Dreams…and a Recipe!

Goodness gracious.

It’s been a minute, but I am back! A couple of weeks of long nights leave me using every extra second to sleep, catch up with shows on Hulu, or try to do something fun! But, here I am!

First, let’s share the yummy snickers-esque protein shake I made the other morning and posted on the SeeSondraSlim status on Facebook! And, if you haven’t, you should totally search “SeeSondraSlim” on FB and “Like” the page! About 30 more likes, and BAM! 100 fans. Which means….BAM! Another thing crossed off of my “23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24” list. Help a girl out! Now then…on to the protein shake!

What you need:

8 oz soymilk (I like Silk unsweetened. Vanilla or chocolate works fine, as well).

1 scoop chocolate protein (I prefer the GNC generic, it’s pretty good without a ridiculous aftertaste).

1-2 tbsp. powdered peanut butter OR 1 large tbsp or peanut butter

2 tsp Torani sugar-free caramel syrup

What you do:

Well….I just toss it all in my handy dandy Magic Bullet cup and hit the road. You can add ice before blending, and you can use a regular blender. You can mix it by hand, but I imagine the peanut butter would be kinda strange that way! Either way, it’s honestly AMAZING! Even for breakfast. And one scoop of my protein powder has 25 g of protein. 8 oz of Silk has 6, so I get 31 g of protein just in one shake! And I am supposed to have 65-80 a day! Not too shabby!

There are tons of other variations. Powdered peanut butter makes me happy (I like PB2. You can find it on Amazon, or at some specialty retailers. Trader Joe’s has a form of it, as well). I plan to do a spin of this with vanilla protein and sugar-free raspberry syrup….kinda PB and J, I’m thinking!


Well….in addition to having the list I previously mentioned, I also have a few major things I wanted to accomplish before this year was over. The following, I am proud to say have been accomplished:

1. I got a cute place with my bestie.

2. I got my weight loss surgery.

3. I got a new job.

4. I bought some amazing Nine West almond peeptoe pumps for $18. Very retro, very chic. Perfect for my November 8th Boudoir photo shoot. That wasn’t actually on the list….but I needed a way to sneak it in there, and share. LOL.

5. I started my book/memoirs. It goes in a few directions, so I’ll have to keep editing as I go. But all I can say is this: NOBODY is safe. My life is crazy, and at some times, utterly UNBELIEVABLE! So, I am going to include it….because it’s MY life. It’s what shapes me, and what I learn from. Why leave it out, just to spare some people’s feelings…when they had absolutely no regard for mine? I figure as long as I don’t use their real last names, I should be safe from lawsuits….right?

There are a few things left, and they are in the works currently! SOOOOOO close! Keep me in your prayers! It’s driving me crazy, how fast the months are passing by….but it will all work out!

1. Pay off all of my debt. This will be DONE no later than Monday, thanks to a helpful contribution from my father, who recently has a penchant for giving me some of his hard-earned active duty money he has been making. Thanks, DAD!

2. Get my new car. An opportunity has presented itself, and I am on the fence. Whether I go with the new, almost irrefusable option or with my original plan, I’m telling myself I’ll have my car by November 15th….my absolute LATEST deadline.

3. My Vegas trip. It’s the first year in quite a few years that I haven’t gone. And I am VERY excited to embark in less than a month, and have some fun with my friends. My wonderful mother is letting me use her timeshare…so we get to chill in the lap of luxury, and have a blast for a weekend! WOOO! ( I already bought a Jessica Simpson all-sequin dress that is slightly too snug in anticipation. It’s a wrap!)

4. Getting my new laptop. Alex and I are already pumped for Black Friday! So, you know I’ll be making that dream a reality, but it will be a reality on a budget! YES!

There are still a lot of things in the works. My mind is constantly in overdrive, making plans, lists, budgets, budget revisions, payment plans, and so on.

But I know all of the stressing, hard work, and speaking things into existence will pay off.

In the meantime….I’m going to keep going crazy, and hoping the rest of the year is good to me. No complaints so far!

I really appreciate everyone’s feedback and ideas. You guys are AMAZING, and I could not be as dedicated to my journey, or the documenting of it without all of you. Please share your ideas, comments, feedback, and recipes! You’re always an asset to this blog!

‘Til next time!


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