For the Sake of the Update….

Hey there, everyone!

Whew! The last week has been INSANITY! But, I have no complaints.

Started the new job, and it is fantastic. More money, less stress. And, I work with my bestie! It really doesn’t get much better than that! I wear scrubs to work every day, so my worries about all these baggy clothes have been somewhat alleviated. Now, I just have to get to a point where I can stop quenching my shopping thirst by buying accessories and shoes. But, on the bright side? I now have a VERY chic black bag, and tons of cute jewelry. And JC Penney’s has had a ridiculous shoe clearance the past two weekends, so I’ve been getting $50-65 heels for $4.97 and 2.97! What!?!?!?!

In other news, the List is coming along. I got the new job, I got the bangs, and now? Now the big stuff. Hoping to have my new car by November, at the latest. My deadline is so far out mainly because a) Dad’s contribution to my down payment has been decreased and b) I want a bigger down payment, so now I’ll have to save a bit more than I originally planned. Thank goodness for the pay increase!

Come to Momma! 🙂

Don’t ask me why, but I am utterly in love with this car, since the first time I drove one. It has amazing mileage, amazing safety ratings, a Dodge engine, and a lovely turn radius. And 5 people can fit comfortably in it! Nice!

Next? Thanks to Groupon, the Boudoir Divas of San Diego have expedited my photo shoot dreams. Thirty minute shoots in one of their AMAZING settings are currently $99 through Groupon, and include seven enhanced images. Yes….I said ENHANCED! In other words, I get to look like I have no cellulite, rolls, or white legs in seven shots of fabulousness. Deal is only on ’til tomorrow, and they only have a limited quantity. So, if that’s something you’d love to do? Hop on it! You know I’ll be posting piks! I have decided to do the mini shoot as part of the “before process”  and still spoil myself with the big photo shoot after I reach my goal weight…Alex and I just know that the whole thing will be a ton of fun, so we are going for it!

My outfit will be MUCH different. Lol.

Check them out, and see all of the lovely work they do. The Boudoir Divas Website has all of the info you need to start planning your very own sexy photo shoot. If nothing else, do it for YOU!

Current projects? Still working on completing the decoration of the new room and condo, planning the finer details of our trip to Vegas at the end of October, and trying to budget the next three months, in the hopes of being a bit better at saving money. I can MANAGE money… problem. But SAVING money? Not quite so easy. With more money in the future (although, a car and insurance payment and going back to buying these ridiculously expensive gas has me a bit worrisome), I am thinking of a master plan that will eliminate all debt painlessly, and leave me with a stash in the bank for the big Italy trip I plan to take in 2013.

Watch out! You know how I get when I reeeealllly want something!

That’s all for now, but I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has “liked” SeeSondraSlim on facebook. Your input, encouragement, and kinds words mean a LOT! Don’t be afraid to leave comments and suggestions on the page. And of course, tell your friends, whether they are considering weight loss surgery, or not!

Love you all! ‘Til next time!


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