimes, you just have to keep it real, call ’em out, and keep on going.

‘Til next time!


5 Reasons to Love Yourself

Whew! Is it already Thursday? Quick weekly recap?:

1. Not only do my bangs STILL continue to make me ridiculously happy on a daily basis, but now, my peek-a-boo blonde highlights also make my freakin’ day! Candace, once again, did a fantastic job! I’m enamored!

So THIS is love!

2. I went to H and M the same day I got my hair done, and bought FIVE dresses, for $35! All of them were $7 on clearance. And they were size 14! According to Candace, H&M runs a size small….which means I am wearing size 12 dresses. Please….no applause! 😉 My favorite thing? One of the dresses makes me look like a big, bi-racial Rachel Berry from Glee. Lol.


3. Alex’s boyfriend came home last Friday, and a) it is SO nice to see my best friend happy, and a little more relieved now that her boyfriend is back. 2) Someone is here to prank her the way she pranks me. Payback is a you-know-what! YESSSS!

4. Speaking of which, did I mention we went to the Haunted Trail in Balboa Park last week and a man with a chainsaw CHASED me all over the place? Not the business! Don’t these people know I’m crazy?!?! Although, I was still cruising on an adrenaline high from finding $20 before we got into the trail, so I was good!

It’s been about 17 weeks since I had my VSG Weight Loss Surgery, and I am down 68 lbs!

I have to say, time flies when you’re changing your life!

I wake up every morning, and forget that I have a completely new life now. It’s habit to go about my morning my routine, and then make my protein shake, or grab a protein bar to start my day. I remember back in the day, when I never even ate breakfast! Now, you can see a noticeable difference in me if I miss it…and yet, I only drink it because I need to! It’s so nice to wake up without being hungry, and to think of ten million other things to do when I’m hungry, besides eating!

My pants are all pretty much worthless these days. I bought scrubs in a smaller size than I would have a few months ago, and HALLELUJAH, the thighs aren’t being suffocated by the bottoms!  As a matter of fact, the dang things constantly have to be tightened all day. Also, I used to wear a size 22 in jeans…I just purchased two pairs of size 18’s (on CLEARANCE!) and bought dresses at H and M in a size 14!It’s an awesome feeling. My dimples show more, my face looks thinner, and I just feel BETTER most days.

So, in celebration of the “little things” in the weight loss journey? I give you:

5 Reasons to Love Yourself, No Matter What

1. I don’t care how many times people tell you who or what you remind them of. You are the most UNIQUE, and POWERFUL thing you will ever encounter in your existence. You just have to decide to embrace and utilize that. Don’t settle for less than you want, and never accept less than you deserve just because it’s what you wanted. If you put your mind to something, you will figure out a way to make it real every single time. I can tell you this, because I used to be the most self-destructive person, with unbelievably low self-esteem. There was a time in my life when I didn’t speak, and I walked around looking at the ground. But hey, look at me now. 🙂

2. You know what is amazing about life? There is something, and somebody for everyone. Sometimes, I find myself looking at couples wondering “How did he/she end up with him/her, and I’m ALONE?!?!” But you know what? Patience, I am learning, is key. You don’t have to change who you are, or lower your standards to find or hold onto love. Again: “Forget what you feel, and remember what you deserve.” You know those people who work hard, knowing that in time, they will get the promotion and raise? Same concept. Keep doing what you need to do. Love from someone else will come. But it starts with you.

3. You have the ability to change anything you choose. Every revolution started with 1) an idea and 2) a person brave enough to turn that idea into a plan of attack. I never thought I’d be taking this journey. I had to have the guts to find out all the risks and benefits, and then essentially put my life and health into someone else’s hands to get here. But, I DID it. And now, I am here, sharing the journey with people who care enough to check and see how I am doing. It’s scary, putting your life out there for people to view. You know they may analyze, judge, and criticize. But at the end of the day? I just tell it like it is, and call it how I see it. And I am flattered anyone cares to look at all, regardless!

4. You can create happiness. When people seem down, I’ve learned that a simple hug, piece of candy  (BAD Sondra!), note, text, email, or Starbucks run can make all the difference in the world. I do silly little things like putting up “positive thought” posters, because everyone always looks and has no choice but to smile for at least a second….even if it’s just at the fact that I really went to all that trouble. I am a happy person, with a positive outlook. Grumpy people are just an invitation in my eyes! Take that extra step. You’ll be surprised how you make someone’s day! Imagine how different the world could be if we spent a minute talking TO someone, instead of talking ABOUT them. Crazy stuff.

5. Someone loves you. First, I ADORE you. And everyone has family and friends that they consider the biggest part of their hearts. Sometimes, I think if you looked at yourself the way your loved-ones do, you’d walk with your head skyyyyy high! When the people I love compliment me, I’ve learned to say “Thank you!” and take what’s mine. Don’t insult those people by telling them their love and observations are false. They tell you that you are wonderful to remind you, not because they want you to confirm it!

Don’t be afraid to love yourself. You hold more worth than you could ever imagine.

I know I’m getting a little deep here, but still….sometimes, you just gotta go there!

‘Til next time!


….but YOU Can Call Me Hollywood….

It’s almost WEDNESDAY! Which means the week is almost OVER! Kinda….

Anyways, moving on! I had a million things run across my mind today, and I feel like sharing.

First, my SeeSondraSlim business cards, or “Promo Cards” as I like to call them, arrived today!


New SeeSondraSlim promo cards arrived in the mail today!! ❤

If you find yourself in the market for some snazzy cards of your own, check out Moo.com! I was able to upload my own images, and crop them to my liking for my cards. I’m still in search of the perfect S3 Logo, but in the meantime, I have to say it….putting my own face on them seemed to be pretty legit! Especially considering the fact that I claim to be a narcissist. The back of the cards display all my social networking and blog info, and even have a cool scan code that phones can pick up to take you to my site! SWEET! If you’re interested in having some of your own, click here for a promotion they are running to get 10 FREE cards of your own, shipping included! Have some fun with it…I know I did! And now, I have a way to share my blog with others that doesn’t involve writing URL addresses on receipts and other odds and ends. Lol.

Also, I had an interesting conversation with one of the guys that used to call me constantly. We just sort of drifted apart (my fault, admittedly), and today he called just to tell me he was thinking about me, and that he sees all the changes I am making. He also said that he was proud, but not surprised. When people say things like that, it makes my heart swell with an inexplicable pride. I tell myself everyday that I am a force to be reckoned with, and that I can do anything I put my mind to. But, there is just something about someone else seeing that in you, and letting you know. He’s always called me “Hollywood,” which kinda makes my skin crawl. I know I have Diva tendencies and I’m a bit over the top, but to me that moniker implies that I am ridiculously materialistic and shallow or something. I inquired as to why he insists on that nickname, and he says “It’s rooted in American history, CJ. Everyone knows the magic of it, but not everyone can find the courage to just get there.” Now that? That, my friends, was quite the compliment. And now, I might have a teeny, tiny piece of myself regretting that I let someone that eloquent get away!

Which brings me to the next thing I thought about. The cold weather is approaching! Which means I am missing those years way back when (yeah, it’s been THAT long) that I had a boyfriend to plan awesome trips with, and cozy meals for, and all that other mushy seasonal relationship crap. I did recently propose an NFL date to the one person I have any interest in recently, but he is still in Texas, and I haven’t taken the initiative to contact him since then. And he certainly hasn’t called me, so maybe that one is no longer valid. I’m not really worried, because I have a feeling that someone will show up and make me go all crazy and goo-goo eyed when I least expect it. Until then, it’s not like I don’t have plenty of things to keep me occupied!

For starters, I am re-instituting the 6am workouts starting tomorrow. I am TERRIFIED that I will end up a big bag of drooping skin, and while I realize this isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a person, it’s still not ideal. And I am not getting to the gym nearly enough. I hit the Wii Fit this morning, and then proceeded to make a YouTube playlist and learn the choreography to SuperBass by Nicki Minaj and Crazy in Love by Beyonce….but it’s not enough. So, back to early mornings of running it is! Wish me luck…because my alarm clock and I are not the best of friends!

I found a little surprise in my closet Sunday night, as I was hanging up the dresses I had been playing dress-up in. Don’t even get me started.

I've named him Spike. I'm selling him on CraigsList...

Hmmm. I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Getting back into selling mark. again, so I am working on not only marketing S3, but marketing that business as well. I’ve had the tools for the whole time, but I need to get back into doing the makeup parties, etc. The new magalog is out, and the holiday items are seriously lust-worthy! Check out my mark e-boutique if it suits your fancy! My mark. E-boutique.

Also, check out my friend Denise’s Scentsy website. I am newly obsessed with Scentsy! I have the prettiest wall burner, and my new full sized burner and scent bars should be arriving this week! My room is going to smell like heaven! People go nuts over it for a reason…I am mad it took me so long to check it out! I’ll post piks of my new burners soon!

If you get bored, have some fun with these:

Nicki Minaj Super Bass Choreography Tutorial

Beyonce Crazy in Love Choreography Tutorial

Yup. I really spent time learning these, with videos. Lol.

Hope everyone gets through the rest of the week smoothly!

‘Til Next Time!


Post-a-Day Challenge #272


WordPress has a thing they call The Daily Post, that gives bloggers a topic or “challenge” prompt every day of the year. I just learned about this, and today’s seemed rather appropriate.

Topic #272:

Jody Williams, winner of the 1997 Nobel Peace prize, advises that the winners this year ‘Stay true to themselves’.  This is advice we often here is kids or in movies, but what does it really mean?

First of all, how do you discover who your true self is? It seems many people don’t quite know who they are.  Second, most people have some qualities that they wish they didn’t have, such as jealousy, envy, insecurities or prejudices. Staying true to those things wouldn’t seem to be in our interest.

What does it mean to you to stay true to yourself? Which part of yourself to you think about?

My Response:

It took a LOT of events and epiphanies to learn who I am. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that when it all comes down to it, I am STILL learning more about myself, and who I am every single moment of each and every day. I am loud, crazy, motivated, sarcastic, charming, outgoing, resilient, inquisitive, cynical, unpredictable, attracted to glittery things….the list goes on.

Sometimes, I wish I didn’t criticize myself so much. Despite the utterly narcissistic self-love I’ve got going on, I really concentrate on what I perceive to be my flaws. I hate my flabby arms and my gigantic thighs. I feel slight twinges of jealousy when people talk about their successful relationships, because I haven’t been in a relationship in years. I also discriminate against milk, and all milk-based or milk-like products. I seriously have to drown my soy milk in a) espresso and caramel or b) an extra scoop of powdered pb and chocolate protein to drink it. Also, I have these crazy bouts of anxiety when I feel my OCD getting out of hand: people running late, my hair not cooperating, someone placing salt and pepper shakers in the middle of the table, or leaving their straw wrappers askew? These things actually bother me….to the point that I cannot concentrate on anything except NOT “fixing” whatever is bothering me.

Staying true to myself, for me? It means embracing who I am. So what. I’m a girl with flabby arms, big thighs, OCD, and no boyfriend.

But guess what? At the end of the day, I can be pretty awesome!

Because I am also a girl with a mission, a plan, a purpose, and a mouth full of expletives ready for anyone who has a problem with it.

‘Til next time!


T.G.I.F!….and a Protein Bar Review!


Is it just me, or has this week been crazy?!?! Between a flurry of pouring rain, and shocking sun, and a ton of long work days….I am definitely ready for the weekend!

Some of the Week’s Highlights:

I had Tuesday off. That was kinda nice….got a lot of work done on my room, spent time with my lovely friend Emily, and made yummy Trader Joe’s Shrimp Stir-Fry. I highly recommend it. Good protein, tons of veggies, and the pepper seasoning packet included with it is pretty good! I bought the most adorable shelf online to put on the wall above my nightstand to house some perfumes, etc…and I put it up all by myself! And I am in love with it!

No wonder I used to run the Home Repair Department....lol!

The HR girl at work today came up and asked me about the daily goal, and when I answered correctly, she gave me a Starbuck’s gift card! WOOO!

I went to Charlotte Russe yesterday, and all clearance shoes were on sale for $6.99. Guess who walked out with three pairs, yes….THREE PAIRS of adorable fall-fashion forward booties for a grand total of $22? Yeah, that was me. Please….no applause! 🙂 I can’t wait to put them all to good use! Helllooooo, Autumn!

Ahh....the Thrill of Shoes...!

I paid $1650 worth of debt off ( and almost killed a postal service representative who treated me like an idiot because I didn’t know how to go about sending something via Express Mail). I am officially $800 away from financial freedom, at which point, I have decided to go ahead and go full-throttle with the car situation, and make sure I reach my November 15th goal. With a trip to Vegas at the end of this month right before rent is due? It’s going to be a little tricky….but let’s face it….me and money? We make it work! I’ve made a habit of putting and $1 bills and change (and sometimes, the occasional $5 or $20!)  in my wallet at the end of the day in my cute sparkly gold piggy bank. That way, I’ll have extra Vegas fun-money when the time comes, and in the future, I can use the habit for other trips or expenditures. Not too shabby, if you ask me! One of the better ideas I have had!

Also, my Quest Bar Low Carb Protein Bar samples came in the mail this week! I got two full-sized bars and a handy-dandy refrigerator magnet! WOO!  I decided to have the Chocolate Brownie variety for dinner/dessert that night, and the 20 grams of protein was the perfect way to round out my 60-80 gram daily quota since surgery. And let me tell you, although I am not a huge chocolate fan….I loves me some brownies! Quest Bar did an AWESOME job on that!

If you get the chance, check out QUEST BAR-Low Carb Protein Bar on Facebook here. Also, you can go to their official website here, and order your very own Quest Bars! They are currently offering a promotion for FREE shipping! They also offer a 10% discount if you sign up for their auto-delivery program. You know I love subscription deals!

Quest Bar's Most Popular Line-Up!

I’ll be ordering a box of Vanilla Almond Crunch and I think I’ll be trying some of the PB&J or Apple Pie variety too. I am VERY excited to have a protein bar option that isn’t ridiculously high in sugar or just plain unfavorable on the taste front! The awesome thing is, with 20 grams of protein per bar, all the varieties only have 4-6 grams of carbs each! Even for people who aren’t trying to pack in the protein post weight loss surgery, these are an awesome meal replacement bar, post-workout bar, or good to keep in gym bags, purses, or lockers and desks for an energizing snack during the day.

A Sample of Quest Bar Nutritional Info. IMPRESSIVE!

All in all, it’s been a very good week. I’m sure there is more that I am forgetting….but I’ll cover it when I remember.

In the meantime, cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

P.S. 8 more “likes” for SeeSondraSlim on Facebook, and I’ll officially purchase my domain name, and drop the .wordpress from the URL. I am beyond grateful for all of the support and sharing from all of you! I am excited to see how far the word will spread! Who knew that one girl’s journey could lead to so much?

‘Til next time!


30 Days Later….Rising to the Challenge!

Hello, again!

First, the Resources page here on SeeSondraSlim has been SUUUUPER updated, and there are tons of valuable resources. Links to: A gigantic protein shake recipe list, a chart that breaks down the benefits of Gastric Bypass and LapBand, A web-based TV channel that will not only inform and educate, but CRACK YOU UP!,  a chart that breaks down what most major insurance providers require to approve and pay for bariatric surgery, and tons of other goodies! Be sure to check it out! Might come in handy for you, or someone you know considering or adapting after WLS.

Now, the even better stuff! As promised, I am posting the 30 day photos and baring my white stomach for the world to see! (By the way, I just ordered my Jergen’s Natural Glow lotion on Amazon, and I am ECSTATIC, because it’s like $10 in the store, but I got THREE of them for $20 on there! AMEN! That white skin issue will be history by the time the photo shoot arrives!)

Ahem….tangent? Anyways, I am very excited, because I have to admit, as time passes I do see subtle differences. I still need to work a lot on the toning, but once I get my car, I’ll be in the gym RIGHT AFTER work! And I cannot wait, because I realize that I really enjoy the gym. I get in the zone, and time just kinda flies….I used to count down the seconds on the machines, but now….I am always trying to add time to them, because I can SEE my end result goal in my head. Lovely!

Moving on (another tangent! GOODNESS!), I am excited to see what ya’ll think of the newest photos. I want feedback, you hear me? I am not posting my flesh just for kicks and giggles….I want opinions. Don’t tell me I’m hot or anything…just clue me in on what differences YOU see. I’m a horrible judge of my progress outside stepping on the scale, because I look at myself constantly….in storefront windows, car windows, freezer doors at the grocery store, my mirror at home, I even use my phone as a mirror…..but hey….a girl’s gotta make sure she looks good, right?!?!

So, here they are. 14 weeks post op, and last time I checked? 62….yes, SIXTY TWO pounds lost!!! Feel free to refer to last month’s post, “I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This.”

Side View!

Front View!!

To be honest, I’m really not very happy with these.  But then I think back…..

This was just 3 weeks BEFORE surgery!

No matter how I feel about it, we have come a loooooong way from that! That dress is too big now!

OH! And while we’re at it! If you haven’t yet, please “like” SeeSondraSlim on Facebook. The little like button to your right there will do it with no hassle! And also, please hit the “Subscribe” button! I promise, all it means is that you’ll get an email when a new post is published. No spam, no drama. There are also little buttons at the end of each post, so you can share your faves on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, via Email, or tons of other ways I can’t even tell you about, because I don’t have them. Lol.

You guys are awesome!

The Next “I Can’t Believe I’m Doing This!” challenge update will be posted at the beginning of November, right before the Boudoir Divas photo shoot on 11/8! I sprung for hair, makeup, the works! So, we shall see about maybe sharing one of those shots with you! 🙂

‘Til Next Time!


A Spooktacular Eggface Giveaway!!


Sondra’s favorite WLS blogger is having another giveaway….and Sondra wants to win!

But, in the meantime, I wanted to share it with everyone. I have raved about this site, and Michele Vicarri more than I can recount….but giveaways like this are just one of the million reasons why!

Check it out at: http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2011/10/treat-yourself-right-giveaway.html

Simply leave a comment with your name and email, and bam! You’ve got a chance to win. You can also get additional entries for tweeting, blogging, etc about the giveaway. So here we are!

Here is Michele’s breakdown of what is inside this FABULOUS basket:

The Prize: This totally SPOOKTACULAR Gift Basket of Celebrate Vitamin goodies to help you maintain post weight loss surgery good health.

Calcium Plus 500 (Cherry Tart) 90 ct.
Multivitamin (Pineapple Strawberry) 60 ct.
Multivitamin (Mandarin Orange) 60 ct.
30mg Iron (Grape) 30 ct.
B-12 (Cherry) 90 ct.
Sample packets of many of Celebrate’s other yummy flavors


4 single servings of ENS – Multivitamin & Calcium Drink Mix (Wild Cherry)
4 single servings of ENS – Multivitamin & Calcium Drink Mix (Citrus Splash)
4 single servings of ENS – Multivitamin & Calcium Drink Mix (*New flavor* Cranberry – Grape)


4 single servings of ENS + Protein (Vanilla Cake Batter)
4 single servings of ENS + Protein (Chocolate Milk)
4 single servings of ENS + Protein (*New flavor* Strawberry)

Your Multivitamin, Calcium, Fiber and Protein all in one drink. If only these were around when I was a new post-op.

but wait there’s more… a Pumpkin Orange 28 oz. Blender Bottle and a Pill Organizer


Also, please don’t forget to “Like” The World According to Eggface and Celebrate Vitamins on Facebook. You can find both of their pages on the SeeSondraSlim page, under pages I like! Check out Bariatric TV, which I shared a video from earlier today!

<a href=”http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/favabean/Lolatini/buttoncleangrad.png&#8221; /></a>

Goodness. I wish this woman was one of my besties!

‘Til Next Time!


If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It.

Good Afternoon, and HAPPY SUNDAY to everyone!

I woke up this morning to a text from a former co-worker I adore. She asked me how my dieting was going, and I informed her that the last time I checked, I was down 56 pounds. FIFTY SIX pounds. That is absurd, isn’t it? About 14 weeks ago, I had my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy…and I know that I’ve told most of you the story about how I marched in the surgeon’s office declaring that I knew what I wanted, and that I would have it no matter what.

I live my life that way. I want or need something, and I start the process OWNING it. I ignore all feelings of hesitance or anxiety or non-belief. I’m no brave hero, or anything like that. I just can’t pay any mind to those things, because I know that it will set me up for failure. I’m all about the “Believe and Achieve” philosophy….or as I usually say “Speak It Into Existence.” It’s hard to find others to believe in you, but it’s most difficult to believe in yourself. And I have to take that leap of pure FAITH, and know that what I put my mind to is more than attainable….if I just GO for it.

Now, here I am, constantly worried that I won’t lose anything this week, or that I’m not getting enough protein, or that I’m not eating every 2-3 hours like I am supposed to, or I’m not working out enough ( although, I’m really NOT working out enough. But that will change soon!)…and I drive myself crazy! But then I step on that scale, and see the number change so drastically after just a week or so…and I feel so PROUD.

Some of my biggest fears when I was at that 305 lb mark were that someday I’d never be able to have kids…or that if I did, a combination of aging and obesity would make it hard for me to ENJOY them. I was scared that I’d end up with Heart Disease or Diabetes, attributed to my weight. Something that would further affect my life forever. I have so many things left to see, do, and accomplish. I just couldn’t see letting this lifelong battle ruin the rest of what my life has to bring. I absolutely REFUSED, in fact.

A lot of people think Weight Loss Surgery is an “easy way out.” I’ve been fought with on this many times. But there is nothing easy about walking into a doctor’s office and ADMITTING your weight has become the hardest thing to live with in your life. It’s not easy to watch the news and know that you’re part of the ballooning statistics concerning obesity…and that you’ve always been. It’s not easy to go into stores with your thin friends and go straight to the accessories section. It’s not easy to know that being obese doesn’t just affect your life and the way people see, talk about, and treat you; It can KILL you. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea, the inability to conceive….the list goes on and on.

If you think living with that is EASY, then being thin must be really hard! Maybe I made the wrong choice! Lol. Choosing this procedure, and the lifestyle changes it entails was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, albeit smartest. They tell you the risks, and you have to believe that you will NOT be the small percentage of people who don’t make it through, or the slightly larger percentage of people who it doesn’t do much good for. Can you believe that some people actually go through all of this, and still slip back into obesity after? That tells you how much of a DISEASE it is, rather than just a condition.

I knew I needed help, and I got it. A lot of people can’t do that. Because it is NOT, in fact, EASY.

But, here we are. And there is still a LONG way to go…but I feel more excitement than fear these days. I wore my favorite black banded skirt last night, and it was too big around the waist and gapped more around my legs than it used to….and I realized that’s the last time I’ll ever wear it. It no longer works…it’s too BIG. It’s bittersweet….but every time one of my favorite things no longer fits…I have to see it as PROGRESS. I still struggle a little with that concept, because I have an underlying fear of parting with things. I’m a little too nostalgic for my own good!

I am becoming very excited at the idea that I’ll be able to shop for a whole NEW closet of clothes. As a girl with a walk-in closet, this is both daunting and ridiculously amazing at the same time! It will be awhile, because the weight is just going to keep coming off, and I can’t afford to buy things just to get rid of them a few weeks later….but I’ll be MORE than ready when the time comes! And I’ll be shopping at ANY store I feel like!

I know this topic is kind of random….but I have to reflect a lot lately. And the fact is, I think a lot of people can relate to this…whether it’s in terms of weight loss, or another significant struggle in life. Sometimes, the hardest part of beating something, is just ASKING FOR HELP. Acknowledging that you NEED help. I’ve always had a problem with “needing help.” But I have a bigger problem with missing out on life.

And for the record, all of you have been a TREMENDOUS help, whether I’ve asked or not. And for that, I am forever grateful. You’re an amazing group of friends!

And saving the best for last, got on the scale this morning, and it read: 243 lbs. That means, my friends, that I have lost SIXTY TWO lbs to date. Excuse me while I go pour a bucket of Gatorade over my head and celebrate!

‘Til Next Time!