23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24….

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a slight obsession with list-making.

I make lists in my head, lists on my phone, lists in composition books, lists in journals, lists on post-its….it’s sheer insanity!!

My newest venture is my “23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24” list. It’s definitely more fun to make than a grocery list, or home needs list, etc. Although, don’t get me wrong….planning what kind of window treatments and room decor I want is fun!

So, here it is. Let’s see how much I can actually get done. I’ll revisit the list on my birthday next year, and hopefully I won’t have missed anything!

1. Get 100 “likes” for SeeSondraSlim!

2. Lose 100 lbs (90 down….shouldn’t be a problem!)

3. Visit Sherrell in Georgia.

4. Book my pin-up style photo shoot with Boudoir Photography in SD (November 8th, even sprung for hair and makeup. Go hard, or go home, right?!?!)

5. Get a car. Cars make getting lists done WAY easier.

6. Get a new job.

7. Get bangs

8. Go blonde, or accomplish this fierce ombre hair color Candace and I have been perusing.

9. Deep sea fishing (Alex won’t let this NOT happen.)

10. Go to Universal Studios for the first time.

11. Attend an R ‘n’ B concert.

12. Go on a date with someone I actually like.

13. Start a SeeSondraSlim facebook fan page (I could do this today. In fact, I just might. But without a lot of subscribers, I’m terrified I’ll have no fans. Lol.)

14. Start writing my book (“How Disney Ruined My Perception of Reality” is in the front running for a title.)

15. Do more community service. I love helping people. I love the feeling it gives me…but I am not diligent enough about finding opportunities to help.

16. Cut some rather unnecessary people out of my life….for good, this time.

17. Buy a new laptop…one that behaves itself, has more memory, and has a webcam

18. Start my own YouTube channel. You think my writing is funny? Wait until you see the coordinating facial expressions. Hot mess!

19. Make calling my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma a weekly habit.

20. Buy a bra at Victoria’s Secret without having to order it online. (Goodbye 42DD. I’ll miss you.)

21. Go bungee jumping with Alex. I am justifying this because there is like, a 4 mile hike to even get to the bungee jumping….but I’m terrified.

22. Be on “Let’s Make a Deal” or “The Price is Right”

23.Ā  Learn at least ONE of those crazy line dances at InCahoots! I don’t wanna two-step with hotties every time! (Wait…what am I saying?)

As you see, I’m a simple girl. And I feel that the majority of these tasks can be completed before March 1st, 2012. That gives me like, 6 months, right?!?! So, if anyone is down to take an adventure or two with me, don’t be afraid to let me know! We can make it happen!

’til then, I should probably get back to work!! Love you all!


5 thoughts on “23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24….

  1. vanity says:

    Hey girlie, I get emails when u post stuff lol so, I read them as they come ne ways nothing really interesting to say I just found out my 2 year old shares the same bday as u and I’m the 7th lol lame yes I know but I get excited when people share bdays


  2. Sherrell says:

    I my Love Muffin…. I miss you so much and that beauiftul Smile … I really hope you come to Georgia and visit, we have so much to catch up on…..I Love You


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